The Pros and Cons of Getting a Modern Floating Desk
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The Pros and Cons of Getting a Modern Floating Desk

Autonomous|Mar 8, 2023

Buying a modern floating desk could boost your productivity and help you feel motivated while studying or working from home. They’re becoming more popular, so getting one may be a fantastic idea! 

Pros and Cons of Getting a Modern Floating Desk

Floating desks are gaining popularity among people who work from home because they allow you to save space. However, before buying one, you need to know the pros and cons of installing a table instead of getting a traditional piece of furniture. Take a look! 

Pros of Getting a Modern Floating Desk

  • You can save space.
  • These desks may look much better.
  • They’re easy to install.
  • The desks boost productivity.

Cons of Getting a Modern Floating Desk

  • They are smaller in size.
  • Sometimes, they can be flimsy.
  • You’ll have to set them up.
  • They’re hard to move. 

Top Floating Desk Alternatives: Full List

Here are our floating desk top picks: 

1. FM Furniture Brickell Floating Desk: Foldable Desk

This modern wall desk exists to make your life easier if you don’t have much office space. You won’t have to worry about limited space anymore because this furniture piece is the ideal addition to your workstation, allowing you to organize all your essentials! 

FM’s wall-mounted desk has a beautiful and elegant oak finish. In addition, since it features a bracket system, you can quickly dismount it if you need to. It’s the perfect table to add to your home furniture

Overall dimensions18.1"L x 39.4"W x 20.3"H x 38 lbs
Table top dimensions39"W x 17.5"D
Frame depth4"W
ColorsLight Oak - White
Warranty1 year

2. Nexera Slim Secretary Desk

Available in two different colors, Nexera’s option is functional and affordable. With the slim secretary desk, you can work while sitting down or standing up. 

Nexera’s alternative is convenient for many people because it features rectangular lines and a dropdown design, which make it a beautiful contemporary floating desk. 

Overall dimensions27”W x 7.25”D x 20.5”H x 35 lbs
MaterialsCARB II/FSC Certified particle board and MDF
ColorsBlack, Nutmeg and Charcoal Grey
Warranty1 year

3. Nexera Secretary Desk

If you want a table that doesn’t take up much space but that still allows you to organize all your office essentials, the Nexera Secretary Desk could be the ideal option for you. 

You can close the drop-down door whenever you want and hide away your office work. The table’s primary material is MDF, and it has a laminate and melamine finish, so it’s water, scratch, and stain-resistant. 

Desk dimensions35.75”W x 8.25”D x 54”H x 94 lbs
Number of shelves3
MaterialCARB II/FSC Certified particle board, MDF and solid metal
ColorNutmeg and Charcoal Grey, Black, White, Walnut
Warranty1 year

4. FM Furniture Roma Wall Desk

Limited space at home shouldn’t bring you down if you want to set up a fantastic workstation. FM Furniture offers top-notch tables to choose from, and the Roma Wall Desk is one of them! 

Workers who stay at home need to make sure they have computer workstations that fit all their needs. With the Roma table, you can organize all your office supplies (notepads, your laptop, etc.) without taking up too much space. 

Overall dimensions16.3"L x 40.7"W x 28.2"H x 61.9 lbs
Table top dimensions40.7"W x 16.3"D
ColorsMahogany - Glossy White
Warranty1 year

5. YU YUSING Wall-mounted Laptop Computer Desk

Although this brand is not as famous as Autonomous (which offers top-quality stand-up desk alternatives), Yu Yusing has an affordable computer table option that you should check out. 

Since MDF is its primary material, it’s sturdy and long-lasting. Plus, it’s resistant to water, scratches, and stains. 

The foldable design of this modern floating desk makes it the ideal option for compact spaces. Forget about spacious tables - instead, get this model, and your surroundings will look sleek and neat! 

Even though it’s an affordable alternative, some clients have said that putting together Yu Yusing’s table is challenging. Thus, if you’re not good with tools, keep this in mind or call a friend to help you! 

