Make Work Feel Better with an Ergonomic Chair with Headrest
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Make Work Feel Better with an Ergonomic Chair with Headrest

|Sep 10, 2020

The average worker in an office sits for about ten hours every day. Not only is this damaging to your physical health, but it can also have ramifications on your work ethic, especially if you do not have the proper support. To reduce the health risks involved with an overly sedentary lifestyle, buying an office chair with head support can help. 

An ergonomic chair with headrest goes one step further than just an ergonomic office chair. It provides even more support so that you can maintain better posture and feel comfortable throughout the day. 

Still on the fence? There are many reasons to purchase a quality ergonomic chair with headrest. Keep reading how one can improve your work performance. 

1. A summary of ergonomics

Ergonomics is about designing a space that fits a person, particularly a worker in an office environment. It is in this type of atmosphere that their surroundings greatly influence people when it comes down to it, your surroundings - whether decorations or furniture- determine your comfort level while working. 

Ergonomic chair pictureOverall, ergonomics focuses on improving an environment to maximize efficiency. It can be as particular as the proper placement of your computer monitor. Being aware of the power of ergonomics can help you in the long run.

2. The characteristics of an ergonomic chair

Having an ergonomic chair is one of the best ways to keep you comfortable while working. Routine desk workers usually recommend investing in an adjustable chair. These form to your body perfectly, leaving no part of your body in discomfort. An ergonomic chair's goal is to keep you in a healthy position to prevent muscle aches or other harmful effects.

Ergonomic chair components

2.1. Seat height

There are many parts to an ergonomic chair. One influential factor is seat height. Adjusting the chair so that both your feet lay flat on the floor is crucial to good circulation. Additionally, everyone is different, so you should have a chair that perfectly complements your features - especially if you work at a desk throughout the day. 

2.2. Backrest

The backrest is also a critical feature of an ergonomic chair. Lower back pain is one of the most prevalent problems that desk workers experience when they sit for too long. Having excellent lumbar support and an adjustable back can improve your overall comfort while working.

2.3. Armrests

Armrests, although seemingly unnecessary, reduce the likelihood of having tension in your neck and shoulders. They keep your elbows at a 90-degree angle. Doing this can minimize the stress that you would usually have in your upper body. 

2.4. Headrest

Finally, an ergonomic office chair headrest adds on to the support that armrests give. They position your head to prevent tension in the neck, shoulders, and upper torso. Overall, a headrest for an office chair maintains proper posture so that you can avoid annoying pains in the future. 

3. Is an ergonomic chair worth the price?

One of the primary reasons people are put off from purchasing an ergonomic chair is the cost. No matter where you shop, you are going to find that any ergonomic chair - even an office chair with head support - rests on the upper end of prices. However, do not feel discouraged to buy one. 

Autonomous Chair 2 setup

3.1. Ergonomic chairs help with posture & health benefits

Ergonomic chairs can have a positive impact on your working experience. Mostly, they maintain good posture, which has significant health benefits. Having and maintaining your good posture can lead to fewer muscle aches at the end of the day, fewer headaches, better circulation and digestion, and more energy.

When you are comfortable at work, you can get more stuff done. There is one less distraction keeping you from reaching your goals. Therefore, in the long run, purchasing an ergonomic chair is worth the price tag.

3.2. The benefits of ergonomic chairs in general

In general, ergonomic chairs can maximize your work performance because they keep you consistently comfortable through the workweek. They help maintain posture, which also has added pluses for your overall health. 

Though ergonomic chairs generally give you great support, having one with a headrest can keep you from getting annoying neck cricks that can lead to headaches in the future. 

All in all, if you want to get a new office chair, look no further than an ergonomic chair. It is designed to promote work efficiency- it is even included in the name

4. Should you purchase an ergonomic chair with headrest?

Most ergonomic chairs come with a headrest. However, it is possible to come across one that gives little to no head support. Moreover, should you make sure that you purchase an office chair with head support?

If comfort is your top priority, then yes. A headrest for an office chair is crucial to boosting your overall comfort while you sit and work. At the end of a workday, many people who sit at desks feel the tension in their neck and shoulders. This is likely caused by insufficient head support. An ergonomic chair headrest is the best way to combat this. 

ergonomic chair with headrestAll in all, if you are shopping for an ergonomic chair, you are looking for comfort. You should not settle for less. Thus, purchasing an ergonomic chair with headrest is your ticket to ultimate working comfort. 

4.1. Is an ergonomic chair with headrest worth the price?

An ergonomic office chair headrest combo does rest on the higher end of the totem pole regarding pricing. Ranging between $100 and $500, the cost of a chair with a headrest is probably worth the benefits. 

A headrest for an office chair provides significant pain relief when you are sitting all day. As mentioned before, it can also promote a better posture, which also prevents muscle aches and pains at the end of the day. 

However, an ergonomic office chair headrest is not made the same as the next. Meaning, if you find a cheap office chair with head support, it may not give you the comfort you need. It is best to find something in the middle of the spectrum, where quality is a reasonable price and not overshot. 

