Navigating Prefab Home Laws and Requirements in Modesto, CA
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Navigating Prefab Home Laws and Requirements in Modesto, CA

|Dec 8, 2023

Prefab homes in Modesto are rising in popularity due to their affordability and comfortability. Moreover, the modern techniques to manufacture such homes have made it quite easy for people to set up one beside their primary dwelling.

However, you must ensure that your modular homes in Modesto CA are built within the confines of the California ADU law. In this article, we will list all ADU California requirements to make sure you build your secondary home legally.

Prefab Homes Laws and Requirements

Land Usage

The first and most important consideration before planning to set up tiny homes in Modesto CA is land usage. If the land is permitted for residential usage, then you are allowed to build an ADU on it. All residential lands permit accessory building, but a few of them allow manufactured homes or tiny homes without any special conditions.

Number of Allowed ADUs

All single-family dwellings will be allowed to have one accessory dwelling and one junior accessory dwelling with the primary home. On the other hand, a multi-family dwelling can have no more than two detached accessory dwelling units. However, a conversion ADU can co-exist with the detached or attached ADU, as it is constructed by converting the existing structure of your home.

Number of Allowed ADUs

Size Requirements

The maximum floor area for the prefab ADU should be 400 square feet for the primary homes built on a total lot of 5000 square feet. However, lot sizes between 5000 to 10000 square feet can have a floor area of 600 square feet. In all cases, make sure that the size of the ADU should not exceed more than 50% of the total area covered by the primary dwelling. The maximum floor area you can build your ADU on is 1000 square feet, which is only allowed when your lot size is greater than 20,000 square feet.

On the other hand, the maximum size of the ADU itself can be 850 square feet for a one-bedroom attached or detached unit. For more than one bedroom, you can have an ADU as big as 1200 square feet.

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Types of Allowed ADUs

There are three main types of ADUs allowed for construction in the California ADU law 2023 – attached ADU, detached ADU, and Junior ADU. All three types have different conditions you need to fulfill in order to get aligned with the rules and requirements.

Attached ADU

An attached ADU is separate from your house, but its walls are attached to the walls of your primary dwelling. It expands the main house by providing extra space for living and working.

Detached ADU

A detached ADU is similar to the attached ADU, but the only difference is that it is isolated from the primary building.

Junior ADU

Junior ADUs are like detached ADUs but are much smaller in size. The maximum size for a junior ADU is 500 square feet.

Conversion ADU

Conversion ADU is a kind of accessory unit that is built by the conversion of an existing structure, such as a garage, basement, or attic, into your secondary dwelling unit. Keep in mind that you can also choose to expand the existing structure, but no more than 150 square feet.

Types of Allowed ADUs - Prefab homes in Modesto

Owner occupancy

According to Law SB-13, you are not required to occupy the house if you have built a new ADU, whether conversion or any other type, between the years 2020 and 2025. This means that you can keep residing in your primary dwelling, and your ADU will still be considered legal.

Separate Entrance

Separate entrances will be required for the detached accessory dwelling units as well as the junior accessory dwelling units. Moreover, the entrance of the attached ADU must not be visible from the same street as the first unit's entrance.

Parking Requirements

A separate parking will not be required for the JADUs or conversion ADUs. If you are buying a huge container home in California, only then will you require a separate parking. However, there are a few exceptions for that as well, as you don’t need to have any separate parking at all if your home is half a mile away from public transit.

The Height of an ADU

Tiny homes in Modesto CA are built while keeping height restrictions under consideration. The maximum height of a single story is 16 feet, whereas double-story prefab homes in California must not exceed 25 feet.

The Height of an ADU

Fire Safety Requirements

Fire sprinklers will be required for the ADUs if the primary dwelling is subjected to the requirement as well. In any other case, you can get permits for your ADU even without any fire sprinkler system in the construction plan.

Utility Connections

The utility fees for your accessory dwelling unit must not be higher than that of your primary dwelling. Moreover, you will need a separate electric meter to perfectly balance the consumption of power between the detached ADU and the primary unit. On the other hand, people using private sewage disposal systems must get it reviewed by the local health officer.

Design Requirements

The design of your tiny home kits must match the local design standards set by the State. Your design must be approved in order to begin the construction.

Design Requirements

Setbacks from the Primary Dwelling

The front setback should be 25 feet, whereas the street side setback should be around 15 feet. The side and rear setback from the primary dwelling must be 4 feet. Keep in mind that your conversion ADUs and JADUs are not subjected to such restrictions.

Rental Allowance

California ADU law 2023 states that long-term rentals are allowed with your ADUs or JADUs, but you need to make sure that the rental must be in increments of 30 days or more. It is a great opportunity for people to buy prefab homes in Modesto and start renting them out to earn quick profits.

Tax Implications

After the construction of your ADU, the value of your ADU will be directly added to the overall value of your primary dwelling. It means that the taxes will be assessed on the basis of the new value of your home.

Tax Implications

Final Thoughts

To wrap it up, diving into the ins and outs of prefab home rules in Modesto, CA is your ticket to a stress-free and friendly building experience. Navigating these guidelines with a smile ensures you can enjoy all the perks of prefab living while staying in the good graces of the local authorities. So, get ready for a delightful journey toward your cozy, modern home in Modesto!

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