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Enjoy Employee Purchase Program: What Is It & How Does It Work?
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Enjoy Employee Purchase Program: What Is It & How Does It Work?

|Nov 30, 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed how companies run their affairs. Working from home has become normal. Some companies have altered their operations to make their employees comfortable. There are several employee benefits in place, like an employee purchase program

Are you aware that many workers go through a lot of financial stress? Financial stress makes many employees' productivity dip. The workers' well-being becomes greatly affected, making them look for alternative solutions. Most employers step up to assist their workers with financial issues. 

Some of the given offers include special pricing and discounts on new office furniture such as desks and chairs. An employee can buy an ergonomic chair or desk at discounted prices. The furniture comes with upgraded services such as warranties and free trials. 

Better yet, for every office item picked by the employee, it gets charged to the company. Just notify your manager to pick it up after buying to complete the process. Do you know what an employee purchase program is? Are you aware of how it works? Read on to find out more about the program and how it works. 

What Is an Employee Purchase Program?

Fondly coined as EPP, an employee purchase program is a worker incentive. It provides for convenient access to products and services. The program is based on interest-free payroll deduction. EPP is a voluntary no-cost or low-cost employee benefits program from the employer. 

Most EPPs cover known brand products, educational services, and vacation packages. These are benefits offered as premium employee programs. Since some workers may be tempted to misuse the program, employers regulate everything. There is a strict employee purchase policy regulating the program.

What Is an Employee Purchase Program

What Is an Employee Discount Program?

How would you react if your boss told you to go out and buy some of the things you needed at a reduced price? Every worker is sure to get elated at such an opportunity. The discount offer is what is known as an employee discount program. 

Employee discount programs give access to products and services at discounted prices. Your employer creates a direct relationship with the supplier on your behalf. Some of these deals include online platforms where you login to access what you need. 

Ideally, discounted products and services are mostly consumer goods. The plan involves contract signing with the supplier or vendor. An employer may pay a one-off nominal fee to some of these online platforms. Some of the discounted products are aligned to what the company deals in. Other offers under the EPP discount program range from local shops to name brands.

What Is an Employee Discount Program?

The Difference Between Employee Discount and Purchase Program

Employee discount and purchase programs are closely linked. Differentiating the two may be challenging when you don't know what to look for. Though both are incentives to employees from an employer, they have clear differences. Below is a list of differences between the two programs.

  • The employee purchase program is an incentive that covers premium office items. Workers can buy office furniture wholesale at a reduced price. The employee discount program, on the other hand, covers consumer goods mostly.
  • Unlike EPP, which is a personal initiative, the employee discount program is an employer initiative. Under EPP, you have to go out on your own to shop before billing the company. An employee discount program is all about the boss signing an agreement with suppliers. The workers are referred to the supplier's online platform to buy.
  • The agreement made under the employee discount program incurs a one-off nominal fee. Conversely, an employee has no cost implications under EPP except footing the bill.
  • EPP is predominantly an offline program, meaning an employee must visit the seller. Say a worker needs a standing desk, they must visit the supplier to get the desk. An employee buying the same item under the employee discount program goes online mostly. Visit the supplier's online platform, sign in, and place your order.
  • In terms of billing, any worker on EPP buys then sends the bill to the company. The bill comes through the supervisor, who alerts the authority of the purchase. Conversely, employees on a discount program pay the discounted price by themselves. The arrangement works well since a signed agreement is in place.
  • The success of an employee purchase program relies on the payroll reduction of a worker. This arrangement may eventually affect the worker if not properly handled and balanced. Since the employee discount program is an individual purchase, it has some control. Concerned workers may opt out of buying an item if they deem it expensive.
  • Employee purchase programs are incentives geared towards employee benefits discounts. The employee enjoys the benefits of buying and billing the company. However, the eventual bill gets settled by the workers through their payroll reduction. Employee discount programs are benefits initiated as corporate discount programs. An employer reaches out to suppliers and vendors to avail certain products.
  • Uniquely, employee purchase programs can be tailored to points accumulation. HR officers create a point reward system for workers when they meet some set targets. Instead of money, the employer gives rewards and gifts to their employees. The workers can redeem these points by buying goods and services. The employee discount program, however, does not run on any kind of point reward system. Perhaps, the worry with this program is that it hinges on the length of the agreed contract. The discount offer runs out with the lapsing of the contract. 

The Difference

The Leading Employee Purchase Policy

As a qualified and experienced HR practitioner or manager, you have a role in upholding the best EPP practices. Before allowing the worker to access the EPP benefits, there are a few best practices to consider.

1. Increasing EPP Awareness

Introducing a purchase program is a beneficial aspect that enhances teamwork. While creating a program, you need to create awareness among the employees. This process is to make sure that everyone understands the steps and requirements. 

