Everything You Need to Know about Employee Discounts at Samsung

Everything You Need to Know about Employee Discounts at Samsung

|Jan 12, 2024

Many companies, including Samsung, pay close attention to their employees' satisfaction levels. These businesses work with experienced human resource (HR) professionals to introduce incentives and programs for their employees. However, what stands out the most is the employee discount Samsung has to offer, which plays a positive role in improving productivity. 

This comprehensive guide will go over everything you need to know about Samsung employee benefits. Keep reading until the end, as we will also explore some office products at discounted rates at Autonomous for all professionals, including the South Korean giant. 

Let's get started! 

What Is Samsung Employee Discount?

Some of the most common company benefits include increased annual wages in accordance with the employee's performance, yearly bonuses, and medical insurance.

However, some offices like Samsung offer its professionals exclusive discounts on a wide range of products as a way to attract and retain quality talent. 

The Samsung employee discount program is a fantastic incentive for all of its working professionals. It provides up to 30% discounts on mobile phones, electronics, washing machines, and many more products. 

Besides the employee discount Samsung has to offer, professionals also receive priority support. They can reach out to the relevant department for payment assistance programs and free deliveries. These huge savings in times of rising prices are an excellent way for employees to save money while enjoying premium products. 

The Samsung employee benefits also include discounts for family and friends. Employees can buy products at discounted rates for their loved ones to ensure that they're taken care of while improving their quality of life.

To see how the Samsung employee discount program has helped improve the lives of professionals and their loved ones, you can go through the reviews on Glassdoor and other similar review platforms. 

After a quick check, we found that the professionals value the employee discount Samsung has to offer. Some individuals even praised how the South Korean tech company provides exclusive discounts for other companies, such as AT&T. 

What's fantastic about the Samsung Employee Purchase Program is that it's not only aimed at full-time employees but also part-time professionals. This inclusivity shows that the company remains committed to improving the lives of its office workers and ensuring that they're motivated to perform their best.

What Is Samsung Employee Discount?

Other Benefits Available for Samsung Employees

Besides the employee discount Samsung has to offer, the company also provides other benefits to certain professionals, some of which include the following: 

Education Discount Program

Teachers and education administrators can enjoy huge discounts through the Samsung Employee Purchase Program. 

The South Korean company remains steadfast in helping professionals in the education sector, as it believes that these individuals play a positive role in fostering intellectual growth while creating an engaging learning environment. 

Those who are working in the education sector can enjoy fantastic discounted rates through the Samsung employee discount program. They only need an eligible email address and an identification card for verification purposes. 

Students and parents can receive fantastic discounts through the Samsung employee purchase program. They can access the Galaxy campus store to save up to 30% on a wide range of products. However, they must have a valid ".edu" email address. 

In a recent press release, Samsung educators mentioned that educational businesses can take advantage of the company's bulk-purchase program with 0% markup. It's a fantastic initiative to uplift communities and spread literacy in downtrodden areas.

Education Discount Program

Government Offers Program

While the employee discount Samsung has to offer is great for professionals, there are many other employees working in different sectors facing technological and employee wellness challenges.

To ensure that the South Korean giant remains true to its manifesto, the company extends Samsung employee benefits to civil servants through its government offers program. It offers up to 30% discount on many different products while providing free delivery, easy returns, and zero down payment. 

If you're a civil servant looking to benefit from the Samsung employee purchase program, you will need to register with an eligible email address.

Government Offers Program

Healthcare Benefits

The Samsung employee benefits also extend to healthcare. Professionals working at this large South Korean tech company have access to many different medical plans that cover prescriptions and other wellness resources. 

With many different medical plans available to Samsung employees, professionals do not have to worry about dental problems, annual checkups, and regular specialist support. 

Through the Employee Assistance Program, the professionals at Samsung and their family members have access to therapeutic services and telehealth. The initiative also covers serious medical conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, and musculoskeletal problems. 

What's great about the Samsung employee benefits when it comes to healthcare is that the professionals not only have access to world-class medical services but also receive paid leave for the number of days they receive treatment for their conditions.

Healthcare Benefits

Work-life Balance

Besides the employee discount Samsung offers, the company has experienced HR professionals who come up with fantastic initiatives to retain talent. They ensure that their workforce enjoys a balanced work-life, which is excellent for increasing the employee's productivity, happiness, motivation, and well-being. 

The following are some of the Samsung employee benefits that aim to maintain a balanced work-life: 

  • Paid time off: Besides the Samsung employee discount programs, the company provides up to 20 days of annual paid leave for its part-time and full-time employees. This ensures that the professionals spend quality time with their loved ones while receiving their salaries.
  • FlexTime: Samsung has a fixed working hours policy, meaning that the employees must work a certain number of hours each day. To ensure a balanced work-life for the professionals, it has a program (FlexTime) that allows them to set their own starting and ending times.
  • FlexPlace: Professionals who work at Samsung can operate from their homes or other remote locations without the need to visit the office. They can do this four times a month.
  • FlexYourFriday: During the summer months when education institutions are off, Samsung employees can leave the office early on Friday to spend more time with their partners and children.

