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The Proper Height for a Kid’s Desk by Ages
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The Proper Height for a Kid’s Desk by Ages

|Jun 6, 2023

The kid's desk plays a major role in your child's room. You know that your little one will need a dedicated space to write, paint, draw, and do multiple other creative tasks. Since you are getting a desk for your children, you should know that they will need some space for keeping their stationery and other accessories like a laptop or course books. Secondly, children are at a growing age, so you must keep a keen check of the kid’s desk height along with other dimensions to ensure the ergonomics are satisfied.

The height of a student desk determines many things, including the peripheral accessories like a desk chair that you buy for your child’s study corner. Getting an ergonomic desk chair for children is always a better idea, as you can adjust its height as per your child’s desk height. If you go for the adjustable desks for kids, you are at a plus point that you get to adjust the table’s height as your child grows or as he finds it suitable to work.


Even if you are buying a kid-size desk, you should understand the importance of the desk having the right height, as that affects your child’s health and posture in many ways. Your child will be doing his homework, test preparations, and any extra curricular assignments on his desk and will demand a different position that would make him work with greater ease.

All these height adjustments are not an issue if you go for our Autonomous Desk Junior that is designed to have an adjustable height with the help of efficient motors. However, it is always better to understand the aspects that you need to consider while you determine the height of a student desk.

Which Dimensions to Consider When Choosing the Height of a Kid’s Desk?

Before you decide which kid size desk is perfect for your child as per his age, there are certain dimensions that you should evaluate. The best you can do is go for an adjustable desk and adjust its height as per your child's position. This adjustment will allow you to mold the desk with your child's posture that will ensure your child does not suffer from any muscle strain. These basic things are your child’s sitting and standing position. Let’s have a look at both of them in greater detail before determining your kids desk height.

Sitting Position

The desk’s height varies when your child is sitting. You need to consider the minimum height the desk can be of and the height of your child’s desk chair to determine the ideal sitting position. To satisfy the ergonomics while your child is seated, you should ensure his knees are parallel to the chair’s cushion, and his feet must rest flat on the floor. This is an important factor when you choose an ergonomic desk for kids.


In addition to this, your child’s forearm should rest on the desk in a way that they are perpendicular to his arms. If you can adjust your child’s desk height in a way that it meets all these requirements, you can opt for that desk and then make the relevant adjustments to satisfy this dimension.

One other thing beside kids desk height that affects your child’s posture while he is sitting is his back’s position. The backrest of the chair should be installed with reliable lumbar support and be flexible enough to allow your child to stretch and relax when needed. All of this leads us to the conclusion that you should get the right desk chair along with a suitable small desk for kids that has the perfect height.

Standing Position

Intermittent standing is important while your child is studying, as that affects his posture positively and keeps him healthy. When the desk is in this dimension, the foremost factor to evaluate is your child’s elbow height with that of his standing desk. The two heights should match in a way that his arms are perpendicular to the desk’s surface while he rests his forearm on the desk’s surface.


If this is not the case, you should adjust the height of your kid’s table until you achieve this dimension. You should keep a keen check while your child is performing tasks like coloring, writing, or drawing. While doing all these tasks, his wrists should rest relaxed on the desk so that he does not feel any muscle strain if he works for long hours.

Once you know how to adjust the desk’s height with respect to these dimensions, you are all set to evaluate your kid’s desk height by age.

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Kid’s Desk Height Guidelines by Age

Category by Age/Grade

Approximate Age

Recommended Kid’s Desk Height


6 – 12 months old

12 – 13 inches

(30 – 33 cm)


1 – 2 years old

13 – 14 inches

(33 – 35 cm)

Toddler (Pre-School)

2 – 4 years old

14 – 17 inches

(35 – 43 cm)


4 – 6 years old

17 – 19 inches

(43 – 48 cm)

Elementary School

6 – 10 years old

20 – 22 inches

(50 – 56 cm)

Middle School

10 – 13 years old

23-29 inches

(58 – 74 cm)

Middle School and Above

13+ Years old

26 – 30 inches

(66 – 76 cm)


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