Office Container Ideas for Creative Work Teams
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Office Container Ideas for Creative Work Teams

|Nov 22, 2022

An office container is nothing more than a shipping container turned into an office with all the pieces of furniture and commodities a team needs to take care of their responsibilities. It’s quite similar to an office garden shed and fulfills the exact same function.

These spaces are fully customizable. Hence, you can accustom them according to your wishes or what your team needs to work together comfortably. Let’s explore some office container design ideas so you can start building a new space where you and your team can connect with each other and get your projects going.

10 Prefab Office Container Design Ideas You Don’t Want To Miss!

1.  Choose the right color palette

Many people will use this space very frequently. Therefore, it’s essential for it to have a good atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable. You can start by painting it the right color (you can take into account the psychology of color for that purpose).

It's recommendable to choose the right tones taking into account color psychology. White spaces aren't all bad, but there can be other wonderful choices that can help your team be more creative while they're working at their new prefab office container.

Choose the right color palette

2.  Don't stick to a single container

If you want to accustom this space, it would be best if it has the same properties as a prefab backyard studio. Hence, it should be spacious and should allow each member of the team to have enough room to make themselves at home. While a single container can work for small groups, bigger teams may need more space. You can place two or three containers for an improved design and to allow more room for everyone to sit down and work or perhaps relax for a while.

3.  Add illumination

Lighting is extremely important when it comes to working in a particular space. It can reduce eye strain, and natural light is known to boost productivity and mood. Hence, you should think of including a few windows on the mobile office container or perhaps adding a few lightbulbs or lamps around the area to make sure the whole space is thoroughly illuminated. This way, it'll be easier for the team to focus on what truly matters, and the container will offer a better experience for everyone.

Add illumination - office container

4.  Use glass walls

If your team mostly or exclusively works during the daylight, why not take advantage of that and use glass walls? This way, you benefit from all the natural light you'll let it, and it may also contribute to the overall atmosphere of the new space. It can also make the space appear bigger than it actually is, making it less likely for people to feel like they're in a small area.

5.  Wood or metal?

Containers are primarily made of metal, and while it is common for some people to like this material and the aesthetic it has, not everyone is a fan of it. If you prefer a more traditional look, you can take some inspiration from modern backyard sheds and use wood to “build” the office around the structure. You can do this on the outside and the inside. For instance, including wood flooring can be a great idea to make the whole space look cozier and more welcoming.

Wood or metal?

6.  Install storage space

Storage space is essential in any office environment. While you can keep things traditional and purchase storage furniture, you can also make the space a bit more space-efficient if you include shelving containers. It’ll make the atmosphere a bit different. Plus, you can also play around with the floating storage boxes to make fun patterns and exploit your creativity even further. This idea can be an excellent way of accustoming your new portable office container to the needs of your team.

7.  Include a break area or social spot

An office pod typically includes a break area. It may have a sofa, and a small table, among many other things. If possible, it's highly recommendable to include a break area or a social spot where people can sit and wind off their minds. After all, taking breaks from work is crucial and quite beneficial for one's productivity.

Include a break area or social spot

8.  Use dividers

Even if you want to keep all of your teammates in the same area, it would be best if each member of the group had a particular area where they could sit down and go about their responsibilities and communicate with each other. You can use dividers to set up multiple small work areas in your office container and play around with the layout for a better-shared workspace.

9.  Open space or small, multiple work areas?

We describe how you can use dividers to set up multiple small spaces in the same room. However, this layout is not the best for all work teams. You can also opt for using an open-space layout if you think that would be a better option for the group.

Open space or small, multiple work areas?

10.  Choose a theme

You can make the whole space look more harmonious if you stick to a particular theme and decorate the whole area around it. You can also integrate the brand colors into the space to reinforce the sense of belonging within the team. It's important to build a nice atmosphere in this space to encourage productivity and comfort during active work hours.

Use A Wood Shed!

While office containers are a great option, a prefab studio shed complies with a similar function and may even be more appropriate for teams to work together. Wood sheds may have more space and may grant you more freedom when it comes to deciding the layout, while mobile office containers have limited space, and you may have to set up multiple ones for everyone to work together.


You can find a prefab ADU that adjusts to your team’s needs and preferences easily. There are tons of options, from soundproof privacy pods to regular office pods. It’s all a matter of thinking of what your team needs so you can all be comfortable while you're working together on your projects.

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