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What are Popular Ergonomic Chair Brands in India?
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What are Popular Ergonomic Chair Brands in India?

|Sep 27, 2021

A comfortable office chair is essential when working from home because it allows you to work long hours without getting tired. To avoid chronic back pain, you should always sit in an ergonomic office chair that offers good support. When selecting a chair for your home office, consider the material, durability, comfort, ease of installation, and adjustable features. Here are the best ergonomic chair brands India options online for office ergonomic chairs in India that you can use when working from home.

Top 10 Popular Ergonomic Chair Brands in India

1. Autonomous Ergonomic Chairs

Autonomous Ergonomic Chair brands India

Autonomous is miles ahead of its competitors when it comes to adjustable, ergonomic, and comfortable furniture. Here is one of the popular ergonomic chair brands in India. From the durable materials used in each product’s construction to the Autonomous world-class intuitive designs, every element making up this ergonomic chair for back pain is top-notch. Its ergonomic chair comes with a customizable tension and adjustable features, such as Autonomous Chair Ergo, Autonomous Chair Recline and Autonomous Chair Ultra that prevent you from getting tired after a long day of work. Moreover, the wide array of Autonomous standing desks and ergonomic chairs have eclectic designs equipped to cater to numerous needs.

2. ISURAA Modern Chair

In addition to its physical comfort, Misuraa offers durability. Molded foam is used to create an exceptionally comfortable seat by many ergonomic chair brands in India. While working, you will be kept cool by a mesh back panel. For back pain prevention, it has lumbar support.

The chair is incredibly sturdy due to its chrome base. Many of its features, including back recline and height adjustment, are adjustable. Up to 120kg of weight can be carried. This ergonomic chair is a great choice in ergonomic chair companies in India for those who like to sit at their desk and do some work.

3. Savya Home Apex Chair Apollo Office Chair

Savya Home Apex Chair Apollo Office Chair

A stylish and comfortable ergonomic chair, it is ideal for long hours at the office. By measuring the seat depth, you can estimate the comfort level. The lift is extremely durable and features a one-touch tilt and a Class 4 gas lift.

Additionally to its 5-inch pneumatic and hydraulic height adjustment, it also includes a 15-degree tilt. This chair from one of the top ergonomic chair brands in India can support at least 100 kg despite its weight of 15 kg. The chrome finish and contoured mesh back of this sofa contribute to its eye-catching appearance.

4. CELLBELL C102 Office Chair

It features heavily padded seats and backs, the Cellbell C102 chair guarantees to deliver comfort and is a good ergonomic chair brand in India. With leatherette upholstery, it has a luxurious feel. Leatherette covers the wood frame of the chair. The chair can recline to a height of 110 degrees and features adjustable headrests that enable you to work while relaxing.

It's easy to move this chair since it's constructed with a sturdy frame and PU wheels on the back. It is capable of handling heavy loads despite weighing 110kg. Work comfortably with the C102 Cellbell chair that is easy to assemble.

5. Crystal Mid Back chair from Green Soul

Crystal Mid Back chair from Green Soul

Green Soul's global customer base has made the company one of the most trusted names in the furniture industry. A breathable office chair offers the highest level of comfort to users during extended hours. As a testament to the high quality of the product, Green Soul offers three years of manufacturing warranty.

Is there anything better when you buy an ergonomic chair? Branded in the United States, it's a homegrown brand. There is no question that this is a product of Indian origin. The Green Soul office chair can support up to 110 kg. A torsion knob and pneumatic lift are included in this user-friendly chair to ensure smooth adjustments.

6. Revolving Medium Back Chair from Da Urban

Those who need an office feel while working at home should check out the Urban ergonomic executive office chair brand. Additional features include a reclining mechanism that can be adjusted. In addition, the device features a tilt tension knocking feature.

7. Wipro Furniture Adapt Chairs

Wipro Furniture Adapt Chairs

Despite its unique weight-adjustable feature, Wipro's chair is exceptionally comfortable and supportive. Aside from the headrest and seat height, the lumbar support and armrests can be adjusted. This chair is constructed of fabric and aluminum, making it both comfortable and sturdy.

The chair base is made of aluminum. While sitting on the chair, you can move thanks to its strong PU caster wheels easily. If you are looking for a chair that gives you comfort and is well made, the Wipro chair is a great option.

8. The Spark Ergonomic Office Chair from Furnicom Chairs

Here is also one of the well-known ergonomic chair brands in India. For the best solutions when it comes to chairs at your home office or office, Furnicom is the brand to associate with since they offer the most convenient, economical, functional, and efficient options.

Their Spark Mesh Mid Back Ergonomic Office Chairs offer comfort and function because they are constructed from the highest quality materials and have excellent lumbar support. This advanced piece of equipment provides 360-degree turning, brakes for the active wheels, and pull and push backward.

Hard-structured, it possesses excellent durability and the ability to be height-adjustable for tall individuals. You'll stay cool and dry with this back support because its soft and breathable material allows for maximum airflow.

9. INNOWIN® Jazz Mid Back Mesh Office Chair

INNOWIN® Jazz Mid Back Mesh Office Chair

The black color of this chair makes it perfect for both home and office usage. Assembling and installing the chair is quick and easy for the users. A lumbar cushion is included in this office chair to provide ultimate comfort for you. Additionally, these chairs have adjustable arms.

With a single lock synchronization mechanism, it has a heavy-duty locking lever. Also, the seat height can be adjusted pneumatically, which is class 3. Assembly is quick and easy. Here, the base is attached to the seat without the use of any tools. Lower back pain can be relieved with this office chair.

10. Deluxe Desk Chair from the Casa Copenhagen TT Collection

This type of bed offers a lot of mobility, allowing you to move easily and without affecting your posture. This ergonomic chair brand provides exceptional lumbar and back support, while the armrests make long days at the office comfortable. In addition to its attractive color combination and high durability, the frame can be used within many corporate environments.

Nothing is lacking in the quality of the wheels on the chair. It is also possible to use braking technology to prevent the movement of the item. This adjustable stand looks like the one in the picture, and it has a height-adjustable feature. Moreover, this chair has great reviews, and given its price range, it is a must-buy. There is a return policy on this product.

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