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Navigating the Hybrid Working Model - The New Standard of Work
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Navigating the Hybrid Working Model - The New Standard of Work

|Apr 27, 2021

It’s been over a year now. A year where businesses have scrambled to adapt to the global pandemic. COVID-19 has completely disrupted the traditional work model and there’s no indication of ever going back to what work used to be. Entire teams are now working from home or remotely, and Zoom meetings and online brainstorming sessions have become part of our everyday. It’s now clearer than ever that 2021 will be the year of transition.

The definition of what it means to “go to work” has changed in so many ways, but the most significant aspect of change would have to be our working conditions. Increasingly, we’re starting to see companies move towards the Hybrid Work Model - where some days people work at the office and some days remotely. But when planning to implement the Hybrid Work Model, not every business owner, employee, or company as whole knows exactly HOW or WHERE to start. How do we successfully practice the Hybrid Work Model and thrive through this New Standard of work?

Join Our LIVE Webinar

In our LIVE Webinar and Q&A session titled, Navigating the Hybrid Working Model - The New Standard of Work, we’ll help you learn and understand everything you need to know about the Hybrid Work Model. With guest speakers Prof. Robert C. Pozen from MIT Sloan and Duy Huynh from Autonomous, become adequately prepared and ready to employ the Hybrid Work Model to work for your specific work and/or business needs. SAVE THE DATE - WEDNESDAY APRIL 28 at 8PM (EDT).

The Speakers

  • PROF. ROBERT C. POZEN: Robert’s 2012 tome, Extreme Productivity: Boost Your Results, Reduce Your Hours won huge critical acclaim and he was also recently featured on This Spring, he’s set to release his next gamechanger on productivity when working remotely - Remote Inc.: How to Thrive at Work… Wherever You Are.
  • DUY HUYNH: Founder, and CEO of Autonomous Inc. Duy developed Autonomous as one of the first vertically integrated smart office furniture companies. By owning every touchpoint along the supply chain, the company offers high-quality products directly to businesses and consumers at reasonable prices. Having exponentially grown the business through the pandemic, Duy now aims to provide complete solutions (hardware and software) to help workers the world over adapt to the new standard of Hybrid Work.

With their decades of combined expertise, knowledge, and personal experience, Robert and Duy are set to provide you with a complete guide on how to approach the Hybrid Work Model as well as how to deal with and manage the inevitable challenges that come with the territory.

Key Highlights of the LIVE Webinar

  • The Hybrid Work Model: We clearly define what the Hybrid Work Model involves and help you to fully understand the ins and outs from an academic, product and business perspective.
  • Make the Hybrid Work Model work for you: So where should you start in the world of the Hybrid Work Model? Whether you’re a business owner, an employee, or a company as a whole, we’ll help you navigate your way towards making the Hybrid Work Model work for you and your personal business/work needs.
  • Overcoming potential obstacles: As we redefine our management approach and adjust to the new standard of work, what are the main challenges of bringing the Hybrid Work Model to life? We’ll highlight the most common obstacles of implementing the Hybrid Work Model and some of the most effective ways to resolve them.

How Do I Join the LIVE Webinar?

Participating in the LIVE Webinar and Q&A session on WEDNESDAY APRIL 28 at 8PM (EDT) is easy! Just follow the steps below…

  1. CLICK HERE and input your valid email address to register to the event.

  2. Your invitation will be sent to your registered email address.

  3. Save the date and set yourself a reminder to join the event via Zoom at 8PM (EDT) Wednesday April 28, 2021.

Our Webinar and Q&A: Navigating the Hybrid Working Model - The New Standard of Work is completely FREE to join, but there are only 100 seats available. You’ve got to be quick. Register now!

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