How to Set Up a Professional Recording Studio Setup?
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How to Set Up a Professional Recording Studio Setup?

|Oct 30, 2021

Planning a recording studio setup requires a lot of brain, especially when you are thinking about upgrading an existing one. Whenever you are doing so, it is better to have a professional recording studio setup, as that helps you grow and go a long way.

We know that as a musician or producer, you would have a lot of questions regarding the relevant items which you will need to equip your studio in a more professional manner. That's why we have shared a list of all those advanced gadgets that you will need to add to your studio.

Below is a list of all the advanced items that will help you create a more productive recording studio desk setup. We believe that these recording studio setup ideas will help you create the studio of your dreams, so let’s have a look at them. 

1.  Workstation Setup

Recording studio Setup

The professional recording studio setup requires a lot of work and equipment to give out its full performance, so ensure that you plan your workstation adequately and ensure you have enough room for everything.

Two basic furniture pieces that come in handy in this regard are some spacious standing desks and the ergonomic chair. Since you will be spending most of the time with your teammates in your studio, ensure that you meet up with the workplace ergonomics to stay active and productive throughout. 

Standing Desk

Since you will have a lot of accessories to manage, ensure that you have a minimalist studio setup. In that regard, a white standing desk would look the best. However, since you are going to have composers too, it is better that you have a composer’s desk too. Nevertheless, if you are interested in constructing a customized DIY studio desk on your own, you can do that too. 

Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic Chair for Recording studio setup

Ensure that you have an ergonomic chair, too, because that will ensure you avoid any common back problems or muscle strains and stay active and productive round the clock. 

2.  DAW Software

Since you are going professional, ensure that you have dedicated DAW Software in this regard. Since professional music producers mainly use Pro Tools Ultimate, you may think of going for that too. Nevertheless, there are multiple of them in the market, like Steinberg Cubase and Ableton Live, so you may go for them too. 

3.  Backup HDU

Backup HDU for Recording studio setup

You have to upgrade your RAM and CPU when you are thinking of upgrading your current studio setup. Similarly, when you are doing multitrack recordings professionally, you should have a backup hard drive too to have a data backup as the hard drive has a lot of load during such tasks. So, investing in a backup HDU will help you save your data when working with multiple artists. 

4.  Audio Interface

The audio interface is vital in a professional audio recording studio setup. You should go for those interfaces that come with a balanced line for connecting drum machines, mic, synthesizers, and other machines that help you mix music and create a better sound effect. 

5.  Monitoring Equipment (Studio Monitor, Isolation Pads, Headphones)

Monitoring Equipment for Recording studio setup

Monitoring equipment carries a lot of significance at a professional level, so ensure that you are well equipped with your studio monitor, monitor isolation pads, and monitor stand. Studio monitors will help you clean the frequencies and generate a more acoustic sound.

And the monitor isolation pads would work as an addition in absorbing vibrations, creating a clean output, resulting in a lowered vibration transfer to your desk. Along with these desk accessories, some high-end studio headphones and Rackmount headphone amplifiers will help you equip your monitoring station for professional use. 

6.  Recording Equipment (Synthesizers, Pop filter + Shock Mount)

Recording Equipment

How to set up studio equipment efficiently? Since you will be setting up a recording studio that is more professional than what you had previously, remember to get yourself the top-notch recording equipment to get crisp, clear results. In this regard, the first thing you should upgrade is your microphone, so make sure you replace your current one with some classic condenser mic like Neumann's.

In addition to this, ensure that you have the right synthesizers and amplifiers for your mic. All in all, don’t forget to get MIDI controllers, a pop filter, and a shock mount to have a phenomenal recording experience. 

7.  Instruments

If you are a musician, you will have to ensure that you have all the relevant musical instruments that will help you with your recording. Ensure that you invest in some high-quality pianos, drum kits, and guitars now because you will be setting up a professional recording studio setup. 

8.  Sound Effect Equipment (Sound Mixers, Sequencers)

Sound Effect Equipment

In order to meet the level of the professional musicians and producers, you need to get top-notch sound effects equipment that are namely the sound mixers, sequencers, and a drum machine if you are into producing music. Sound mixers will help you adjust multiple incoming microphone signals and make the best output possible. 

9.  Power Management (Power Distributor, Power Conditioner, Studio Rack)

At last, you have to take a keen look at your power management by getting the advanced power management equipment to optimize your recording studio setup. You can use power conditioners to get better power surge protection to keep your high-end studio setup safe. You can also think of investing in studio racks to get better power management and have all your master clocks, cable tray, snake cable, pre-amps, and power distributor in place just like a pro! 



How much does it cost to set up a professional recording studio setup?

Since you are equipping your studio with the best equipment, you can imagine your recording studio set up to be around $40-50,000 or even a million if you wish to have the best setup. 

Is a professional recording studio profitable?

Yes, although the setup is expensive, what you get in return is something more than what you are spending. So, a professional recording studio setup will be more like an investment if you are a struggling musician or a producer. 

What equipment do you need to get a pro recording studio setup?

All the recording studio setup equipment details that we shared in this article will help you set up a next-level recording studio. So, just go through the details mentioned above and set up the studio of your dreams!

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