Play PacREX and Win Big for Black Friday Savings!
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Play PacREX and Win Big for Black Friday Savings!

|Nov 2, 2022

Black Friday season is here, and the Autonomous Store is so busy with deals happening all the time, it’s making our heads spin! But it’s not just discounts and bundle deals this year…not only can you shop and save, you can play and save too!

Find the best WFH setup for your loved ones this holiday season, and give them the upgrades they need to do their best work in the coming year. Or, why not treat yourself to some well-deserved ergonomic office furniture and accessories? Whether you’re buying for yourself or for them, playing to win our PacREX mini game is a great way to ease the burden on your wallet—and have fun too. It’s happening from October 24 - November 10, so be sure to log in every day to play for your best chance to win credits!

Black Friday game

PacREX Minigame lets you Play to Save

Our addictive PacREX minigame is super fun to play and it’s easy to join in the fun! It’s similar to a childhood classic, but we’ve given it a distinctly fun and unique Autonomous twist with our very own REX mascot! 

Here’s everything you need to know about how to play from October 24 - November 10:

  • You get 3 lives with each play.

  • Eat the fruits hidden in the maze to turn the tables and chase those pesky ghosts.

  • You’ll have 5 seconds to catch them before they start chasing you again.

Easy, right? Well, it’ll take some skill and maybe a few tries to get a high score. But fear not, there’s a way for you to play as many times as you want to earn more credits! 

  • Each email address gets 1 x daily play. Come back using your email address every day to play again and try earning an even higher score!

  • The top 3 scoring players at the end of the minigame play period will get $30 credit each. This will be counted when the game ends at the end of the day. So you’ve got until then to play as much as you can and earn as many points as possible to land a spot in that top 3!

  • Get 1 extra life when you share with a friend and they finish the game. All you have to do is send the link to your friend or colleagues’ email addresses to invite them to play. You get unlimited shares, but you can only share one link to each unique email address. Once they play, you’ll get an extra life and a chance to play again! That means you can actually play multiple times in one day, as long as you invite more people to play too.

  • Only 100 coins up for grabs daily. After the daily limit is reached, you can still play for up to 80 coins by being the first to score 30K.

Store credits for a better WFH setup

Use the credits you earn from the minigame to buy some of our products that are already available for low prices thanks to insane Black Friday deals! Whether it’s a Autonomous Desk, which lets you automatically raise and lower your desk with the press of a button, or an Autonomous Chair which fits the contour of your back perfectly, you’ll have so many great options to choose from that you can purchase for yourself or as a great holiday gift for friends, family, and colleagues.

Happy shopping and may the best PacREX win! PacREX can be played in the US, Canada, UK, and EU only.

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