Promote the program by sharing its intentions with the staff. Alternatively, you may include the EPP program in the company's newsletter. Make sure employees know about the available products or services. Creating awareness helps the workers understand the impacts of the program and their need to save money. 

Increasing EPP Awareness

2. Training of Employees

Make sure your employees are well trained to understand the basics of EPP. Train the team on the benefits and how the program works for them to have an easy task. Help the workers grasp the steps needed to make orders. 

Practically show them how to access the portal to make purchases. Consider periodic training to motivate and encourage the team about the impacts of using the program. 

3. Control the Process

Excessive purchases through the program may lead to some payroll deduction. Make sure you create limits of purchase to control the process. Consider setting a specific monthly expenditure on several products. Create a policy that suits both the employees and the company. 

4. Frequent Audits

Closely monitor transactions that may be taking place at odd hours. Frequently check the system and record all transactions and purchases. Safely keep the records for future reference. Work closely with the audit team to make sure the set rules are followed.

Control the Process

Employee Purchasing Program Benefits

The employee purchase program is an important process that is highly beneficial. Several advantages make EPP helpful to employees. Some of them include: 

1. It Attracts Top Talents

The purchasing programs help the office stand out during the recruiting process. This employee support program attracts top and talented candidates to work in the company. The EPP is a unique program that may help the candidates moving into the area have an easier time relocating. Through the program, new employees can order essential working accessories. 

Further, the company relies on its various employee reward programs to retain top talents. No employee is ready to depart from a company that helps them meet part of their financial obligations.

It Attracts Top Talents

2. Unique and Discounted Products

The employee purchasing program offers workers an opportunity to order products at a discount. Through the program, workers can buy discounted office chairs, and the company gets to save some money on some of these purchases. 

3. Marketing Efforts Are Increased

An employee purchasing program helps employers boost their brand awareness. This unique program aids the organization in taking care of all employees as required. The reputation and perception of the company among the public improve through this program. Creating awareness increases sales and company growth.

Marketing Efforts Are Increased

The Offer from Autonomous with the Employee Purchase Program

One of the best ways to boost your employees' productivity is by using the employee purchase program from Autonomous. Investing in some ergonomically customized furniture is ideal for increasing their overall performance. 

Through the employee purchase program, businesses are taking advantage of investing in modern office accessories. This process may seem complicated, but it is a fair process that enhances employee productivity. 

A good working environment is one of the main factors that increase workplace productivity. Irritation, injuries, and poor performance may result from a monotonous office appearance and inefficient furniture. This disorder may lead to poor business or company performance. 

Keeping office records may be challenging at times if you do not have the ideal file storage. Did you know there is some ergonomically created furniture you can use to arrange the files? There is an easy way to maintain, arrange, and retrieve the documents without disorganizing the office.

Employees work efficiently when everything is in order and at their disposal. Fulfilling deadlines, preparing meetings, and receiving phone calls may be challenging if the environment is not conducive.

Autonomous EPP

Taking advantage of employee benefits may aid in the creation of a better working environment. The benefits allow the employees to upgrade and make themselves a conducive working space.

Through the EPP discount, employees can easily access the Autonomous organizational tools. The company specializes in providing quality and ergonomically enhanced office tools. These items include standing desks, office chairs, standing mats, and much more. 

According to research, many employees suffer from back pain issues and fatigue. This issue is associated with poor office chair standards and other work habits. Obviously, the company's performance cannot be propelled when employees are always absent from work. 

Autonomous furniture is well-customized to offer maximum comfort to employees. The items have an ergonomic design that prevents back pain, body fatigue, and neck pain. Advancing the office with such modern office furniture is a great motivation for the team's working routine.

A workstation from an Autonomous employee purchase program helps a worker get the ideal ergonomic chair they like. Some of these office chairs and standing desks are designed to support your body during long working hours. Most of them are suitable for several purposes, including setting up a flexible home office.

Freedom of expression is necessary to help the employer understand the challenges employees go through. The root cause of the issues may be an uncomfortable office chair. In any case, employees are an asset to the business or a company.

employee productivity

Final Take

Employees are important to the success of any company. If treated in the right way and supported, the employer is bound to reap huge rewards. It is becoming difficult financially every day for workers to cope. This challenge calls on bosses to step in and support their workers the best way they can. 

Some employers may not see the immediate benefits of having employee benefit programs. Eventually, the workers become comfortable when they can meet their needs. The extended help of a boss only helps in making one loyal to the company. 

Whichever program best works for you, make sure the support given is uniform. The promotion of equity in the workplace is very key to the success of the company. It eliminates otherwise avoidable conflicts. The bottom line is that employee benefit programs spur a company's growth.

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