Personal Storage Solutions To Make Hot Desking Super-Easy
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Personal Storage Solutions To Make Hot Desking Super-Easy

|May 2, 2021

Today’s work culture is constantly evolving, and so are the modern workplace’s seating arrangements. As a result, the practice of assigned seating is all but extinct. However, a new trend has already taken its place: hot desking. This new seating arrangement has its issues, though, particularly when it comes to hot-desking storage.

Hot desking is especially popular because it saves space and is cost-efficient. However, this consequently means less personal space for employees. When employees share a desk, there is less room for everyone’s belongings, which can be frustrating.

Does your company have a hot-desking workspace, or do you plan to switch to one? Either way, you can give your employees a few effective hot-desking storage solutions. This article will walk you through them.


What Is Hot Desking?

Hot desking is an organizational workstation with an ergonomic office chair, which involves sharing desks. Of course, employees from the same company share the desks. However, the system has a time allotment. So once a particular company’s time is up, others can take their seats. Naturally, the system functions on an ad hoc basis.

what is hot desking

The primary purpose behind hot desking is to utilize space efficiently. Since this system eliminates redundant office space, it also reduces real estate risk. Not to mention, hot-desking works equally well in both private offices and coworking spaces.

Hot desking, of course, offers a great deal of flexibility. For this reason, many believe that the system can boost employee innovation and collaboration.

The Storage Problem With Hot Desking

The primary issue with hot-desking is that it is pretty impersonal. As a result, employees do not have proper hot desking personal storage options for office equipment and files. Several employees resort to stacking everything they need on the office standing desk itself. However, the disorganization in doing that can be quite an annoyance.

storage problem

Not to mention, they will have to clear everything when they leave anyway. This aspect of hot desking is another one workers may find irritating. After all, many employees might prefer to leave certain items at the office.

Unlike cubicles, hot desks do not come with built-in storage solutions. So, some employees may need some time to get used to the new setup.

Hot-Desking Storage Ideas For Personal Belongings

Hot-desking storage may seem like a challenge due to the lack of built-in options. However, it doesn’t have to be. The market is overflowing with external storage options that can solve all your problems! This section will introduce you to some of the most effective hot-desking storage solutions.

1. Storage Carts

storage carts

A storage cart can be your greatest ally when struggling with insufficient storage space. These may either come with multiple racks or shelves to hold items. However, their most notable feature is that they often have wheels.

As a result, these carts offer a ton of portability, which is especially useful in a hot-desking and hybrid working environment. After all, employees do not work in the same place and move around a lot. However, the capacity in these carts is less than other hot-desking storage solutions on this list.

2. Mini Filing Cabinets

mini filing cabinet

Another problem with storage carts is that they do not offer a lot of organization. That’s where a mini-filing cabinet steps in place. Unlike storage carts, these do not have open racks. Instead, they come with drawers that can lock. So mini-filing cabinets offer a greater deal of privacy.

Besides, they have wheels to boot, making them equally portable. As their name suggests, they tend to be a lot smaller than regular filing cabinets. So, employees should have no problem porting around the workspace and you can place the bulk office furniture order today!

3. Bookshelves

Unlike their name suggests, bookshelves can store much more than books. These shelves can hold any number of personal and office belongings. Be it large files, folders, documents, or project binders; employees can efficiently organize them in a bookshelf.

Not to mention, bookshelves come in a plethora of designs. So you have the freedom to choose one that best suits your workspace. For instance, you can find unconventional bookshelves with cube-like shelves. Often, these shelves are detachable. So you can organize them as you see fit.

4. Cubbies


Cubbies are the most suitable option for larger offices transitioning into hot-desking. Employees can use them to store their personal belongings. Or, this hot-desking storage solution could act as a drop-off system. Here, each employee would be assigned a cubby.

Say one employee has to hand over a task they just finished to another employee but cannot find them. In the drop-off system, they can leave the files in the concerned employee’s cubby. The other employee can pick up the document whenever they get to the office.

The cubby drop-off system is perhaps the best solution to make a hot-desking arrangement successful. Get the right desk accessories for your space.

5. Credenzas

Some office items may prove too large to store in cubby holes or bookshelves. Well, a credenza would be the next best thing in that case. You can assign each workstation a credenza, which employees are to share during their shifts.

Another benefit to a credenza is that it offers a bit of privacy depending on the style you choose. For instance, you can opt for a credenza with doors that slide open and close.

6. Lockers


Lockers offer hot-desking storage that is both private and secure. Employees who are new to the hot-desking arrangement will particularly benefit from this storage type. You may arrange lockers in the entry hall or perhaps where employees clock in. This placement will allow them to store their items as they enter and collect them when they leave.

Locker cubbies vary quite a bit in size. So with a bit of research, you can find the ideal office equipment for your workspace and employees.

Wrap Up

So there you have it! Six simple options for hot-desking personal storage! While you’re deciding which options best suit your workspace, don’t forget to plan out the arrangement. To do this, begin by mapping out empty spaces around the office. Bear in mind that some hot-desking storage solutions work better in a particular area than others.

Also, ask your colleagues for their input! If you work together as a team, not only will you reach a solution quicker, but you’re sure to avoid any hot-desking storage wars!

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