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Price increase announcement
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Price increase announcement

|Apr 28, 2021

Noticed a price increase? At Autonomous, accessibility has always been one of our core values as we try to help more and more people around the world to #worksmarter and implement smart ergonomic tools in their home and corporate offices. Our other core principle is to offer uncompromisingly high quality and durable products that are rock-solid and built to last.

In the last year, we have encountered challenging market conditions that have led to a price increase across our range of ergonomic office tools:

  1. Steep increase in materials and steel prices: Due to various economic factors including the pandemic and tariffs on imported and exported goods, the price of steel has increased sharply in the last year. This high-quality material is something we use in a lot of our products. 

  2. Steep increase in 3PL and warehouse costs: We have also seen significant increased costs to maintain our warehouses and pay fees associated with our third-party logistics partners.

  3. Steep increase in international freight shipping: We try to keep our shipping costs as low as possible, however the pandemic has made international logistics and shipping much more expensive, especially for our large quantities of international freight shipping. We were hoping that these prices would return to normal after the holidays, but they have steadily been rising ever since.

  4. Steep increase in last mile shipping: Not only has freight shipping seen a price increase, but “last mile” domestic shipping costs to our individual customers has also increased significantly in the last year due to logistical complications from the pandemic.

Because of these factors, we’ve had to increase our prices in order to stay true to our core principle of offering you the highest quality ergonomic office tools with uncompromising durability and functionality. We also would rather sustain our business by bringing value for customers in the long run, rather than operating at a loss. 

We are always working hard to give our customers the best prices possible. Stay tuned and be sure to follow us on our social media channels, and you can subscribe to our email list for all the latest news and information about our products.

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Thanks for understanding and we look forward to continuing to innovate and bringing you the best smart tools for the future of work!

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