Is Working from Bed a Good Idea?
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Is Working from Bed a Good Idea?

|Jul 10, 2021

Given many of us have found ourselves working from home, this shift has resulted in a farewell to the traditional office and hello to the home office in bedroom or rather the bed. Though this may be a comfortable place to work in, as it does not require getting up or getting dressed, regularly if you decide to work from bed, it may have some negative impacts. 

The Reason Why You Shouldn't Work from Bed

When working in bed, your productivity level is not optimum; if anything, it is closer to non-optimal performance. Why? Our bed is meant for sleeping, relaxing, and non-work-related activities. When we bring our work to bed, we have now blurred the lines between personal and professional. These blurred lines lead to another reason why one shouldn't work from bed: relationships. 

Is Working from Bed a Good Idea?

If you are in a relationship or share a room with someone, bringing your work to bed, whether working in the morning or evening, can create issues; for example, if you are an early bird, but your partner or roommate is not, they may lose sleep and rest, and they may be upset towards you. This can impact your relationship both long and short-term. 

Another big reason one should not work from bed is the negative impact it can have is on your body, specifically your posture. There is no support for the back when one works in bed, at least not like an office chair can provide support. It does not matter how many pillows or cushions you use; there is never enough that can be done to give the proper support needed that won't lead to issues down the road.  

Other reasons that doing work in bed should be avoided include: 

  • Mood and mental health

Unless your room has floor-to-ceiling windows, bedrooms are often known to be dark. When you work in a dark or not lit room, it can impact your mood regarding working, but it can also affect your mental health. 

  • Hygiene

Our work often includes laptops, notebooks, pens, papers, and plenty more. These can carry germs and bacteria from places we've laid them down, and when we work in bed, it transfers over. Not only are the germs from our equipment transferrable, but when we work and sleep in our bed, we are just contributing to the dust that can build up from our dead skin cells. 

Is Working from Bed a Good Idea?

  • Sleep

When you work from bed or do work in bed, you impact your sleep cycle and association. Our mind becomes triggered, and we begin to struggle with disassociating work, sleep, or personal life.  

Many health professionals urge those who are working from home to avoid working from bed. If possible, consider looking to invest in hybrid office furniture, which is ideal for those who may feel they don't have the space to have a good work setup. The most important thing, though, is avoiding working from bed at all costs. 

Setup a Proper Workspace

When you think of an office, what comes to mind? Typically, we think of an office as a desk and chair; however, these days, with a move towards creating ergonomically conscious workspaces, many work-from-home employees look to have a proper setup at home.

Is Working from Bed a Good Idea?  

Employees who once had a standing desk at the office can now find affordable, quality made, and suitable for any space standing desk for sale. A standing desk is an excellent addition to any bedroom home office as it takes up minimal space and can serve more than just a desk function. Once you have picked your ideal desk, you can find a matching office chair that can also act as a lounge or sitting chair. Comfort and functionality don't have to look bland or formal; some chairs can be used for more than just office work. 

Having furniture is only one aspect of setting up a proper workspace; the other is creating the environment. This can be removing distractions or adding items that are much more "work-related." If you had a whiteboard when you worked, consider investing in a whiteboard as well because these small additions can make a big difference in one's mental state when it comes to working from home.

Hybrid Office Furniture

What does it mean to use hybrid office furniture? This is where modern and functionality come together and create the ideal workspace. Imagine using a side table as your workstation? A chair that doubles as a lounger are just a few pieces of furniture that can be utilized as proper office equipment. 

Is Working from Bed a Good Idea?

Why does it matter?

Many businesses are adapting to the realities of their employees either fully working remotely or adapting to a hybrid work model. This means that employees choosing to work from home need to create a suitable and ergonomic workspace to ensure productivity and privacy. 

Hybrid office furniture looks like typical room decor when they are not in use; however, move that side table or adjust that chair, and voila, a desk and chair to work.

Pros and Cons to a Bedroom Home Office

Unsure if creating a bedroom home office is worth the investment or time? 

Is Working from Bed a Good Idea?

Consider the following pros and cons when determining whether or not to create a bedroom or general office space at home.


  • Designated workspace 
  • It keeps work and personal life separated but also organized. 
  • Promotes work-life balance
  • Improved productivity
  • Fewer distractions


  • It can be expensive to buy all the necessary equipment
  • Not everyone has space for a designated workspace
  • Guilt for having an area that is ordinarily communal family space
  • These are just a few of the pros and cons that come with creating a bedroom or home office space

Create the Perfect Workspace

Is Working from Bed a Good Idea?

While it can feel discouraging, getting up, getting dressed, and sitting at a desk, the benefits go a long way. From emotional, mental, and productivity, making a conscious effort to not work from bed can set you in the right direction for success. Don't let your bed stunt your productivity, mental health, or well-being. Instead, create the perfect office away from the office with the purchase of affordable and stylish hybrid office furniture.

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