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Office Furniture Solutions for Common Workplace Problems

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Aug 30, 2021

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Most office designers are aware that an employee spends 20% of his waking hours at work. This assumes a work career between 19 to 65 years and an average of forty work hours per week. With a high amount of time spent at the office, employees look forward to a peaceful work environment that enables high productivity and ease of working. However, this may not be true at all times.

Here are some common workplace problems that office furniture solutions could solve.

Common Workplace Problems and Office Furniture Solutions

Common Workplace Problems

What are the most common workplace problems that can creep up? How do you solve them using the right piece of furniture or more? Don’t miss our blog on innovation office furniture that showcases some helpful pieces of furniture. 

Situation 1 – Tired before the day has started?

As you see employees scurrying around trying to finish their tasks, you may find some who are plugged out before 11 in the morning. Have they missed their morning coffee, one would ask? No! The root cause is fatigue!

Solution 1 - An ergonomic chair!

Solution 1 - An ergonomic chair!

Yes, this workplace furniture solution like an ergonomic chair offers you adjustable features to match your needs, could revitalize you! How is that possible? Yes, ergonomics recognizes that each user’s body is different. And hence for the best body support and the right body posture, you need to have a chair that can adapt to your needs.

For example, OSHA guidelines for right postures define the need for knees to be at a 90-degree angle and feet resting comfortably when you sit on a chair's seat.  For any average heighted person, this will not be a concern. However, for example, consider an employee who is 6 feet tall; for such a tall person, the chair height will need to be raised more than the usual 18” chair height.  If the chair seat is not raised, their legs will be slouching, and OSHA guidelines for the correct body postures are not met. Result? Pain, tiredness, and more!


Consider the ErgoChair Pro, one of the best ergonomic chairs and proper office furniture solutions. This chair has an adjustable height, armrest, headrest, backrest, and seat tilt – all for your convenience and ease. Use tiny levers to adjust your body to correct your body posture for the best comfort. In addition, it has one of the best flexible lumbar supports, which hug your back as you relax.  Consider office chair wholesale price with Autonomous for the ErgoChair Pro. 

Problem 2 – Growing at your waist? Cardiovascular issues?

Solution 2 – A standing desk

Solution 2 – A standing desk

It is important to check if you are working in a sitting position for long? Yes? Oh! Then you need to change to a standing desk! Why? Sit-stand desks are your best solution to reduce obesity, cardiovascular concerns, and more as sitting and working increases your health risks. As you change positions to work through the day, your muscles are deployed, using blood sugar from your body. This blood sugar doesn't accumulate, and there is little risk for cardiovascular concerns. However, we advise that you do consult your doctor to ensure the right cause and prescription.

One of the best business furniture solutions is the SmartDesk Pro that offers you an adjustable height between 26.2” and 52”.  You can easily raise or lower the desk height at the mere flick of a switch. A dual electric motor moves it at an amazing speed of 2.3 inches per second.

Ask for an office desk bulk order to get economies of scale and best offers! 

Problem 3 – Neck sprains/ backaches

As you struggle with backaches and neck sprains, you may not realize that this is a symptom of incorrect body posture. For example, is the top of your screen matching your vision? Or are you lowering your head to read the screen?

Solution 3 - Monitor Arm

Solution 3 - Monitor Arm

Here is another office furniture solution. How do you correct your body posture so that your vision matches the top of your screen? The best option is to go for a standing desk (solution two above) to correct this body posture. Even if this doesn't help you, you could always attach a monitor arm to hold your computer screen for you. Lower it or raise it easily as this is clamped to your desk! Easy to install, and now you are looking straight; no bending at the neck; no more sprains! Monitor arms are available for a single monitor or dual monitors for office furniture problems. 

Solution 4 – A Swivel Desk DraweraxProblem 4 – Clutter?

Clutter at your desk? Can’t find the computer mouse as you want to work?

Solution 4 – A Swivel Desk Drawer

Solution 4 – A Swivel Desk Drawer

Organize yourself with a swivel desk drawer, a perfect office furniture solution for increased productivity. No more stress – no more lost items!  These office furniture ideas, like swivel desk drawers, can easily be installed under your desktop for easy access. The smooth swivel movement makes storing different items into different compartments, making your job easier. In addition, the swivel desk drawer has ample space for lots of stationary and frequently used knick-knacks.

Do remember that you could easily avoid these if you have considered bulk office furniture.


Office furniture solutions could make your work life at the office or home much easier. Just the right piece of furniture can increase your productivity and save you from so much stress! So go ahead and choose the right solution.

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