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Is Walking Good for Diabetes? Here Is The Truth
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Is Walking Good for Diabetes? Here Is The Truth

|Oct 17, 2022

Diabetes is a medical condition that everyone is aware of these days. The office workers who have diabetes are always looking for ways to increase their physical activity at work because they consider it a useful means of controlling it. When thinking about several possibilities, many office workers often wonder whether walking for diabetes is a good way to control their blood sugar level whether it is type 1 or type 2.

There are multiple ways of incorporating physical activities in your daily routine, but walking is the easiest way to increase movement. Thus, several office workers consider walking good for diabetes type 1 and 2. We know that some of you still wonder how walking and diabetes type 2 are linked and what benefits you can avail by walking if you have diabetes.

Even if you believe that walking is good for diabetes, some of you might wonder what is the minimum walking for diabetes or, in other words, how much you should walk if you are a diabetic patient. Indeed, there is a certain time that is considered the best time to walk for type 2 diabetes.

You will be glad to know that we will be sharing all the relevant information in this blog today. From the benefits of walking for diabetes to the best way to get started with walking, you will have all your questions answered here, so stick with us as we dig deeper! 

Benefits of Walking When You Have Diabetes

Benefits of Walking When You Have Diabetes

Every physician recommends that people with diabetes should regularly walk because of its various health benefits. The best part about choosing walking as a physical activity is that you can easily adapt this exercise to your routine as it does not cost you money to walk, and you can do it whenever you want.

If you go a step ahead and start walking briskly, you will burn some calories and build stamina. In addition, your heart health will improve, and the chances of encountering problems like blood pressure issues and heart attacks will reduce.

You must be aware that the basic problem for every diabetic patient is their body's acceptance of insulin. Walking can help you in this regard as well. If you walk more often, it becomes easier for your body to accept insulin and maintain blood sugar levels.

The benefits do not end here, as your joints’ health improves when you adopt a routine in which you walk regularly. In general, you live a stress-free life, stay healthier, and sleep better when you add walking to your daily routine.

We are sure that learning all these benefits would have made you more curious to adopt a routine where you walk regularly, but where should you start? Well, the easiest way of doing that is to go through our tips on how to get started with walking for diabetes, which we have shared with you below. 

Tips to Get Started With Walking

Tips to Get Started with Walking

These tips will help you start walking for diabetes and improve your health overall. 

Select a Particular Time of Your Day for Walking

It is ideal to select a specific time slot that you will only use for walking. People who get some free time during their work hours can easily allot this period for walking. This can be a morning walk before breakfast, a walk during lunch break, or in the evening while you come back from work. 

Find Some Music or Podcast to Stay Motivated While Walking

We understand that it might be tough for you to stay motivated during your walking sessions when you do them regularly. Using your favorite music can be a good way to keep you motivated during your walks.

What you can do is plug in your earphones and listen to your favorite music piece while you walk. Some people like listening to podcasts as well. So, if you find any podcasts inspirational, you can surely listen to them during your walk and stay motivated. 

Use a Treadmill to Walk on a Spot

Use a Treadmill to Walk on a Spot

It is not possible for everyone to go out to a park or some open space for a walk or run. In such situations, it is better to use a foldable treadmill for running. If you are an office worker who cannot leave your workspace during work hours, you can place a foldable walking treadmill under your desk and walk while working.

The best thing is that the Autonomous has the complete WalkingPad store where you can pick the best foldable walking pad and foldable under-desk treadmill for your office use. The good thing is that we have recently launched the Autonomous employee purchase program, so you can buy your favorite walking pads at amazing discounts. You are only required to sign up for this program using your corporate email to avail its benefits.

Use Smart Tools to Track Your Wal

If you are concerned about how you can track walking and diabetes together, you can use some smart gadgets to monitor your steps and sugar levels after your walking sessions. Ideally, you should monitor your steps after every session and set targets for the next day. In addition, you must check your feet' health to ensure they do not get bruised while you walk because that can be quite problematic for people with diabetes. 

Use Smart Tools to Track Your Walk


Once you have learned how walking is good for diabetes and what are the best ways to unlock the full potential of walking for diabetes, you are through with the basics. However, we believe that some office workers still have certain queries about walking and diabetes. That's why we have discussed the most frequent ones asked below. 

Can diabetes be cured by walking?

Research has proven that walking is good for diabetic patients as it helps in bringing down blood glucose levels. Walking can help you have significantly better control of diabetes; however, there is no evidence that walking can cure diabetes completely.

Does walking help with diabetes?

Does walking help with diabetes?

Yes, walking helps you control diabetes and keep your body's sugar level in the right range. That's why physicians recommend diabetic patients increase their movement by walking regularly. 

How much walking is good for diabetes?

A 30-minute brisk walk for at least five days every week is good for diabetes. Such a walking session can help you manage your weight and control your blood sugar level in type 2 diabetes. Thus, it is ideal for walking the said number of times to get the best health.

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