Things to Prepare A Digital Classroom Setup
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Things to Prepare A Digital Classroom Setup

|Apr 11, 2022

Many educators this fall will implement continued remote learning in their classrooms, which will affect the way they set up a classroom. In today's educational environment, educators are more concerned about providing meaningful and engaging online learning opportunities for their students than decorating bulletin boards and arranging classroom seating in a digital classroom setup.

Despite the sudden shift towards remote learning and teaching, many educators were less prepared for online teaching or learning. As a result of school closures due to the Coronavirus, many teachers are turning to technology and modern home office ideas since they do not feel equipped to facilitate learning remotely.

As online teaching tools and strategies become more common, teachers learn new approaches outside their comfort zones. Although the instruction may take place online, it is important to ensure the learning environment is conducive to student learning and facilitates effective teaching. Here are some tips for educators on creating a digital classroom.


Microphone for digital classroom setup

You should especially pay attention to this if you are the teacher. In order to effectively communicate and host the session, you should have a high-quality microphone. As a lesson is a dialogue between two parties, the student must also be able to express himself, ask questions, etc.

Therefore, a microphone that functions properly is one of the essential digital classroom requirements. If the one on your laptop isn't working, using a headset is the best solution. The headset is inexpensive and ideal for the situation. Depending on your budget, you can easily find one that meets your needs. You can invest in a more professional microphone in your digital classroom setup if you are a teacher and will be using it multiple times.


Webcam in digital classroom setup

This is the next thing on your digital classroom equipment list; it is essential that you can hear each other, but having visual information is also crucial. Students and teachers can form a closer bond because of this, making it easier to develop a real human connection in the digital classroom setup. Furthermore, they can communicate more effectively, show things physically instead of digitally, etc.

Students are permitted to use a webcam, but teachers must use one. Nearly all modern computers include a webcam by default. Then you can get a webcam individually to add to your device if yours doesn't work or if your computer doesn't have one. This small investment will improve your lessons in smart office gadgets.

Desk Placement

Desk Placement in digital classroom setup

Make sure you strategically place your teacher's desk in your digital classroom layout. Depending on how you plan to use it, there are different places to put your desk. While they are at their desks, some teachers use them as command posts throughout the day.

Some people use it during planning periods and before and after school to work. The ideal location for your desk will be in a corner where students won't pass it constantly. Putting brightly colored tape around your office desk and making it clear to your students to stay within the tape is excellent.

Tables and Chairs

Tables and Chairs in digital classroom setup

It is helpful for students to become accustomed to seating to be more focused. Still, it is also important for them to be able to form groups, move around, and learn in a relatively flexible and interactive environment. Ensure that tables and your office chair have light bodies and mobile legs so that students can move them around easily.

When students spend most of their waking hours in a classroom, their posture needs to be considered. Choosing chairs and desks that are not physically demanding from our student purchase program is important. Our desks are designed to accommodate the human body well. As a result, learning is never compromised with the seating, and the seating is very supportive.

An interactive classroom is invariably smarter. Single-seat desks might help students study without being distracted, but classrooms should encourage students to form bonds. Students can interact more and learn in a fun way with benches and chairs for double desks.

Workspace Planning

Workspace Planning

It is crucial for educators working from home to create a space for their work and online classes. Keeping students focused and productive throughout the day can minimize distractions that interrupt their learning. Teachers don't have to have a dedicated digital classroom setup in their home or plan on building one into an existing home.

Many institutions invested in DSLRs, headsets, whiteboards, and other new technology to provide higher-quality synchronous and asynchronous instruction. Small adjustments can greatly impact how well they teach online - from moving to a well-lit, clutter-free room to raising a webcam to eye level when videoconferencing.

Keep Organized

You should minimize clutter and unnecessary digital classroom decor. Students can easily become distracted by classroom clutter. There are scientific studies asserting this - something about your visual field being overwhelmed by multiple stimuli competing for your attention, resulting in a limited capacity for all your home office essentials.

However, try to minimize the amount of clutter in your room as much as possible. Develop an organized filing system. Please make sure students have a specific area to place their work and materials. 

Wall Art

Wall Art in digital classroom setup

We often mistake thinking we are good at making awesome-looking bulletin boards or posters (and even pinning photos of them on Pinterest) but never use these tools with our students. Though Pinterest is a wonderful source for classroom ideas, posters and bulletin boards are only as good as the teacher who uses them.

As long as you regularly refer to and update your posters, posters and bulletin boards can be a great way to engage your students. Students can use sheet protectors as work boards, and you can also stick paper in them to use as whiteboards (good for tracking mastery levels).

Leave Room for Change

Leave Room for Change

Making changes is not the end of the world. You're going to change the arrangement of your classroom eventually. You shouldn't be concerned about where to place a particular bulletin board or organize your whiteboard space if you're not sure how to arrange your desks in the digital classroom setup. After a week/month/quarter, if you decide something needs to be changed, go ahead and implement it. Keep your classroom setup efficient by always making adjustments as needed.

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