Embrace Nature in Workplace: Modern Biophilic Office Design Ideas
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Embrace Nature in Workplace: Modern Biophilic Office Design Ideas

|Jul 5, 2023

People frequently relocate to established urban centers for work in today's urbanized society. Their exposure to nature is typically seen as a release from stressful professional lives rather than an essential feature that should be incorporated into offices.

The term “biophilia” describes the innate human connection with natural environments. Therefore, creating modern biophilic office designs is important for an efficient and effective workplace.

What Is a Modern Biophilic Office Design?

The "biophilic office design" concept was developed from the 'Biophilia' philosophy. The biophilia concept claims that people have a fundamental need to interact with nature.

The term "biophilia," which comes from the Greek for "a love of life or living things," refers to the theory that humans have an inherent need to socialize with other forms of life, including plants and animals.

Modern biophilic design is an approach to urban planning and architecture that prioritizes people's fundamental psychological desire of contact with natural elements.

The employees' health and productivity increase after the office is transformed into a biophilic workplace. Unsurprisingly, green office design ideas are receiving increased funding from corporations.

What Is a Modern Biophilic Office Design?

Benefits of Biophilic Office Design

Incorporating biophilic design elements into your workplace has several potential advantages.

Possible benefits of biophilic designs include:

Mental Health Enhancements

Natural environments have been found to improve psychological well-being. Biophilic office decor may be a great option if you're trying to find ways to boost workers' well-being and productivity.

Mental Health Enhancements

Boosted Imagination

Studies that have linked time spent in nature to better mental health have also indicated that those who work in settings that incorporate natural features are more likely to be creative. Interior biophilic design is something to consider if you want to foster innovation at work.

People who are exposed to natural elements at work are not only more likely to come up with novel ideas but also more likely to get things done. Introducing biophilic design elements into your workplace may be an excellent strategy for doing just that.

Better Air Quality

Plants remove pollutants from the air by using carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. There may be various health benefits to having better air quality in the workplace.

Improved Concentration

Using water elements like fountains and cascades can reduce office noise by disguising external and internal noises. This modern biophilic office design can be a more pleasant environment for everyone involved.

Enhanced Employee Satisfaction

Workers provided with a more natural environment at work report higher levels of job satisfaction. When people are happy at work, turnover rates go down, and morale goes up.

Benefits of Biophilic Office Design

Biophilic Design Elements in the Workplace

1. Visual Elements

Natural scenery has been shown to have a restorative effect on the human body. The simple presence of the hue green has been shown to improve mental performance and creativity. It's easy to picture this happening when you compare the atmosphere of a boring cubicle to one that's been brightened up with plants and flowers.

Green walls, a popular feature in today's office design layout, are an excellent method to tap into the uplifting psychological effect of nature.

However, there are less time- and effort-intensive ways to include the visual benefits of biophilic designs than green walls.

2. Auditory Elements

Anyone who has ever visited a spa will be familiar with the calming sounds of the ocean and the breeze. Compared to city noises or quiet, the calming and reviving effects of natural sounds are 37% more effective in promoting physical and mental health. As they adjust to the New Normal in the workplace, employees will find nature sounds especially reassuring.

For instance, the calming sound of a waterfall can be replicated by an interior biophilic design of water cascading on the walls.

Auditory Elements - Modern biophilic office design

3. Olfactory Elements

Fragrances found in nature have the power to heal and leave a lasting impression. The aroma of wet earth, freshly cut grass, or a bouquet of roses is instantly recognizable. Since smells may bring back strong emotions and memories, diffuse natural perfumes in your modern biophilic design to create an atmosphere reminiscent of the great outdoors.

The uplifting or relaxing benefits of fresh flowers, plant oils, or fruit essences can be spread throughout an office without effort.

Olfactory Elements - Modern biophilic office design

4. Sensual Elements

Incorporating natural materials like wood, bamboo, and stone into work and break places would benefit our tactile sensibilities. Obviously, the right proportions of these biophilic design elements are crucial. The ratio of wood to other materials in a space should be 45 percent for maximum relaxation and comfort.

While a 90% wood ratio may be ideal for spas and private residences, it is not practical for workplaces. Copper and copper alloys may be a good choice for high-traffic areas in today's workplaces. The material of the office chairs and adjustable desks may be dyed and textured in various colors and patterns.

Sensual Elements - Modern biophilic office design

5. Element of Water

Water enhances a space's fluidity in terms of visual, aural and luminous patterns. In addition to calming people down, studies have found that this also increases positivity and confidence. Natural serenity can be achieved through aquariums, fountains, and artwork depicting water bodies.

Water features like fountains, water walls, and artificial streams installed in modern biophilic office designs can provide a positive source of visual and auditory stimulation for workers experiencing a difficult period.

6. The Humanistic Element

The final biophilic design element is establishing a connection between people and the natural world, and the issue is mending ties that have stood for millennia. All of these components come together under the umbrella of " modern biophilic design." Themes such as order, safety, complexity, curiosity, mastery, control, affection, exploration, discovery, and amazement might be emphasized in a workplace. The use of such office decor ideas makes it effortless to blend the contemporary with the classic.

Why is Biophilic Design the Future?

The concept of a city as an amalgam of urbanization, evolution, technology, and the natural environment is celebrated in biophilic design. Even in the densest urban areas, it allows us to connect with nature and feel like we belong there. Because of our inextricable bond with the natural world, modern biophilic design is likely to become the norm. Yet additional evidence supports our hypothesis.

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We must address climate change, pandemics, innovations, and the mental health of our population. These are the current driving forces behind the rise in popularity of biophilic design, demonstrating its influence far beyond mere aesthetics. Reduced carbon dioxide emissions, increased plant and animal diversity, and improved thermal comfort are all possible benefits of biophilic designs.

Our Final Thoughts

The value of biophilic design extends far beyond its superficial merits. In addition to making us happier, while we're indoors, biophilic design has been shown to boost productivity, increase profits, and inspire people to get involved in environmental causes.

The modern biophilic office designs above demonstrate their significance in efficient future workplaces and urban development.

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