Work-life Balance

Financial Benefits

The Samsung employee benefits include financial incentives, such as the following: 

  • 401(k) plan: This is a great way to help encourage savings and ensure that the employee has enough money when they retire.
  • Student loan support: Samsung understands the value of education and wants to help its employees get educated without facing the financial burden. It contributes a certain amount every year as part of its student loan support program.
  • Tuition assistance: Employees seeking higher education can benefit from the tuition assistance provided by Samsung.
  • Performance bonus: Every year, the company and its HR department assess the performance of its employees to help determine the bonus they should receive. This motivates the professionals to work hard.

Financial Benefits

Autonomous Employee Purchase Program for Samsung Employee

While the employee discount Samsung provides can be great in uplifting one's quality of life, the company may not offer products that can help improve the professional's wellness and work environment. Fortunately, Autonomous has got you covered! 

Autonomous is a company that brings innovative products and furniture to employees and individuals all around the world. Since its inception in 2015, the business has been committed to providing excellent value for money while ensuring premium quality. 

If you're a professional working at Samsung, you may want an office chair or a sit-stand desk to help improve your productivity in the workplace. While Samsung does not offer discounts on such products, Autonomous is ready to help refresh your workspace through its Employee Purchase Program. 

What Is an Autonomous Employee Purchase Program?

Whether it's desk accessories or wholesale commercial furniture, Autonomous offers fantastic discounts through its Employee Purchase Program. What is it? How can you benefit from it? 

The Employee Purchase Program, similar to the employee discount Samsung provides, offers lower corporate prices to all professionals who are looking to create an ergonomic workplace. 

Over 1 million employees across 100,000 organizations have enjoyed amazing deals at Autonomous through the Employee Purchase Program. These discounts are only applicable to products that help improve a professional's productivity while providing healthcare advantages. Some examples include ergonomic chairs, standing workstations, and desk accessories. 

We've gone over the Samsung employee benefits; now, let's quickly go over the different types of deals, discounts, and benefits Autonomous offers.

What Is an Autonomous Employee Purchase Program?

What We Offer: Discount up to 25% and Extra 15-day Trial

Like the employee discount Samsung provides its professionals, Autonomous offers a lot of benefits to all employees across different organizations, including Disney, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Netflix, Zoom, and NYU, among many others. 

Here are a couple of benefits at a glance: 

Discounts on Products

Although the Autonomous store offers competitive prices for its innovative and unique products, it also provides up to 25% discount for all professionals with an eligible email address.

Best of all, the deals are applicable storewide, meaning you can get better rates for anything you like on the company's website. 

Free Extended Trial

Autonomous offers a 30-day trial for all of its customers. However, if you register with an applicable email address, you can enjoy an additional 15 days of trial. This allows you to test the products and determine whether they cater to your needs. 

Early Access

While the employee discount Samsung has to offer is fantastic, Autonomous takes caring for employees to the next level by providing early access to information on upcoming products, deals, and news. 

The early access program is exclusive for all professionals, allowing them to stay up to date and get the latest products. Even businesses can take advantage of this initiative by getting the best ergonomic chairs and standing desks as part of their employee well-being strategy.

Autonomous bulk order

The Best Autonomous Products for Samsung Employees

Although Autonomous has a wide range of innovative and exciting items, such as foldable walking treadmills, laptops, ergonomic wrist rests, and many more, the following are some of the best products for Samsung employees:

Standing Desk

The employee discount Samsung provides to all of its professionals does not cover health and wellness products. This can leave the professional working in a boring workspace that lacks comfort and ergonomics. Fret not, as Autonomous is here to help! 

Through Autonomous's Samsung employee discount program, professionals can enjoy massive price savings (up to 25%) on all standing desks. According to the Wall Street Journal, sit-and-stand workstations can do wonders for the neck and back, helping alleviate pain while ensuring an active work life. 

There are many standing desks to choose from, and we highly recommend checking the following products: 

SmartDesk Core

SmartDesk Pro

SmartDesk Corner

SmartDesk Levitate

Ergonomic Chair

According to Spine Health and the University of Pittsburgh, ergonomic chairs provide fantastic support to the lower back while encouraging proper posture. It can help alleviate back discomfort and stiffness, positively contributing to one's quality of life. 

Since the Samsung Employee Purchase Program only extends to tech products, the professionals working at the South Korean company should consider taking advantage of the 25% discount at Autonomous and invest in ergonomic chairs. It can not only improve their productivity but also allow them to work late hours without experiencing any discomfort. 

Some of the best ergonomic chairs Autonomous has to offer include the following: 

ErgoChair Pro

ErgoChair Core

ErgoChair Curve

ErgoChair Plus

Smart Accessories

By signing through a work email, Samsung employees can enjoy huge discounts on smart accessories at Autonomous. These products help upgrade your workspace, make your professional life easier, and positively contribute to your well-being. 

From SmartDesk surface to cable management spine, monitors, wireless charging stations, power strip mounts, wall charges, and many more, Autonomous has a wide range of smart accessories for you to choose from.

Final Thoughts

Although the employee discount Samsung provides can help professionals enjoy massive price savings on technological products, it may not extend to wellness items. To cover that gap, Autonomous offers up to 25% discount. Simply sign up with a business email address and start living a healthy work life! 

Before we end this article, don't forget to check out our blog on welcome kit ideas. It provides valuable information, especially for human resource professionals, to help newly hired employees get familiar with the company, its workspace, and its culture.

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