YU YUSING Wall-mounted Laptop Computer Desk

6. White Home Office Table by Haotian

Haotian has a convenient modern wall-mounted desk alternative too: the White Home Office Table. 

With drawers, side, and top shelves, you’ll get plenty of space to organize all your office supplies.

Even though this modern wall desk features a classic design, it’s still stylish. Therefore, it’ll fit your surroundings regardless of what you want to go for. 

The robust structure of Haotian’s modern wall desk makes it the ideal alternative if you need a table that can endure a lot of weight. However, its surface may damage easily. 

7. Floating Wall-mounted Shelf by Mount-It!

Some people go through different standing desks for days before choosing the most convenient alternative. They may not check whether putting the tables together is particularly hard, because they’re skilled at furniture building. 

Unfortunately, not everyone has these abilities. Mount-It! Offers a user-friendly alternative, though, which you’ll be able to assemble quickly even if you’ve never built furniture before. 

The Floating Shelf’s primary materials are aluminum and glass. It’s an elegant alternative that includes a spacious surface area and a cable management system, so it’s ideal if you’re a fan of keeping your surroundings tidy.

Floating Wall-mounted Shelf by Mount-It!

8. Wall-mounted Floating Desk with Storage by Prepac

Optimizing your office space is possible if you get a small computer desk that fits perfectly and allows you to place your notepads, computer, pens, and the rest of your supplies. 

If you buy Prepac’s alternative, you’ll have inbuilt shelves and plenty of storage space. The desk dimensions are ideal for compact spaces because it’s just 42.2 inches wide per 39.5 inches high. 

Since it also features a wire management system, you never need to worry about an untidy office space with cables lying around. Prepac’s option could be the ideal one to boost your productivity! 

9. 9 Plus White Floating Desk

Many workers just want a classic and functional floating desk that gets the job done. You don’t have to pick any extravagant alternative - the simplest one will do, especially if you’re on a budget. 

9 Plus has the ideal option for these cases. With this table, you can save floor space and build the workstation you need. 

You don’t need any tools to put the modern floating desk together. However, some customers have said the package arrived with damaged or missing parts, so keep that in mind before buying.

9 Plus White Floating Desk - modern floating desk

10. Floating Desk Shelf by BAMEOS

If you want an elegant yet modern wall desk, BAMEOS has a fantastic alternative for you to check out. It’s beautiful and functional, and since it doesn’t take up much space, it’ll be the ideal addition to any compact room. 

Since you can mount it at a height that suits you, it’s a perfect study desk option. You can also use it to work from home if you want to - its matte black color fits any surroundings, and it has a minimalist style, so you can combine it with other furniture pieces.

modern Floating Desk Shelf by BAMEOS

11. Wall-mounted Floating Desk by Yescom

Engineering wood is the primary material that Yescom offers when you buy its floating desk. Due to that alone, it’s probably a more long-lasting alternative than the previous two options since those could arrive with missing parts or damage easily. 

Yescom’s modern wall-mounted desk has a minimalist design, it’s affordable, and quick to assemble. You’ll get a set of screws with it, and you’ll need some tools to put it together, so make sure you have those once you buy it.

Wall-mounted Floating Desk by Yescom

12. For Friend of Family’s Floating Desk

Although a contemporary floating desk may be appealing, a classic and rustic look is many people’s favorite option. 

The Floating Desk by For Friend of Family is unique because of its almost old-looking, pinewood, rustic surface. 

Heavy cast-iron brackets support the desk, so it’s a well-balanced alternative. Although the table only weighs 17.31 pounds, it can withstand heavy loads. 

This modern floating desk is quick to assemble, but for some people, the instructions are difficult to follow. Thus, putting it together may take more time.

For Friend of Family’s Floating Desk

13. Rustic Folded Wall-mounted Desk by Tianman

If you’re looking for a contemporary floating desk that’s 100% made of solid wood, Tianman’s alternative is one of the options you should look into. 

A straightforward release mechanism is available for you to fold the modern wall-mounted desk when you’re not using it. It’s an ideal option to save some space! 

