Optical vs. Laser Mouse: Which is Suitable for You?
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Optical vs. Laser Mouse: Which is Suitable for You?

|Aug 22, 2022

Many tiny and often ignored factors make or break your gaming experience. Since gaming is not just about the virtual world, you are interested. Still, it also includes the surroundings, the right type of gaming furniture, and even a proper gaming setup with all the right cool desk gadgets that make your experience much more mesmerizing. And this fact where gaming setups are paid huge importance is also backed by science and research, which state how gamers should invest and plan in building the best gaming setup with the right computer gadgets as one would purchase the right office accessories.

Though gaming is already pretty expensive, you can also use the gamer purchase program or an employee purchase program offered by many manufacturers to score good deals. But that's not what this whole fiasco is about. In this article, we will pick and compare the two types of gaming mice; optical vs. laser mouse. You will find both Optical mouse gaming and laser mouse gaming a very popular and confusing topic of discussion among gamers, so below, you will find everything you need to know about the two types and also the best suitable gaming mouse type for you.

What is an Optical Mouse?

What is an Optical Mouse?

An optical mouse is typically the type of mouse which you currently use or a majority of the people in this world use. This type of mouse suits work, typing, studying, gaming and anything that has to do with a computer. Hence it is safe to say after mechanical mouse (ball bearing ones), an optical mouse is the most popular found mouse in today's world.

An optical mouse works based on an infra-red LED light that is responsible for recording the movement of the mouse hence also indicating where the movement is headed towards. These types of mouse collect analog information, which is then transformed into binary code and is converted into an action performed on your screen. Optical mouse are responsive and fast and perform well for gamers as well since they need quick response times, but one limitation of an optical mouse is that they work on a limited surface. Your optical mouse will not sense any movement on glass or reflective surfaces.

Hence you might need a keyboard and mouse tray with your desk, so your mouse is responsive at all times. Another effective solution to improve the performance of your mouse is to use a DeltaHub minimalistic desk pad which is lightweight and user-friendly both.

What is a Laser Mouse?

What is a Laser Mouse?

A newer, more advanced type of mouse that was introduced in recent years, a laser mouse, is more sensitive and precise than an optical mouse because laser technology has taken the role of the LED sensor.

The laser senses movement by sliding over a surface in the same way as an optical mouse. But now that the laser has taken its place, it offers more steadiness and sensitivity. Due to laser tracking technology, high-end laser mice offer excellent tracking capability, particularly in FPS (First Person Shooter) games. Moreover, laser mouse are also very convenient for working on glass and reflective surfaces; hence you get a universal solution to your needs.

Optical Mouse vs. Laser Mouse

To compare and choose from optical or laser mouse, some simple factors help in rating the performance and quality of one type of mouse over the other. Below are some features you can use to evaluate the best type of gaming mouse for you. 


Precision between Optical vs. laser mouse

A laser being a sharper and more efficient version of the light beam, is much more precise than an optical LED mouse. The resolution for a laser mouse is also much higher than for an optical mouse. A laser mouse gives a 3000 dpi, whereas you will get an optical mouse with a dpi value half of that.

Hence when it comes to professions like editors and graphic designers, laser mice are a top-tier choice as they offer responsive movements, and the same is the case for professional gamers who need precise cursor movement and fast response time while gaming. However, you can find some higher dpi versions in an optical mouse as well.


The issue with laser-based mice is that they can be overly accurate, picking up unimportant details like a tiny dent or change in the density of your desk. When going more slowly, this can be problematic since it results in acceleration, or "jitter," in the on-screen pointer. This can cause useless data thrown when gaming and can be annoying at times when you move a millimeter and the movement on your screen occurs by kilometers, and you end up losing a game or ruining the whole document.


Design between Optical vs. laser mouse

Do you know what a gamer would say? Please show me a cooler mouse that matches my gaming setup. Gaming setups are all about looks, and while comfort is also paid keen attention to, it is also important for them to have the coolest gaming den in the town. Hence as a gamer, you would be inclined towards a prettier mouse.

LED optical mouse shines in red, blue, or green color. The red light of the optical mouse glows when the PC is off. However, this LED light is typically uncomfortable and unpleasant to the eye, especially at night or in a dark room.

It's interesting to note that the laser mice have the advantage of not shining on the bottom because the light they generate is infrared, which is invisible to human sight. Since there isn't any light, laser mice aren't dangerous for our eyes. However, some laser mouse come with built-in RGB lighting to give the cool effect that we desire.

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Surface Computability

An optical mouse employs a weak LED light source. The majority of surfaces are impermeable. It consequently tends to be more contemplative. Optic mice do poorly on highly reflecting surfaces because of this. They work considerably better on a surface like a mousepad that isn't shiny.

An LED light cannot compare to the power of a laser. Numerous surfaces, even glossy ones, can be penetrated by the laser. There won't be as much light that is reflected because some of the light will pass through the surface.

Which Type of Mouse is Better for Gaming?

Which Type of Mouse is Better for Gaming?

Though one would think that laser mouses are the solution to every problem encountered with a mouse this is not true. For gamers, accuracy is highly important, especially when it comes to shooter games. Hence an optical mouse with a higher dpi is what fits and completes the needs of most gamers. A laser mouse is also good enough as it offers higher resolution and better surface compatibility. Still, due to its sensitivity, it can sometimes give inaccurate results, which affect gaming performance.

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