Picking an Office Desk Set: The 15 Best Options for 2024
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Picking an Office Desk Set: The 15 Best Options for 2024

|Sep 29, 2021

Choosing your home office essentials or deciding on the best home office setup for you starts with your office desk set. Everything from your office chair to the type of lighting you use takes thought and consideration, but let's start at the beginning. 

Office furniture is a personal thing, especially in an at-home workspace. Some people love the traditional executive office sets, while others prefer a modern electric standing desk. Whatever style you like, make sure all the pieces work together functionally. 

One of the best ways to ensure a natural flow around your workspace is to buy a set. Here are 15 of the best office furniture sets to choose from today! 

Recommended Autonomous Collections

Autonomous believes in individuality and understands the importance of customization. Because of this, we have put together some recommended office desk sets that work perfectly together in a variety of office settings. Of course, all Autonomous products are available interchangeably. 

1. Autonomous Set: Sleek and Stylish

Autonomous office desk set: Sleek and Stylish

home office standing desk is the perfect place to start when building an office furniture set. Pairing it with a discreet but stylish filing cabinet to keep things neat and tidy is step two. Finally, you need to add an ergonomic chair to keep you comfortable and supported throughout the workday. 

Luckily, Autonomous specializes in professional-grade, stylish, functional office furniture, and accessories. Any combination of the products on offer in the Autonomous Chair or office desk collection could create the perfect workspace, but the classic Autonomous Set is a good place to start. 

The recommended set includes: 

  • Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)
  • Autonomous Chair Ergo
  • Filing Cabinet 

2. Autonomous Corner Set: More Space and Flexibility

Autonomous Corner office desk set

If you have the space available, use it! More is more when it comes to the workable desktop area when you have a lot of projects on the go. L-shaped corner desks are the ideal way to make the most of the space you have. 

Having the flexibility to adjust your desk from a sitting to a standing position at the touch of a button is invaluable. The Autonomous Desk L-Shaped can lift up to 400 pounds, so you can add whatever you need. Our vegan leather desk pad and LED desk lamp look excellent with this desk. 

An office chair should complement the desk and match its functionality. Luckily, the Autonomous Chair Ultra is just as flexible. No matter how long you spend sitting, this chair has got your back. 

The recommended set includes:

  • Autonomous Desk L-Shaped
  • Autonomous Chair Ultra 

3. Autonomous Duo Set: Twice the Fun, Twice the Functionality

Autonomous Duo office desk set

Recently, the concept of collaborative working has jumped onto the scene in a big way. Startups especially are promoting the value of communication and symbiotic working amongst team members. Cordoned off cubicles and desks facing the wall just don't cut it in this environment. 

Sit/stand desks play a big part in modern offices, and the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) Duo is one of the best. Two connected- but independently controlled- desks face each other and offer multiple height settings to suit the task at hand. Working together on the go is proven to work wonders for team productivity, and this desk setup encourages it. 

Forget the chairs for now. Instead, focus on freedom of movement. Height-adjustable stools and specialized mats are the accessories of choice in this office desk set. 

The recommended set includes:

  • Autonomous Desk Duo
  • Smart Stool
  • Two anti-fatigue mats 

4. Autonomous Pro Set: Creativity and Productivity at Their Finest

True quality is a rare find, but when you have it, you can never go back. The Autonomous Pro line is the definition of office wear excellence, especially when used together. 

Seamless design tailored to provide ultimate comfort and control throughout even the longest workday is a prominent feature in both the Autonomous Chair Ergo and the Autonomous Desk Eureka. Every detail has been expertly tweaked to ensure these products live up to their names. 

The recommended set includes:

  • Autonomous Desk Eureka
  • Autonomous Chair Ergo
  • Monitor arm 

Pre-Selected Sets

The following collections are already bundled together for your convenience, with additional add-ons available in some cases. 

5. Hubbub Axle Home Office Suite: Flexible Working and Storage

Hubbub Axle Home Office Suite office desk set

Easily one of the most attractive office desk set designs on the market today, the Axle Home Office Suite has it all. Combining minimalist lines with luxury finishes and contemporary openness with traditional storage, this collection gets the balance between style and functionality just right.

Because the office desk collection includes two desks of different heights and two very different filing options, you can play around with the layout to make it suit your space and personality. As an added bonus, the desk comes with built-in charging pads for quick and easy phone charging. 

The set includes:

  • Classic desk
  • Standing desk
  • Movable under-desk filing pedestal
  • Bookcase 

6. Red Barrel Studio Desk and Filing Cabinet Set: The People’s Choice

Red Barrel Studio is one of the leading brands in office furniture sets. With so many unique options to choose from, it speaks volumes that the Desk and Filing Cabinet Set is amongst the highest rated of them all. 

Two-toned wood finishing and a streamlined, minimalist finish contribute to the modern beauty of this three-piece set. Everything fits seamlessly together to minimize wasted space and optimize productivity. A perfect blend of industrial chic and Scandinavian class, this Red Barrel Studio design provides modern elegance and professionalism. 

The set includes:

  • L-shaped desk
  • Lateral filing cabinet (two legal-size drawers)
  • A filing cabinet on wheels (three drawers- mixed sizes) 

7. Hubbub Brite Home Office Set: Modern and Active

Red Barrel Studio Desk and Filing Cabinet Set

Minimalism is a huge trend in modern workplaces and the style of choice for most millennial home office furniture sets. Hubbub is a master of minimalist design, and the Britte furniture line is no different. 

White steel structure and light maple laminate surfaces encapsulate the modern trends perfectly. The simple rectangular shapes on the desk and bookshelf help the set blend into any space. In comparison, the roundness of the active ottoman stool offsets the sharpness of the other pieces, giving the whole thing an ultra-modern fun finish. 

