Nitty-Gritty About the Different Types of NFTs in the Market
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Nitty-Gritty About the Different Types of NFTs in the Market

Autonomous|Aug 30, 2022

The NFT or Non-Fungible Token is the hottest topic in the tech world these days. Many consider it the latest fad, and some even associate it with the metaverse saga. Still, there is a big pool of people who are not aware of the nitty-gritty and basic functionality of different types of NFTs.

People often wonder whether the NFTs are worth the hype or worth their money, but this discussion would be incomplete if they didn't know what NFTs are in general and how they work. We know that most of you wish to learn what are the different types of NFTs and what makes an NFT unique. That’s why we have shared a detailed discussion on NFTs in this article.

First, we will talk about the basics of an NFT and how it works. Later, you will find different types of NFT in this article. We have also explained what makes an NFT unique and what is the most popular NFT these days, so stick with us till the end.

What Are NFTs and How Do They Work?

What Are NFTs and How Do They Work?

The NFTs, in simple terms, are digital assets in a blockchain economy which represent real-world objects such as music, art, in-game items, and videos. Since they are a product of the blockchain economy, you can easily buy and sell them using cryptocurrency. Generally, the NFTs are encoded with software that is used for encoding cryptos, but they are different from cryptocurrencies.

The NFTs are assets that help you claim your ownership of digital items and cannot be traded for one another; unlike cryptos, each of them has a different value.

A bitcoin is always equal to another bitcoin like a dollar is to another dollar, but an NFT, say some virtual real estate plot in a game, is not equal to another copy of the same NFT. Each NFT's copy will have a specific serial number, making it unique.

The NFTs are indestructible because their information is stored on the blockchain with the help of smart contracts. In addition, you get immutable ownership when you buy an NFT. Above all that, the NFTs can be verified without any hassle of getting some third-party verification.

The reason behind that is the availability of the historical ownership data on the blockchain. With the help of such information, the user can easily trace the original creator of an NFT. The backbone of any NFT is blockchain technology. Each time an NFT is created or transferred, its data is time stamped and recorded on the blockchain.

nft frame

Since the trading of NFTs has revolutionized the way crypto users and digital marketing companies function, they have also opened new avenues for gaming and collectible spaces.

If you are a gamer, you can become the owner of the in-game assets and monetize virtual casinos and theme parks in the metaverse. It even allows people to sell digital items like avatars, costumes, and in-game currency in secondary markets. Interesting, isn’t it?

All that leads us to the different types of NFTs that you may find in the virtual world. So, let's discuss them. 

Top Different Types of NFTs


Artwork - types of NFTs

Artwork is the most popular type of NFT these days. This category includes mainly digital artworks, which come with digital ownership issued by a digital ledger and have a public certificate of authenticity. This is a prime opportunity for digital artists who wish to make big bucks online. The most trending one is the First 5000 Days by Beeple, who is a renowned artist in this field. 

Music and Videos

The second most common NFT is the one that is made from short videos and GIFs. Musicians and DJs are now selling their work as NFTs. That's why music NFTs are also on a roll these days. Musicians like this mode for selling their music because it lets them retain 100% of their cash, the fraction of which they had to spend on cassettes and DVDs when they traditionally sold it. 


Memes - types of NFTs

Buying and selling meme NFTs is one of the exciting additions to the digital world. You can make an NFT from a meme and then sell it online for millions. The most interesting part is that you can make your own meme and sell it online. 

Video Game Items

Gamers and game developers have found the NFTs of great use. You will find companies selling in-game collectibles and content like characters, avatars, costumes, skins, etc. The uniqueness of the NFT assets is that they will be distinctive to the buyers as they are immutable and have unique identities. 

Trading Cards

Trading Cards

NFTs can take the form of digital cards as well. In the real world, if you love a limited-edition sports item, you will spend millions of dollars to buy it and add it to your collection of collectibles. You can do the same in the metaverse as well if you trade the virtual versions of trading cards. You can create a collection of trading cards the similar way you create in the real world. 

Big Sport Memorabilia

In most cases, you might have noticed that the virtual assets that all types of NFTs offer have some real-world alternatives as well. However, sports memorabilia is something that does not have a real-world alternative. There are certain moments in sports that are considered historical and are lauded worldwide. You can sell a short 10-minute video of such an instant for thousands of dollars in the form of NFTs. 

Virtual Fashion

Virtual Fashion

When all other things were gaining the hype, virtual fashion didn't stay a step behind. Why don't you buy a gorgeous dress in the metaverse for your avatar that you won't be able to wear in the real world? The NFTs is a futuristic way of doing so. 

Event Tickets

What makes an NFT unique is that every NFT is different in identity and value from the other. That’s why concert and music festival organizers can use a specific blockchain to mint NFT tickets for such events. 

Autonomous OG NFT Frame

The good news from our side to the digital artists is that we have introduced the all-new Autonomous OG NFT frame that will add greater definition to your NFT art. If you are someone who wishes to create an NFT artwork gallery, the Autonomous OG is all that you will need. Its oak wood frame enhances the artistic aura in your gallery, making it look more attractive. The OG offers a large NFT art, named OG Spectrum, display size of 32 inches, a size that every NFT artist would ever desire.

The other one is called OG Flex, which is a square frame with a display size of 19 inches. Overall, the Autonomous OG provides you with a high-quality 4K display which makes your NFT artwork experience worthwhile.

Wrap Up – The Autonomous Purchasing Program

We shared some of the most popular types of NFT art and categories in this article. However, it is vital to ensure you have a high-end gaming and streaming station to help you facilitate your NFTs and trading. In order to avail of that, you can take the help of the Autonomous Gamer/Streamer purchase program to invest in the best gaming station accessories and facilitate your trading in the digital world.

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The Autonomous purchasing program is specifically designed to offer vital gaming essentials and furniture at a discounted rate. So, invest in NFTs and make your move today.

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