Moshi Brand: Visit Moshi Store on Autonomous
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Moshi Brand: Visit Moshi Store on Autonomous

|Dec 1, 2022

Moshi is one of the top manufacturers of accessories for contemporary living that was established in California in 2005. The brand normally thrives on coming up with fresh ideas for enhancing people's lifestyles. Their engineering and manufacturing specialists exclusively use the highest quality materials to adhere to its guiding principle of producing fewer, higher-quality items. The Moshi brand thinks about innovative methods to enhance its clients' lives so they may concentrate on what is truly important.

Additionally, Moshi's industry-leading multi year worldwide guarantee covers all types of products. This demonstrates the company's dedication to providing high-quality merchandise and strengthens its position against excessive consumption. To ensure that their products surpass the expectations of their customers, every design detail is carefully considered. The brand's procedures are centered on reducing consumption while manufacturing high-quality, durable items.

Apart from that, the company carefully selects its parts and materials to lessen the environmental effect. The Moshi store tries to make environmentally beneficial decisions whenever possible, such as using vegan leather to responsibly sourced packing imprinted with soy-ink and utilizing BPA as well as phthalate-free components. The brand has partnered with, which makes buying their desk accessories easy.

Moshi Store on Autonomous

You could be coming back to work after a lengthy period of working remotely, coming back from a holiday, or just wanting to add more style and practicality to your workplace with the right accessories. Our carefully curated assortment of top-notch office desk accessories from Moshi's vast inventory is intended to complement your style and give you fresh work-related ideas.

Moshi's collaboration with Autonomous comes with just about everything you'll require for business, even your MacBook or iPad. They remedy your device improvement and maintenance requirements with their elegant and contemporary alternatives for your work from home office accessories. We advise you to order a pair of Moshi earphones immediately if you want to check out their reliability. Besides that, the brand has a wide variety of computer accessories that will make your life easier.

Moshi Store on Autonomous

The Finest Moshi Goods Available on Autonomous

Let’s take a look at some of the best products of Moshi, which you can get directly from the Moshi store on the Autonomous website.

1. Moshi Dulcia Earbuds with Mic

Dulcia is an attractive music player made for fashion-conscious music fans of the Moshi brand. Moshi's-DR6 Neodymium transducers are housed within the anodized aluminum frame, providing warm, rich tones with strong bass. The sleek contour design and our unique hybrid-injection rubber earbuds provide hours of pleasant hearing while efficiently blocking out external background noises. It has an Apple-compatible mic so that you may take calls while enjoying your music of preference. In contrast to the tangle-free flattened wire, a unique traveling case for easy earphone storage is also included in the box.

Earbuds3 sizes
CompatibilityiOS and Android devices
ColorsPink, Black, White
Warranty10 years

2. Moshi Avanti On-ear Headphones

These high-end on-ear headsets include angled ear cups for better ergonomics and usability. The ergonomically correct curving band from Avanti headphones place the plush, customizable ear cups just at the ideal 14-degree inclination for a flawless, noise-isolating fit with the least strain on your ears. These headsets convey subdued elegance in a very minimalistic form. They are made up of stainless steel with supple, ventilated leather. Avanti is the ideal partner for any music lover, providing aural intoxication and supreme comfort. You may fold the ear cups into the headpiece thanks to the innovative pivoting band construction, which also reduces the overall size of the gadget. The neatly stacked headsets then go into the supplied carrying case.

