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Setting Up A Productive Study Space For College Students
Workplace Inspiration

Setting Up A Productive Study Space For College Students

|Sep 21, 2021

Are you closer to the college exam season? Creating the perfect space for your academic revision might be essential to making your study sessions more fruitful. A busy coffee shop may be the ideal place for you to use your computer, or you might prefer the bookish silence of your university library. Ensure that your productive study space is set up in a way that makes you happy whatever revision style you use.

Things to Consider for Ergonomic Setup for Optimum Productivity

How to create a productive study space? Creating a productive study space or area is easy with our quick tips. When it comes to maximizing their study spaces, online students must be very deliberate. On the campus, locating a dedicated study space is not as straightforward as walking to the library. Taking care of how you create a study space is even more critical, given that you are most likely juggling work and other family commitments.

The ideal location

The ideal location

Your study space is controlled to the greatest extent to the extent of its location. Three things are essential in selecting the right spot: fewer access barriers, comfort, and tidiness. You should choose a place that has the most occasional obstacles for it to be a practical study space.  

Next, you must define what comfortable means for you since the definition of comfort differs for each individual. Are pillow-covered couches or ergonomically designed office chairs available? We recommend sitting comfortably for at least an hour. It’s more challenging to focus on creating a productive study space when you’re surrounded by visual clutter that occupies your mind. Cleaning your workspace will continuously improve your focus.

Distraction reduction

Distraction reduction

When it comes to work, what most frequently distracts you? Please make sure that none of the answers you write down on this question are in the area you will revise. Obviously, it would be best if you did not watch television, use your computer, or use your phone!!

Consider installing an app that blocks you from accessing distracting websites for a set time while using your laptop to get an effective study spac. It may be possible to find a quiet area within your house, or perhaps you have small children running around, making the house very noisy.

While studying at home or while flying, wrap yourself up in some simple foam earplugs. The majority of background noise is blocked so your brain can concentrate on the content. It is surprising how much noise can be muted with noise-canceling headphones.


Spending hours a day in an uncomfortable space is not something anyone would ever choose. If you’re revising in bed, it is not advised to spend your time in a comfortable setting that can keep you focused. A chair that is uncomfortable for hours on end is not something anyone wants to endure.



Adding personalized touches to create a good study space where you will spend several hours every day is a must if you are going to be there for hours every day. It will lift your mood if you can look at something or have something that adds color to your space. A relaxing atmosphere is enhanced with the addition of plants. Improve it as you see fit. Do not waste time.

Clutter control

The messy desk and room create a procrastination opportunity, makes it more difficult to organize your life, and causes you stress. Organizing everything you can as early as possible should be the priority when creating a study space.


The right lighting level can significantly affect a room's mood, which is why you should find your personal preference in your productive study space. Dim lighting strains the eyes and makes you exhausted. Lights can also cause headaches or stress due to overstimulation. Make the most of natural light, when possible, to reduce the effects of these effects.

Ergonomic products: standing desk, ergonomic chair

Your desk and chair

Get all the productivity tools you will need to complete your work once you have identified the best study space for you. Below are some affiliate links you should be aware of. I might get a small commission from selling any items you purchase through these links, but there is no cost to you. The supplies/tools I consider to be invaluable in my own life are all things I use.

Your desk and chair

Studying and putting together your class projects will be much easier when you have an ergonomic workspace. If required, invest in an ergonomic office chair, a standing desk, or even specialized college students' desks

There is no best desk setup that suits everyone; instead, you need to customize your productive study space setup to fit your needs. It all depends on adjusting your PC setups based on your height, eyesight, number of study or work hours being invested, and the ergonomic tools you have available.

PC and PC tools

Books and stationery

Without a computer, you cannot take your online courses and do additional research for your studies. Whenever you are using a laptop, make sure you have an external mouse. The PC or the laptop is usually the preferred choice for students due to its cost-effectiveness and ease of use.

Mouse users are often faster and more efficient than people who use the built-in trackpad. You may find it helpful to add a Bluetooth keyboard if you use your phone or tablet frequently for studying. By doing so, you can type things up much faster and more efficiently.

Books and stationery

Physical textbooks and electronic versions may both be on your computer. Having either (or both) of these around when studying is recommended. There may be times when you'll have to look up information as part of your assignment, even if you are not required to read a particular chapter.

There are always pens and highlighters in the average home office. A pen (or pencil) may be the easiest way to write down quick thoughts. The key concepts in a textbook can be highlighted with a highlighter by highlighting the most crucial information. Among students' preferred writing and highlighting tools, colored pens and retractable highlighters place high on the list.

We always look for new technologies in your productive study space since we're technology freaks. A majority of your notes can be saved in OneNote - and it might even help you save space since it's a digital platform. Look at the myriad of productivity apps and digital tools available. Some are perfect for diagramming.

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