Therefore, while ergonomic chairs alone have higher prices, going one step further with an ergonomic office chair headrest can give you pain relief for just a bit more money.

4.2. The pros of an ergonomic chair with headrest

An office chair with head support mainly gives you the support to maintain good posture. Having good posture is crucial when you work at a desk all day. Over time, you can start to slouch, leading to muscle tension and pains. An ergonomic office chair headrest can help keep you from slouching your shoulders while typing, writing, or reading. 

An ergonomic chair with a headrest also allows you to lean back your head when you need those minute breaks. Lean back comfortably for a quick reset. Then, launch back into work. 

All in all, a headrest for an office chair goes one step beyond what an ergonomic chair can do. By adding this device to your workday furniture, you can reduce pain in your back, neck, and shoulders. Plus, there is no harm in having a little head support while sitting. 

When shopping for a headrest for an office chair or a chair with one already included, look for adjustment capabilities. Having a headrest that perfectly forms to your body increases the effectiveness. 

However, the effectiveness goes out of the window if the chair does not fully adjust to your body. Taller people, especially, can have difficulty finding an office chair that allows their feet to rest on the ground comfortably. Having an adjustable height feature is essential so that you can experience all the benefits of an ergonomic chair. Click here to gather more information on finding an ergonomic chair as a tall person.

4.3. The cons of an ergonomic chair with headrest

The primary con that prevents people from getting an ergonomic chair featuring a headrest is the price. Ergonomic chairs are expensive, so many people count these office staples as unnecessary. However, they influence your workday comfort so much that they give you a run for your money. 

5. Autonomous Chair 2 - The perfect ergonomic chair with headrest

Going to a central office supply store seems like the easiest way to get what you want. However, you may not get the quality and comfort you are looking for in an ergonomic office chair headrest. Instead, stick with Autonomous, which specializes in creating ergonomic furniture for people with desk jobs. Look no further than Autonomous' own Autonomous Chair 2. This chair has all you would ever want in an ergonomic office chair- including a headrest!

Getting an ergonomic chair with head support is so much better when you purchase one from a brand specializing in office comfort. For this, you can be sure to receive reliable support throughout the day.

Autonomous Chair 2 with headrestThe Autonomous Chair 2 comes in various colors that match any office setup. With so many adjustable features- and wheels- this chair is truly the perfect addition for any workspace. Increase your comfort, boost energy, and improve posture with this one-of-a-kind office tool that outshines the rest. 

6. FAQs of an ergonomic chair with head support

FAQ Autonomous Chair 2

6.1. Can you buy a headrest for an office chair without buying a new chair?

Yes, you can purchase a headrest for an office chair without buying a completely new chair. However, if you are planning on getting a new ergonomic chair, you might as well get one that comes complete with an ergonomic office chair headrest. 

6.2. How to affordably upgrade your office to match your office chair with head support

If you purchased an awesome ergonomic chair for your office, then congratulations! You are one step closer to a completely comfortable workday. 

Upgrading your office chair, though, can have you feeling like you need to upgrade the rest of the space. Have no fear- there are so many ways to redesign the space to reflect your comfortability and style at affordable prices. 

6.3. How should you adjust an ergonomic chair with headrest?

You get nothing out of your ergonomic chair if you do not adjust it to conform to your body. There is a proper way to position your headrest to get the most out of your purchase. 

When adjusting your headrest, be sure that your head feels supported. Do not over-tilt the mechanism because this can worsen neck pain, not prevent it. You should be able to look straight forward while sitting with proper posture. 

Tilting the headrest down is not effective. If you feel you must do this, then adjust the chair height. 

6.4. How should you sit while working?

To have proper posture while sitting at your ergonomic chair, you need to know how to sit. First, be sure that your feet are flat on the ground. Adjust the chair height so that your knees are at a good 90-degree angle. They should not hang down the side, nor should they feel over-bent. 

The backrest needs to give you support so that you can sit up straight. Avoid slouching since it is one of the main ways people experience muscle pain at the end of a workday. 

Your arms should be parallel to the ground. For this to happen, adjust the armrests so that your elbows rest at a 90-degree angle. Doing so can relieve tension in the shoulders and neck, as well. 

An essential tip for all this is to keep your computer screen about 20 to 40 inches away from your face. Additionally, your eyes should meet at the top of the computer screen. Keeping a safe distance and taking routine breaks from screens can reduce eye strain in the future. 

6.5. The significance of head support while working at a desk

There are many working parts to an ergonomic office chair. All of which have a significant effect on keeping you comfortable while working. An efficient headrest is one of the ways in which you can avoid neck pain and shoulder tension after a long day. Most desk workers experience these types of aches, but you can be the one to dodge them with an ergonomic chair that has a headrest. Say goodbye to unwanted stress and tension. Don't forget to adjust according to your body and find what makes you comfortable!

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