Dimensions7.87"L x 6.3"W x 2.17"H
Cable length4.3 ft / 1.3 m
Transducer unitHD40 high resolution 40 mm neodymium drivers
Styles & ColorsAvanti - Caramel Beige
Avanti - Onyx Black
Avanti - Burgundy Red
Avanti Air - Onyx Black
Avanti Jason Wu - Grey
Avanti LT - Onyx Black
Avanti LT - Burgundy Red
Warranty10 years

3. Moshi Lounge Q Wireless Charging Stand

Lounge Q, which draws inspiration from Scandinavian interior design, charges your smartphone wirelessly while keeping it visible. In contrast to conventional docking stations, this wireless charger has an ergonomic design to fit devices of all dimensions and provides up to fifteen Watts of rapid charging. The Moshi wireless charger also enables charging in horizontal and vertical orientations. While recharging, your smartphone is held firmly in place by the comfortable and fashionable velour pad with a silicone band in the device, thanks to the customizable steel bars that allow you to obtain the ideal placement for your smartphone in either portrait or landscape orientation.

Dimensions4.6"L x 4.6"W x 4.01"H
CapabilitySupports wireless charging up to 15W
Warranty10 years

4. Moshi Sette Q Dual Wireless Charging Pad 15W EPP

In place of the numerous charging wires that mess up your office, console table, and bedside, Sette Q is the hub of your rechargeable universe from the Moshi brand. By just setting them up on this Moshi portable charger, you can instantly charge both your smartphone and headphones simultaneously. This accessory serves as a primary charging point in the lounge room, cafeteria, or remote workspace for homes with plenty of electronic devices. The high-density ferromagnetic sheet, as well as a higher solid copper coil, make-up Moshi charger's exclusive Q-coil-TM, which boosts battery performance, expands the usable charging space and doubles the amount of electricity delivered at the receiver system.

Dimensions8.62"L x 3.94"W x 0.55"H
Capability15 W per module
Package contents1 Sette Q, 1 USB-C to USB-C Cable, 1 User Manual
Warranty10 years

5. Moshi iVisor AG Anti-glare Screen Protector for iPhone

The iPhone's entire screen is protected from border to border with the matte, reflection-proof iVisor AG glass screen protector. In contrast to other capacitive screens, its proprietary technology enables a simple installation and is therefore assured to be completely bubble-free. Its coating has been polished to retain the highest level of visibility for your smartphone's screen, which also aids in lowering the number of fingerprints and smears. For lengthy safety, its ultra-hard outermost layers resist scratches from cards, keys, and other hard items.

Dimensions6.18"L x 2.95"W x 0.01"H
iPhone GeniPhone 12 / 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max / 12 Mini
iPhone 13 / 13 Mini
Package contents1 AirFoil Pro, 1 microfiber, 1 dust remover
Warranty10 years

6. Moshi Symbus Q Compact USB-C Dock with Wireless Charging

Your computer will be outfitted with HDMI, Internet, and USB, as well as most portable charger connections, thanks to this chic USB-C connection. It also has a constructed Qi universal charger to charge your phone instantly. You could use just one USB-C connector to make your computer fully desktop-connected and increase your productivity at home and at work. Although the Fibre Channel connector offers dependable, high-speed hardwired network access, the HDMI port broadcasts crystal-clear HD video to an electronic display. You may continue to use your previous laptop peripherals, like keyboards, mouse, and hard disks, because it also has two USB-A connections, one of which allows rapid charging.

Dimensions4.57"L X 2.83"W X 1.26"H
USB-C chargingSupports laptop charging up to 60 W
HDMISupports up to 4K/60Hz resolution
USB-ASupports USB 3.1 Gen 1, 5 Gbps data transfer
Gigabit ethernetSupports 1000 Mbps data rate
Package contentsSymbus Q, Power Adapter, Power Cord
Warranty10 years

7. Moshi Integra™ Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter

With this gadget, you may use standard 3.5 mm headsets to hear music from any device, such as an iPad or iPhone (running iOS 10 or newer). This cable has metal enclosures, stress-release spots, and robust polyamide braiding. It is lengthier and tougher than Apple's original version. It has 50 percent more polyamide fiber than previous adapters with a high-quality wire. Thanks to its network pass-through, you may take calls when you are on the move.

CompatibilityiPhone & iPad
Warranty10 years
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