15 Best Online Collaboration Tools for Your Business

15 Best Online Collaboration Tools for Your Business

|Apr 14, 2021

Automation has become a significantly integral part of the moment, be it the virtual world or the actual. In such a rapidly advancing environment, you will never face any trouble coordinating work and daily life activities. Moreover, with hundreds of the latest online collaboration tools at your disposal, you have the globe in your palm.

When teamwork is the heart of your organization, managing work without communication seems dreadful, doesn’t it?

Flush all your worries down the drain as this article brings 15 virtual collaboration tools. So, whether you operate remotely or not, use these online gears and watch your business run as smoothly as ever!

Importance of Online Collaboration in Remote Work

collaboration in remote work

Are you wondering why you need online collaboration tools in the first place? When your team is scattered over the globe and needs to work together online, collaboration is quintessential. Due to a lack of coordination and communication, all your business processes will get shackled.

Here's how online collaboration can ensure seamless workflow even with a remote team.

  • A process that requires more than one employee for fulfillment can get completed sooner with collaboration. Thus, it helps save time.
  • Free communication between employees boosts their relationship, promoting a healthy work environment.
  • Coordination and teamwork let you manage a project more efficiently, minimize the scope of mistakes, and allows faster completion of work.
  • Collaboration at work allows you to organize activities easily, ensure transparency, and cut down chances of ambiguity.

Online Collaboration Tools to Smoothen Your Business Process

If you want your team to work together online, nothing can beat the efficiency of online collaboration tools. The best part is, you can find such tools for every aspect of your business. Get ready to explore some of the most superlative productivity tools for employers.

Communication Tools

communication tools

Microsoft Teams: From one-on-one chatting and team channels to audio and video conferencing, Microsoft Teams is the ultimate virtual meeting platform. Additionally, you can use it to share files, integrate it with multiple other services like YouTube, Trello, Evernote, and more.

Zoom: A leading software for all your business conferences, Zoom lets you hold large meetings without any hindrances. You can access it from any of your devices, host live virtual events and arrange meetings with up to 100 participants.

Slack: Another popular team collaboration tool, Slack lets you communicate with your employees and ensure smooth workflow. It has multiple features like integration with other portals—Trello, Google Drive, Twitter, etc.

Project Management Tools

project management tools

Trello: One of the best project management and organization tools, Trello lets you create boards and lists to allot work. It has some exclusive features like deadline reminders, email notifications, tagging individuals in comments, and more. Plus, you can integrate it with a host of other apps like Google Drive, Evernote, etc., for efficient operation.

ProofHub: It is an all-in-one platform that lets you conduct multiple tasks without juggling through different apps. You can assign work, track progress, comment, share files, and connect with your team one-on-one or in a group. Basically, it is your one-stop-destination for team management.

Wimi: If you want your team to work together online on a project, Wimi is the perfect collaboration tool. It helps your team synchronize their work with ease. You can track the progress, set deadlines, control access, centralize calendars, and do much more to organize teamwork.

Documentation Tools

documentation tools

Google Docs: If you want to take all your writing work online, nothing beats Google Docs. It allows all your teammates to make real-time edits, use multiple formatting and styling tools, and organize write-ups efficiently. You can easily access it from all your devices and also download the Google Docs app.

Bit.ai: Bagging the second position in the list of online collaboration tools for documentation, Bit lets you create smart documents. You can choose attractive templates, make notes, add links, and invite teammates to edit your work.

Evernote: More like a note-taking tool, Evernote lets you share your thoughts with your entire team. You can enter notes, photos, links, audios, and so much more, all on one platform, where your crew has easy access. Rest assured, it is a secure collaboration platform for confidential details as well.

Software Tools

software tools

AdobeXD: While there are a host of document collaboration tools, real-time software platforms are not too many. AdobeXD is one such tool that lets designers work on the same designing project simultaneously. They can make real-time edits to websites, drawings, patterns, etc., instantaneously.

GitHub: Are you a software developer? GitHub is one of the best tools to let your team coordinate effortlessly and work on the same project. Now you can relax with the ergonomic chair back support at your home office and easily review your programming team’s work.

Canva: One of the most efficient software collaboration tools, Canva lets you create, share, and coordinate business cards, banners, advertisements, etc. It allows your team to collaborate, use multiple layouts and patterns, and design all types of visual content without a glitch.

File-Sharing Tools

File sharing tools

Google Drive: Whether you want to share an excel sheet or a doc, Goggle Drive lets you do that merely with a link. All your team members can access your saved files, given they have the link. Furthermore, you can also control who can edit the files and who can only view them.

DropBox: One of the best team collaboration tools to share files, DropBox allows you to keep all your work in one place. You and your employees can share and access large folders from all of their devices without any hindrance. Moreover, you can subscribe to the business version and enjoy almost one terabyte of storage space!

Massive: Online file sharing is a great method for exchanging files for many users today. File sharing tools as Massive support this task very well. Not only sharing files, but Massive also helps manage files, secure files and has an eye-catching and easy-to-use interface.

Wrap Up

Irrespective of whether you work remotely or not, team collaboration holds the utmost importance for hassle-free business operations. From working on the same project simultaneously to sharing file san tracking progress, handling a team can get devastating at times.

If you want to control your team efficiently, buy standing desk online and use online collaboration tools. While the former will ensure terrific health and productivity, the latter will guarantee effortless management and organization of work!

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