LED Office Lighting Wholesale for Business with Autonomous
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LED Office Lighting Wholesale for Business with Autonomous

|Jan 2, 2022

It is essential - but easily overlooked - to choose the proper lighting for your home office. The office is a multitasking spot for working, reading, checking email, and even relaxing. It can create ambiance or reduce eye strain. Layer your lighting for the most efficiency in your office. Create a comfortable space and can be managed easily throughout the day. These helpful home office lighting ideas include window treatments that adjust the amount of light coming into the room, overhead lighting, and wholesale office lighting that illuminate your work area.

Introducing the Wholesale Office Light from Autonomous


Providing professional teams with a comfortable and productive work environment is easy with the Employee Purchase Program. Currently, you can get up to 10% off Autonomous when you bulk buy office lighting by purchasing them through the program. Providing them with the tools they need through our bulk office furniture sale program to improve their work experience shows people you care about them. In short, the program is a great way for small business owners to introduce employee perks and is designed to assist with improving employee health and performance across the enterprise. Log onto your website to know about how to use Autonomous EPP.

Businesses Can Choose Wholesale or Employee Purchase Program

The Employee Purchase Program Works in What Way?

You can make your workspace more productive, ergonomic, gaming, fitness, electronics, software, and more by taking advantage of the Autonomous Employee Purchase Program. This program helps streamline employee purchases by offering your very own company-branded purchase portal. We offer a wide selection of height-adjustable standing desks, ergonomic office chairs, and office technology for your entire staff in this year’s employer purchase program

The Employee Purchase Program Works in What Way?


Through our Autonomous online e-store, we offer all members of your organization access to company benefits immediately. Whether you're looking to furnish your home, your business, or both, we have a Buy More Save More offer that can save you a bundle.

The volume pricing plan we offer is easy to understand, convenient, and offers clear and progressive savings. Select the "Buy more save more" option on the product page of any product available in your company's wholesale office lamp

store. As you can see, the price per unit decreases as your order size increases. Click "Add to Cart" and select the number of wholesale office desk lamp items you wish to order. If you reach a specified Quantity threshold, you'll automatically receive a discount. You save more money the more units of any product you order when you bulk buy office lighting.

List of Autonomous Wholesale Office Lightings You Can Buy Now

1. Wide LED light bar

Wide LED light bar wholesale office lighting

Our Ultra-wide light bar gives you all the light you need for your desk, with its 31.5 inches LED strip mounted on a flexible 35-inch stem. Choose from four distinct light temperatures for optimal illumination.

Unlike flickering lamps, this lamp puts out a powerful illumination source without glare or visual interference. With its flexible gooseneck and 360-degree shade rotation, the lamp can be adjusted to any angle, providing optimal illumination for any task.

Thanks to its limber gooseneck, the lamp can be bent to any angle and the head, which is 360 degrees rotating, allows you to choose the perfect position for lighting at any time. Do you need warm morning light for a large project, or do you need cool, strong light for a smaller one?

Choose between four color temperatures and intensities to get the right shade for the job. You don't need to change your light intensity or color temperature each time. If you switch off this wholesale office lighting, the settings will remain the same.

2. LED desk lamp

LED desk lamp wholesale office lighting

You can choose between multiple color modes and brightness levels with the led desk lamp. This elegant desk lamp has a flexible design that allows you to adjust the angle to your preference.

LED Desk Lamp has the elegant minimalist design of an architect's work lamp, giving it a handsome yet minimalist appearance. If you need a general, warm light or a cool, white light for a delicate job, you've come to the right place. To find the perfect shine, choose one of four color temperatures.

An incredible amount of energy is saved by the lamp. An environmentally friendly bulb delivers 50,000 hours of illumination, equating to more than five years of continuous use! Our lamp's generous lighting area lets you make the most of your workspace. The lamp has a 21" x 7.5" surface area, allowing ample lighting without requiring a large, bulky appliance.

3. Lumicharge LED light

Lumicharge LED light wholesale office lighting

LumiCharge II offers a wireless charger for LED desk lamps. It provides you with a way to charge your devices while illuminating your workspace. It is equipped with a wireless charger on the front, a docked charger on the back, and a USB port on the back, making it very versatile and helpful for any three smartphones.

This wholesale office lighting offers exceptional results in various spaces in the home or office, thanks to their three customizable hues and ten brightness levels.

This LED lamp offers unparalleled functionality for any office or home space, thanks to its three adjustable hues and 10 levels of brightness. As long as it remembers the last settings, you won't have to reload it whenever you turn it on. Your eyes will be pampered at any time with ideal lighting. Motion sensors built into the LumiCharge II wireless charging lamp automatically turn on the nightlight when motion is detected. You'll never again stumble around in the dark looking for a switch! 

4. Stella Lighting wireless

Stella Lighting wireless wholesale office lighting

This wireless LED task lamp is powered by a lithium-ion battery and lasts 11 hours on a single charge. The 10 levels of brightness and tri-spectrum technology let you choose warm, natural, or cool light. A flexible steel arm with segmented steel of this wholesale office lighting gives you total control.

During rotation and twisting of the lamp head, the light will stay in position and illuminate any area that needs to be illuminated. A battery with up to 11 hours of power is used on the Stella, and the color-changing trispectrum technology changes color over time.

The buttons on the lamps are highly contrasted, tactile, and backlit. Use the + button to increase brightness up to 10 times with no UV radiation and minimal heat output. A Qi-certified wireless charging pad is included with Stella, a USB charging port, a USB type C port, and a lightning cable (USB, USB type C).

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