Modern Home Office Rug You Can Roll Your Office Chair
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Modern Home Office Rug You Can Roll Your Office Chair

|Feb 6, 2022

Are you looking to replace your home office rug with a modern one?  Or are you getting entangled on the floor rug when moving your office chair with castors?  If you have hard floors, perhaps your chair castors are destroying them.

Now prevent accidents and stay safe as you move your office chair around your work desk.  How?  Get yourself a modern office rug that looks modern and aesthetic.  Get an office chair rug for hardwood floors that doesn’t entangle the castors when you are working.

Here are the top things to consider when buying a modern home office guide.

Home Office Rug Buying Guide

Modern rugs can make or break the aesthetics of your home office.  Additionally, if you don’t choose the right one, you could have trouble moving your office chair over it.  Consider a home office rug placement for your comfort.

1. Material

home office rug Material

Natural fibers add to the aesthetics of a room.  Usually, they can be placed indoors and outdoors.  Being natural, they are environment-friendly with minimal alterations.  A rug pad underneath for stability could add to the price.  But they do look beautiful and contemporary.  You will see natural fibers like cotton, jute, wool, silk and more. 

Synthetic fibers are equally good as you get a larger variety of materials, colors, designs and durability to choose from.  They make great rugs outdoors as weather conditions damage them less than natural fibers.

Look for casters for chairs before you decide on the material.

2. Traffic

As you consider home office rug ideas, ensure to check the amount of traffic and the durability of rugs under consideration.  If looking for a high-traffic area, use those with lesser piles to avoid accidents.  Choose one with low piles.  You may want to consider natural tones and synthetic ones, which are easily available.

3. Piles

home office rug Piles

Areas with high traffic will also need rugs that have short piles.  If the fiber piles are long, they could get entangled in footwear or chair castors, causing accidents. 

Short piled modern rugs are helpful when home office furniture is placed on top of them.  Why?  Because such furniture doesn't become unstable.  You could always look for close-knotted rugs though they could be a tad expensive.

4. Area, Size, Shape & Designs

A home office rug size is an important consideration too.  Rugs are available in many sizes and shapes.  Consider the type and size of the area before you order one.  Is it for your home office study, bedroom home office or other areas?  What exactly is the purpose?

Consider the shape and size, making a room look overcrowded rather than keeping it convenient.  As a usual thumb rule, most folks prefer to keep a margin of a few feet from the walls and furniture to highlight the flooring.

5. Manufacturing

If looking for affluent and elegant modern rugs, your choice of a hand-knotted rug would be ideal.  Watch out that these could be expensive as they are handmade.  Machine knotted rugs could be less expensive.  You could also consider tufted rugs.  Made by machines, they have a lower pile, making them a great choice for your home office.

Here are some more ideas for selecting the best office chair mats.

Top 5 Home Office Rugs

1. Tabor Rug

Tabor home office rug

Looking for one of the best modern home office rugs?  End your search as you choose this tumble washable rug.  This spill proof rug is available in two beautiful colors, natural or ash.  You can even machine these rugs.  They are available in three different sizes, and even as a runner you should have a larger area like a corridor.

What makes it attractive are the beautiful and subtle colors.  You will love the mild geometric pattern that displays elegance and craftsmanship.  It complements and adds grace to a home floor lamp. You have a textured ground supported by a rug pad underneath to hold the rug in its place.  These rugs are made from a soft and spill proof material.  So, no more stains from liquids!

This modern home office rug is ideal for your home office!

2. nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Area Rug

Don’t miss the nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Area Rug, made entirely from Polypropylene.  It is friendly for kids and pets.  Made in Turkey, it is available in eleven different colors to go with your décor. You will love the versatility of this rug, which can be placed under the furniture too.

3. Samaniego Oriental Rug

Samaniego Oriental Rug

This tufted home office rug adds an oriental look to your bedroom home office.  Handmade from wool, it has comfortable backing of cotton and is for indoor use only.  This cotton backing increases its longevity.  Use it combined with a rugged pad to avoid slippages on a hard floor.

4. Indigo Area Rug

A brilliant offering by Dash and Albert, this is from a designer rug collection.  You cannot take your eyes off this cotton home office rug, which is woven.  It is lightweight and available in fourteen fabulous colors.  You will adore the herringbone pattern it features.  A must-use of rug pad on the underneath is important for hard floors.

5. Trellis Area Rug

Trellis Area Rug

Add peace and calm to your office with this diamond-shaped area rug available in many colors.  The light and subtle colors make it easy to contrast with rich furniture.  The trellis pattern adds simplicity with a dash of elegance.  It is easy to clean.


This is a classical home office rug for the monarchy that highlights class and elegance.  Add this to your home office to fill it up with small detailed patterns.  Multiple colors make it easy to merge with most decors.  This is a heavy rug and is made from a thick pile.  This thickness offers to absorb sounds easily. 

Read more about home office essentials that are important for an ergonomic workplace. 


As you explore modern home office rugs, you notice the large variety to choose from.  The buying guide completes your easy buying experience. Whether for hard floors or to be used in combination, rugs add a variety and class to your home office setup. So, sit on this magic carpet and fly away!

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