New Year Resolutions Ideas for Home Office and Office
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New Year Resolutions Ideas for Home Office and Office

|Dec 27, 2022

We pay enough attention to our personal and social lives when drafting the best New Year resolution ideas, but what about your professional life? Did you know that an average person spends 90,000 hours of their life dedicated to their work routine? With this huge figure, the time spent in the workplace should not be taken lightly. As we spend a third of our lives in the workplace, the workplace atmosphere greatly impacts our lives. In such cases, positive office New Year resolutions, ideas and changes become helpful. Suppose you are also searching for healthy New Year's resolutions for the workplace. In that case, this article will enlist some easy-to-follow and beneficial New Year resolution ideas for work. Let's check these New Year's resolutions ideas out!

Cleaning Your Desk

If you have researched key drivers of productivity in the workplace, then you might have come across the fact that clutter is the biggest enemy of productivity. This is why tidying up your work desk should be first on your business New Year's resolutions list. Minimize the number of objects occupying the space on your desk. Make it a rule to cover no more than 60% of your desk area at any time. Notes, documentation, and other items from last year should be stored or disposed of. Make a digital copy of everything you believe you need and store it on your drive or server. You won't believe how amazing you feel once it's over. A satisfying new beginning for the year is clearing the office of clutter.

Cleaning Your Desk - New Year resolutions ideas

Transform Into Ergonomics

Regarding workplace health and wellness, ergonomics is the big change you can make. Workplace ergonomics include not only ergonomic furniture such as a standing desk or an office chair with ergonomic design but following healthy practices like switching between sitting and standing. Buying the right office storage options to help with clutter and document management. Investing in the right desk accessories kick start and helps attain productivity; all these things fall under the ergonomic category.

Standing Desks

Lunch Break

How often have you worked until your lunch break was over or had lunch on your desk straightaway? More than you can count. Lunch breaks are designed in the middle of the day for a reason we often overlook as we try to become the employee of the month (pun intended). Lunch breaks are often disregarded, especially if you are a remote employee where you don't give yourself the due credit for working just because you are working from home. According to a survey, employees who regularly take lunch breaks perform better than those who don't work on various engagement indicators. This year, it's crucial that you block off time each day to take a break from work and eat lunch.

Lunch Break - New Year resolutions ideas

Use Technology

Technology is unavoidable in today's world, where everything from waking up in the morning to the moment you get back to sleep; we are surrounded by technology in all moments of life. While some people dread this takeover by technology, it is not the worst thing when it benefits you. For office workers, the right selection of computer accessories can take off a lot of workloads from their work routine. Using technology to achieve shortcuts at work or to schedule your day better are some healthy ways to have a hassle-free work routine.

Improve Physical Health

If you have a hard time working in the office and come back tired, then you need to invest in your health wisely. While we connect mental health and office work significantly, a lack of physical activity can throw off employee wellness too. Follow a proper healthy workout routine and ensure some time is dedicated to physical activity. When it comes to the office, choose the office chair brand wisely that doesn't put your body under extreme physical pressure and prevents unhealthy sitting habits.

Improve Physical Health

Learn a New Skill

Learning never stops. You may learn thousands of new talents that could advance your career, regardless of the industry you work in. Is there one you've wanted to learn for a while? Make completing it one of your professional goals for the year. You won't be sorry. Your employer might even be ready to pay for it if it can improve your work in your current position!

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Make Mental Health a Priority

We all research and read enough about prioritizing your mental health when it comes to working but often, we don't pay enough work into making our mental health a priority. As a part of your New Year's office resolution, make sure to add mental health as a priority. This can be done at an individual or even a group level. Talk openly with one another about mental health. To eradicate the stigma associated with mental illness and the workplace, seek out local experts or non-profit organizations focusing on this issue.

Make Mental Health a Priority

Practice a Positive Mindset

Your New Year's resolution should strive to be a more upbeat and optimistic worker. It will spread across the office and improve everyone's morale. Be the inspiration your co-workers need at work, and be someone they enjoy being around. Make sure to celebrate even the tiniest victories and pay attention to your physical and mental welfare. You will assist others in changing around you as you change for yourself.

Practice Gratitude

It might be part of your New Year's resolution, but you must add professional life to it. Make being grateful a daily habit rather than saving it for Thanksgiving. Many people keep daily gratitude diaries to remind them of their blessings. Think about ways in which you are lucky to have this job. When everyone is facing a crisis and suffering from inflation, you are lucky to be able to pay off your bills.

Practice Gratitude

Rekindle the Connections

Make this the year you proactively interact with people in your network and solidify previous relationships. This puts you in a good position when you need assistance. Once a week, grab lunch with a friend you haven't seen in a while. Select a few people who have influenced you, then post a social media endorsement or suggestion for them. Keeping old relationships alive will not only help you have better mental health and social circle but will also help you progress in the professional world.

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