Oracle Employee Discounts on Office Furniture by Autonomous
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Oracle Employee Discounts on Office Furniture by Autonomous

|Dec 18, 2023

Employees may struggle to stay motivated and maintain peak work performance in the workplace due to the physical and mental demands of leading a healthier lifestyle. Workers can enjoy a more comfortable environment in a remote or communal workspace by incorporating Autonomous Smart Products, improving focus and workflows. However, finding much less awesome smart office products isn’t easy. So, we’re introducing our Oracle employee discounts pop-up employer and employee purchase program for a short time only. It offers all the best benefits and bulk office furniture at a fraction of the price.

Autonomous Employee Purchase Program for Oracle Employees

Using the Oracle employee referral program is a great way to uplift the work environment by providing yourself and your colleagues with the most suitable products and essentials for working from home. With this Oracle employee benefits program, you can access an employee purchasing portal designed specifically for your company. From our popular standing desks, ergonomic desk chairs, and office tools, every member of your team can select the products that meet their employee benefits Red Argyle needs.

  • Make your team's choice from our full range of standing desks and ergonomic chairs by inviting them to our special pop-up event.
  • Pay directly for equipment requests by approving or declining orders. You won't have to worry about obtaining receipts or reimbursing expenses.
  • We will handle everything from shipping to aftercare for you to focus on running your business.

Autonomous Employee Purchase Program

Elevate your workspace and well-being with exclusive savings up to 25% OFF on top-notch ergonomic furniture through our innovative program. Simply log in with your work email to unlock this golden opportunity. Enhance productivity and comfort with premium selections including standing desks, ergonomic chairs, and office accessories. Invest in your work environment and enjoy the benefits of a healthier, more efficient workspace.

Don't miss out on this incredible offer – Act now and take the first step towards a more ergonomic and enjoyable work experience! Click to save and transform your workspace today! #WorkSmartLiveBetter #EmployeePerks

Autonomous Employee Purchase Program

Buy more save more (bulk order/ wholesale)

How does your company benefit from portal work? Let's examine it in greater detail. Your company discount will be applied across the store when you sign in. An advantage is that your company discount with the Employee Purchase Program grows progressively over time. If you and your team spend more over time, you'll get a bigger discount!

Our volume pricing plan is easy to use, with progressive savings that are easy to understand and can be enjoyed by anyone on your team looking to purchase multiple units or work from home kits in one transaction. Save more money and increase productivity.

Bulk Order Office Furniture


Some Popular Autonomous Products

1. The Autonomous Desk Range

We have a range of height-adjustable or standing Autonomous Desks that will allow you to work on the go. Autonomous Desk's product range includes Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard), Autonomous Desk Expanse, Autonomous Desk Eureka. They are all highly functional and offer practical features that address most home office requirements. 

2. The Autonomous Chair Range

The office chair range is the perfect complement to the Autonomous Desk. Each chair features a lumbar cushion with an adjustable mesh back supporting 300 pounds. There are multiple locking positions on each chair, in addition to the many ergonomic adjustments.  Such features allow the chair to recline anywhere between 18 degrees and 25 degrees. The Avochair and the Ergostool are included in this special offer and purchased at special prices.

3. Desk lamp

Desk lamp in Oracle employee discounts

This product in the Oracle employee discounts collection is excellent. Our office lighting options will give your Autonomous Desk the finishing touch. From the smallest, compact desk lamps to the ones for the floor, we provide a range of solutions. You can find a wide variety of clip-on lamps, different lights colors, brightness settings, Bluetooth speakers, wireless chargers, and much more here.

4. Standing desk mat

Standing desk mat

Spruce up your new Smart desk with our desk pads and anti-fatigue mats. Micro-movements will reduce our anti-fatigue mats that prevent any possible stiffness or strain. An Autonomous anti-fatigue mat maintains a balanced spinal angle that reduces back pain by supporting the pelvic and lumbar areas.

Working at your standing desk increases your energy and helps you maintain good posture. Install a desk pad made of vegan leather or cork wood to protect your desk and ensure better performance using your mouse.

The ultra-thin nylon yarns arranged into a non-woven mimic the fibrous collagen structure of real leather, creating a stretchable fabric, liquid repellent, and soft to the touch while also being durable. 

5. Other brand products


There are probably no smart office accessories available that can keep up with today's multitasker more than what we have in our Oracle employee discounts collection. Lexon's Magnetic Desk Organizer features a magnetic base and six different compartments, enabling you to reorganize it to suit any space, be it your desk, nightstand, bathroom vanity, or anywhere else.

Pixio's heavy-duty monitor arm is easy to set up with its ability to adjust the height, angle, depth, and tension. In addition to Privacy Panels, docks, charging ports, power ports, filing cabinets, and more, you can also select other must-have essentials.

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