The set includes:

  • Simple desk
  • Bookshelf
  • Ottoman stool 

8. Rivet Executive Office Suite: Industrial Twist on an Old Classic

Traditional executive desk sets just don’t look right in a modern contemporary office, but that doesn’t mean the setup doesn’t still have its uses. NBF Signature Series has given the executive look a 2022 makeover, and the result is stunning. 

Steel bases with crossover lines give the set an industrial look that means business, while laminate finishes in a choice of two colors soften the edges. The open-base L-shape desk looks professional and important but more inviting than the blocked-off traditional design. 

Backed up with the must-have office essential of 2022 - a standing desk- and multiple storage options, the whole thing just works! A trendy executive is sure to feel right at home sitting here. 

The set includes:

  • L-shaped desk
  • Standing desk
  • Moveable filing cabinet
  • Two vertical multi-level bookshelves 

9. Hanska L-shaped Desk with Chair: Clever Space-Saving

Hanska L-shaped Desk with Chair: Clever Space-Saving

Space is not always readily available, and a lot of office furniture sets take up a fair bit of it. Luckily, the Hanska L-shaped desk does not. Although the work surface is generous thanks to the corner orientation, the footprint is minimal, making it perfect for a home workstation or small office. 

There are two generous shelves built into the desk's frame and a handy hanging side bag attached to the end of the desk for stationery, books, and other potential clutter. It comes with a simple but effective office chair that fits perfectly with the dimensions of the desk. Breathable slats of the adjustable back add to the overall comfort and style. 

The set includes:

  • L-shaped desk with built-in shelving
  • Foam-cushioned chair with an ergonomic back support 

10. Ryland Home Office Suite: Desk to Impress

There are few things more classic than well-built, exquisitely finished executive desk sets. Your office can be as grand as you want it to be and is somewhat of a status symbol in some lines of business. If you want an office desk set as important as you are, the Ryland Home Office Suite is the way to go. 

Whether you are upgrading your private suite in a corporate office or treating yourself to a new home setup, Ryland has a premium product made to stand out. Built out of solid hardwood and finished with stunning cherry veneers, this set has style and substance. 

The set includes:

  • Executive desk
  • Credenza with hutch
  • Lateral filing drawers 

11. Red Barrel Studio Masala Three-Piece Computer Desk Office Set: Sturdy and Classic Storage

Red Barrel Studio Masala Three-Piece office desk set

Make any home office suite feel professional and executive. With ample storage and more than a meter and a half of desk space, you can comfortably work on any project with ease. 

The traditional shape of the pieces combined with modern metal hardware gives off a contemporary classic look. Additionally, you can choose from 10 different kinds of wood and colors to suit any room. American-made and built to last, the Masala Three-Piece comes with a six-year warranty and the option for professional assembly. 

The set includes:

  • Desk with two built-in sets of drawers
  • Full standing bookcase
  • Lateral filing cabinet 

12. Red Barrel Studios Three-Piece Rectangular Writing Desk: Modern and Contemporary

Our third and final entry from Red Barrel Studios proves yet again that this brand knows how to make an office desk set. Where this three-piece set shines are the sleek finishes and the customizable organization. 

Give your home office suite an instant upgrade with this simple but effective set. It works equally well in a modern office space looking to spruce up its appearance. The bookshelf comes with three customizable levels so you can tailor it to your needs, while two additional shelves are built-in for extra stability. 

The set includes:

  • Basic writing desk
  • Filing cabinet with wheels
  • Five-shelf bookcase 

13. Mercury Row Aislin Configurable Office Set: Perfect Desk Additions

Mercury Row Aislin Configurable Office Set

If you already have a basic desk but need some extra storage, the Aislin Configurable Office Set is ideal. Although designed to complement the Aislin Desk, it can be combined with other models as well. It is one of the popular office desk sets.

Although low enough to fit under any desk, the three-drawer filing cabinet still provides plenty of room for papers. On the other end, the bookcase slides over the desk with two shelves below, the table edge lining up with the third, and one shelf above. 

The set includes:

  • Under-desk filing cabinet
  • An open bookcase that integrates with the Aislin Desk (sold separately) 

14.   Greyleigh Edgerton Credenza Desk and Chair Set: On-Trend Minimalism

Here is another great office desk set. Sometimes less is more. Greyleigh proves that statement effortlessly with the Edgerton Credenza Desk. A stunningly simple desk/chair combo, this trendy design is perfect for a minimalist office. 

Clean lines and industrial material choices give the L-shaped desk an ultra-modern look, while the manufactured wood top adds a touch of warmth. The high-back chair offers great maneuverability and a comfy place to sit. It comes in five colors and provides plenty of working space without taking up too much square footage. 

The set includes:

  • L-shaped industrial-style steel frame desk
  • Bonded leather high-back chair 

15.  Turkol Reversible Desk and Chair Set: Business on a Budget

Turkol Reversible Desk and Chair Set

If storage is not a big concern and you love a simplified, clean look, this Turkol desk/chair combo fits the bill. A no-fuss workstation that is easy to set up or move has its own appeal, especially for the spatially challenged.  

As an office desk set, it does what it needs to do and is a great budget option for someone who needs a chair. Ergonomic chairs are not cheap, but this paired-back version provides comfortable support on a budget. 

The set includes:

  • A simple desk with two open shelves
  • Ergonomic high-back chair 

Final Thoughts

Setting up your office space is about more than just getting some work done. Many Americans spend a great deal of time behind their desk, so how you feel while you are there matters. Style, comfort, functionality, and flow are all important factors in any office. 

If you get the choice of the office desk set right, you are well on your way to the office of your dreams. Every personality is different, so make sure you pick a set that represents you!

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