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Painted Table Top Desk Setup Guide for Designers
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Painted Table Top Desk Setup Guide for Designers

|Oct 24, 2021

Graphic design is one of the most interesting activities you can do. Designers and illustrators have the opportunity to make their imagination and thoughts come true in a creative way. However, they need inspiration and a proper place to work.  

Working in a boring workplace is the worst thing a designer can do. That can make them lose interest in what they’re doing and experience an artist’s block. Fortunately, there are many ways to stop that from happening. One of them is to work with an inspirational and comfortable desk setup.  

If you want a creative and aesthetically-friendly desk setup, then you need a painted tabletop. Keep reading this article to learn how to make the perfect workspace setup with a painted tabletop desk for designers!  

Why Use a Painted Table Top Desk For Designers?

Why Use a Painted Table Top Desk For Designers?

Using a painted tabletop desk setup can seem odd to some people. Yet, working at creative and artistic places brings you tons of benefits.  

The stress and anxiety some jobs produce can be overwhelming sometimes. That worsens your work performance and jeopardizes your mental health.  

You can avoid those issues by working with a custom tabletop desk for designers. Here are some of the perks of doing it: 

It Boosts Creativity

It Boosts Creativity

Graphic designing is no easy task. You always need to come up with innovative and creative ideas if you want to profit from your work. Many things can inspire people and give them ideas to create new designs. However, it’s difficult to find that inspiration at a standard office or the office of the future that designers need to adapt.  

There’s nothing wrong with standard offices, but they work best with office workers who don’t need to design new things every day. Designers and illustrators, on the contrary, need to work at a place that helps them avoid the artist’s block.  

Painted table top desks for designers offer you a nice-looking alternative that can adapt to the vibe you want your workspace to have. There are tons of different desk models, so take your time to choose the best fit for you.  

Custom table top desks for designers make you feel more comfortable at work, which helps you relax and think of better ideas. Working at an office with wall arts, painted tabletops, and things of the sort gets your brain used to art and creativity.  

It Improves Your Well Being

It Improves Your Well Being

Many office workers and designers who work at standard offices tend to feel trapped and uncomfortable at their offices. That’s because they relate working with going to a boring place that doesn’t make them feel good at all.  

That’s why the best thing a graphic designer can do is find a creative and colorful place to work. Working at a creative office with a productive wood desk setup makes you feel more active when working.  

Feeling comfortable at work is essential to avoid stress and anxiety. Graphic designers can have a bad time when they can’t get to the idea they need at the moment. That worsens their mood and work quality. However, a colorful place creates a creative environment that helps you prevent that from happening.  

How Can I Make the Best Painted Table Top Desk Setup for Designers?

Everyone is different from each other, so the things they need to work can vary. Regardless of that, there are some essential things that every painted table top desk setup should have to give its user all the benefits we mentioned before.  

We know setting up your workplace yourself seems stressful. You don’t need to worry about that, though. You just need to choose the right items to have the best workstation for designers.  

Feeling comfortable at work is crucial to improve your productivity and promote your well-being. Here is a guide on how to choose the perfect products for your new setup: 

Pick the Right Desk

Pick the Right Desk

As we mentioned before, painted table top desks for designers are the best choice for graphic designers. There are many desk models available for you, so you can choose the one you feel more comfortable with. However, you should consider features such as height adjustability and posture correction when looking for a desk.  

Try choosing a desk that looks appealing to you while allowing you to customize its height and make all the adjustments you need. That’s why ergonomic standing desks are the must-have option when looking for a desk for your workstation. 

Autonomous made a collaboration with several artists to make the best-painted tabletop desks for designers and illustrators. This project is called Autonomous X Artists. The desks from this lineup offer you everything you need in an ergonomic desk. We also have beautiful designs that work for designers and even for gamers.  

Here are some of the best desks of this collaboration: 

  • Smart Desk - Late Night Views.
  • Smart Desk Art - Surface.
  • Smart Desk - A New Journey. 

Use Ergonomic Chairs

Use Ergonomic Chairs

As said before, comfort is one of the most important things when working. Using standard chairs is the worst thing an office worker can do. That’s because doing it causes you back pain and spine problems in the long run.  

Considering that, we recommend you go for an ergonomic chair that fully supports your back and allows you to work for long periods without making you have a bad posture.  

Look for Working Gear

After getting yourself a painted tabletop desk setup and an ergonomic chair, all you need to do is look for the best gear to work. Everyone needs some gadgets for their ergonomic desk setup and things to help us while working and make things more comfortable for us. 

Some of the accessories you can get for your setup are: 

  • A phone charger stand. 
  • Dual Monitors. 
  • A laptop or PC with a keyword and ergonomic mouse.  

Wrapping Up

Investing in a comfortable and creative workstation with a painted table top desk for designers gives you many benefits in a short time. You need to feel good while working, so don’t hesitate to purchase new items that can help you boost your productivity and enhance your creativity. 

Painted table top desks for designers also enhance your creativity. Purchasing one could be what makes you outgrow your competitors and rise as a world-class designer!

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