ODK Media Employee Discount Offer from Autonomous
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ODK Media Employee Discount Offer from Autonomous

Autonomous|Jan 13, 2022

You should ensure your employees are both comfortable and content when you invest in your workplace. An ergonomically designed workspace can benefit your employees. Having your employees' interests in mind when designing the workplace is important. The more exhausted, frustrated, and unable to perform at your employees' best, the more likely they are to become without this ODK Media employee discount.

Businesses encouraging their employees to follow office ergonomics best practices experience a variety of benefits. Worker compensation costs can be reduced, productivity can be increased, work quality can improve, and employee engagement can improve as well with this ODK Media employee purchase program.

Introducing the Programs for B2B From Autonomous

Use the employee purchase program to update your workspace by providing yourself and your team members with the most suitable work from home products and ODK Media employee benefits.

Thanks to the employee perks program, remote teams can work in a comfortable and productive environment. Make sure your people exactly get what they need to get the most out of their work from home experience by making sure you give them exactly the ODK Media employee referral program they need.

Buy now (discount according to company level)

The Autonomous Employee Purchase Program e-store customized to your company streamlines access to company bulk office furniture benefits for all members of your organization immediately.  

When you are an employee:

  • Simply fill out your email address at autonomous.ai/employees.
  • If you have not received a "magic link," check your inbox and click it to sign up.

You can shop for less at Autonomous now that you've accessed the benefits portal of your company. The discount for your company will go toward your entire shopping cart once you have logged in. Your employee discount will increase over time through Employee Purchase Programs. Your discount will increase as your staff spends more!

Buy now (discount according to company level)

Storewide company discounts can be easily accessed once you learn how to use Autonomous EPP. You can browse your company store, click on products that interest you and sign in. The product's listed price will automatically include your company store discount. By logging in with your work email address, you can access these exclusive company prices.

Buy more save more (bulk order/ wholesale)

Want an easier way to build a custom, productive environment? Try enrolling in this employer purchase program. As of right now, you can get storewide discounts of up to 10% when you purchase Autonomous products through this program. Make sure you provide exactly what your employees need in order to make their work experience better. The program is a perfect platform for deploying employee perks for small businesses and is designed to help SMBs improve team performance across the board and improve employee wellness.

Buy more save more (bulk order/ wholesale)

Pay for me (charge to the company)

Employee Purchase Program allows you to provide your team with the most appropriate products to suit their needs, whether it be products for office work, ergonomics, gaming, fitness, electronics, software, or electronics. Your very own company-specific employee purchase portal designed to automate employee purchases is provided with the program. You can choose among our most popular products, including ergonomic office chairs, standing desks, and office tools and technology.


Some Popular Autonomous Products for ODK Media Employee Discount

1. SmartDesk

A complete line of Smart Desks home standing desks has been created, including custom desktops, DIY standalone frames, and even a designer collaboration collection. Our SmartDesk Junior desk, available in three colors, is specifically designed for kids.

Likewise, we offer the SmartDesk Corner and the SmartDesk Core with the Connect Pro, and SmartDesk Pro. Check out our exclusive range of collaborator products, including the SmartDesk Tread by Autonomous x Treadly, Compact Desk by Timotion: Basic Keypad, and all the other collaboration products in our range.

SmartDesk in ODK Media employee discount 

2. ErgoChair

ErgoChairs are designed to fit every SmartDesk, with the ErgoChair Junior being the smallest in our range. The ErgoChair Core, ErgoChair Recline and the ErgoChair Pro are all part of our premium range. From mid-level employees all the way up to managers and executives, all models are designed with comfort and ergonomic benefits in mind.

You can twist, lean, and stretch in these chairs while still staying comfortable. There are 11 recline positions that you can lock on the ergonomic office chair. It is a 10x stronger and more breathable alternative to traditional foam and fabric options.

The Lumbar is stabilized by adjusting the depth. It conforms perfectly to the body's shape. Consequently, your weight will be evenly distributed, your circulation will be improved, and you'll feel light all over.

ErgoChair in ODK Media employee discount

3. Smart accessories

Desk lamp

We have a variety of desk lamps to illuminate your desk. Let's start with our custom Light Bar, which features a flexible 35-inch stem mounted to a 31.5 inch LED strip. You can buy a sleek desk lamp with a clip-on design for flexibility. This stylish desk lamp can be angled to the most convenient angle for you. Both lamp models are available in heavy-duty business versions as well. Just do a bit of research while purchasing one online for you.

Desk lamp in ODK Media employee discount

Standing desk mat

Keeping your spine in a balanced position at angles that are proven to relieve back pain is easy with this anti-fatigue mat. In addition to improving your posture, they keep you energized at the workplace.

An Autonomous anti-fatigue mat features a sloped, ridged surface, and its 2" rise soothes foot pain by massaging your instep. When you wear heels to work, they're especially useful for providing relief from the strain.

Standing desk mat in ODK Media employee discount

4. Other brand products

Our accessories section has all the fun things you could need. We’ve added on some of the best and most innovative designs like the Lexon wireless charger cup, monitor rams from Pixio and desk pads to give you more choice. We thought of every possible office need, for instance, the HiBoost Signal booster tools, filing cabinets, cable trays, power docks and privacy panels. So, just understand your needs, go through our amazing collection and place your order now.


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