With a sturdy build and high-quality construction, Tianman’s model could last a long time if you take care of it correctly.

Rustic Folded Wall-mounted Desk by Tianman

14. White Floating Desk by Tangkula

Tangkula also offers an elegant modern wall-mounted desk that you should check out if you’re looking for a functional and beautiful piece of furniture. 

With Tangkula’s floating desk, you can save office space while having a large-enough surface to organize all your supplies. 

At the same time, it’s sturdy and only uses eco-friendly materials. Therefore, it’s the ideal alternative if you want to contribute to the environment. 

Even though Tangkula’s option is perfect for some, clients have complained, saying that contacting the manufacturer is impossible. It’s one of the reasons why getting a high-quality alternative like Autonomous’ tables is always the best idea.

White Floating Desk by Tangkula

15. Need’s Fold-down Floating Desk

Both compact and large spaces could benefit from Need’s desk since its classic design fits any style.

Since it has an alloy steel finish, it resists scratches and stains, and it’ll last a long time. In addition, it features 14-gauge steel brackets that you can adjust if you want to fold the table and put it out of the way. 

16. Floating Desk in White by Tangkula

Finding an efficient and space-saving table option may take some time, especially if you’re on a budget. However, Tangkula’s alternative is affordable and functional. 

The brand’s white floating desk has a unique feature: it includes a blackboard. Therefore, it’s popular among students or workers who love writing to-do lists or motivational phrases to help them get through the day. 

It includes numerous compartments, so you’ll get a lot of storage to display your office supplies. Moreover, its surface has an NC coating - it’s smooth and scratch-resistant! 

17. Storage Wall-mounted Desk by SUPERJARE

You don’t need to compromise the quality of the modern wall desk of your choice just because of its price. Even though you won’t get all the features that Autonomous desks offer you, SUPERJARE’s option could be useful for you. 

SUPERJARE’s contemporary floating desk only weighs eight pounds. It’s a multi-purpose table - you can use it to study, work, and more! 

Even though it’s a convenient alternative to save space and you won’t need much time to assemble it, it doesn’t include the tools you need to do it. Therefore, you’ll have to buy them, which results in extra costs.

Storage Wall-mounted Desk by SUPERJARE

18. Modern Floating Desk by High & Mighty

If you’re looking for a beautiful modern wall desk that fits your books, documents, trophies, artwork, and office supplies, High & Mighty may have an ideal model. 

It’s available in various styles. Therefore, you can choose your favorite one depending on the atmosphere you want to create - do you prefer rustic surroundings or a more contemporary look? It’s up to you! 

The mounting hardware you need comes with a High & Mighty contemporary floating desk, which means you won’t have to buy anything else. 

Nonetheless, customers have said their package was poorly wrapped. 

19. Floating Desk with Drawers by Y&ME YM

Paulownia wood is famous because of its sturdiness and long-lasting life, and it’s the primary material you’ll have if you buy Y&ME YM’s floating desk. 

Regardless of the room you put the desk in, you’ll create a rustic and elegant style. It’s the ideal piece of furniture to add if you need a table to store pens, notepads, documents, and other knick-knacks.

Floating Desk with Drawers by Y&ME YM

20. Pmnianhua’s Floating Desk with Shelves

The last option on this list is affordable and functional, and it’ll do the trick if you want a table that makes your surroundings look different. 

It’s a solid-wood desk with a bookshelf. Therefore, bookworms will find it ideal since they’ll be able to organize everything they want. 

Furthermore, its corners are round for safety reasons. The screws and brackets are sturdy - you won’t have to worry about balance or think about getting another table if you buy this one. 

Nonetheless, it’s a very expensive option, and not everyone can buy a desk that’ll break the bank. If you want something functional and affordable, Autonomous has some fantastic alternatives. 

Final Thoughts

There are many floating desks out there. Now, you understand why getting one could help you take your studying or at-home work to the next level: even though you’ll have to assemble the table, these models allow you to save space while also helping you organize your surroundings. 

Check out each option before choosing what you want. Remember to evaluate each model’s price, quality, and specific features!

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