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The Connection Between Music and Productivity In Your Work Day

The Connection Between Music and Productivity In Your Work Day

|Apr 11, 2021

Music and productivity go hand-in-hand. Work can drag you down sometimes, so why not enjoy yourself while you do it? Scientific research shows music can make you feel happy. If you work remotely at home, you have free accessibility to listen to your music. When you work on a difficult assignment, you need a healthy work environment to keep you productive. Consider the positive correlation between music and a productive work experience.

Music and Productivity: Does Music Increase Productivity?

There is music in the workplace statistics, which shows it can be a positive mood enhancer. Research indicates music increases your problem-solving skills. Teresa Lesiuk did work on the effects of music and productivity from her music therapy program at the University of Miami. She concludes those who listen to music complete their objectives faster. You also increase your capacity for creativity so you can come up with brilliant ideas.

Music Increase Productivity

Can Different Genres of Music Impact Productivity?

 The type of music you listen to is important. You want music that makes you feel upbeat, happy, and positive. However, lyrics and complex musical structures can provide distractions. You need music that has none of these. For instance, classical music allows you to concentrate on your work. Ambient music for work productivity creates a relaxed environment. Natural sounds also give you a feeling of the outdoors.

All you need is to create a productive workspace. You have mental energy restoration, but now you need a physical counterpart. With your music selection in mind, you should sit back and relax with ergonomic furniture. It is designed with comfort and flexibility.

Autonomous Provides You a Good Working Environment

Autonomous Smart Office supplies you with ergonomic chairs and standing desks to improve your work efficiency. Music and productivity are most effective with comfortable support.

ergonomic chairs and standing desks

List of pros and cons for the Autonomous Chair Ergo

The best choice for an ergonomic chair is the Autonomous Chair Ergo. It is fully customizable and allows you to adjust the settings however you want. Ergonomic chairs promote a healthy lifestyle thanks to its body support. You can decrease your blood sugar and improve blood circulation while you sit and work.


  • Lumbar back supports keeps you in the correct posture
  • Adjustable settings for height, tilt, and tension
  • Flexibility to move around freely
  • Comfortable seat cushion
  • BIFMA certified


  • Price range is rather high, but you can mitigate it with monthly payments

List of pros and cons for the Autonomous Desk Eureka

Autonomous Desk 4

Standing desks complement ergonomic chairs, especially the Autonomous Desk Eureka. This standing desk is specifically designed to improve your work routine. The table has enough surface area for all your computer needs. Thanks to its two-leg stands, you can move your legs around without hitting anything. You can upgrade your music and productivity with the ergonomic design of the Autonomous Desk Eureka.


  • It keeps a detailed log of daily activities for your health benefits
  • You can schedule breaks, in addition to sitting-and-standing sessions
  • Ergonomic space lets you exercise in between breaks
  • Adjustable height settings


  • Expensive like the Autonomous Chair Ergo, but you can opt for monthly payments instead

How You Can Use Ergonomics for Music and Productivity

With an Autonomous Chair Ergo and Autonomous Desk Eureka, music and productivity is made easy. You can apply these improvement productivity techniques to improve your workspace. First, give yourself plenty of space to move around. With the Autonomous Chair Ergo and Autonomous Desk Eureka, you have the flexibility to relax as you listen to music. Schedule breaks so you can exercise, meditate to melody, or eat a superfood. Music and productivity work best as a morale booster. You can also follow these productive day at work tips to gain the maximum potential for your workspace:

tips to gain the maximum potential for your workspace

Remember, music for work productivity should not distract you from your projects. Avoid songs with loud energy and high tempos. Keep a playlist of calm, ambient soundtracks so you can maintain your concentration. Music and productivity are highly beneficial for your health, both physically and mentally. You can significantly reduce your stress levels.

Let Positive Music Impact Productivity

Positive Music Impact Productivity

Music and productivity have a special connection with each other. Scientific research backs up the claims listening to music helps increase your productivity. While you work at home, make sure you have your personal space. An ergonomic chair with a standing desk is a step in the right direction. The Autonomous Chair Ergo and Autonomous Desk Eureka allow you to listen to music while you relax. The health benefits of music give you a boost in energy, so you continue to work efficiently.

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