Typical Pros & Cons of Gliding Office Chair You Must Know
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Typical Pros & Cons of Gliding Office Chair You Must Know

|Jul 21, 2022

You might be unsure what type of leather to choose for your office chair or whether you should jump on the ergonomic chair bandwagon when you are looking. You may not have paid much attention to the less glamorous components of a gliding office chair, such as the glides. Can there be many different office chair glides for carpet? Of course, there are. To help you identify the best office chair glides for wooden floors, we have compiled all the information you need into one handy reference guide.

What Are Office Chair Glides?

What Are Office Chair Glides?

The process of repairing damaged floors can be time-consuming and costly. Install glides on your less frequently moved pieces to make this process less hassle. The best gliding chairs, which are attached to the bottom of the legs of furniture, enable the piece of furniture to glide over floors with moderate force.

A gliding office chair is a versatile product available in various shapes, sizes, and materials to suit different purposes and situations. In general, felt glides are best suited for hardwood floors since they allow furniture to glide smoothly and quietly.

Nylon or plastic glides are the best if your flooring is carpet or tile. In contrast to felt glides, hard materials such as nylon or plastic will not catch on carpeting or between tiles and cause damage.

It is possible to easily and quickly replace worn glides, without the assistance of a technician or specialist, through a straightforward installation process. It is simple to replace a glide by simply removing the old one and fastening the new one via an industrial strength glue or a small nail, depending on the glide's material.

Popular Types of Glides Office Chairs

The main difference between types is the way they're fitted. Self-adhesive, screw-on, and nail-on glides are the three options available. If you only want to use the glides for furniture moving, you can apply self-adhesive glides, while nail-on glides are more securely attached to the chair leg. Both screw-on and screw-down perform the same functions, so each function is the same. You can choose from a variety of materials depending on your requirements. Here are the choices you have:


Felt gliding office chair

Since felt gliding office chairs are flexible, they can be easily moved over uneven floors and are better at dampening sound. On the negative side, they tend to wear out more quickly and require more frequent maintenance.


In terms of gliding characteristics, metal glides are best for carpets or hardwood floors. When choosing metal, you should consider stainless steel because other options become susceptible to surface rust.


Plastic gliding office chair

There are different types of plastic glides, including anti-slip and resistance-free. Plastic can leave streaks on the floor if you're only using PVC or polypropylene.

Pros of Glides Office Chairs

You might wonder why someone would choose a chair without wheels when there are so many chair models with wheels. Here are some benefits of office chairs without wheels:

It looks more like a boardroom chair than an office chair

Home offices look better with them. In most workstation configurations, a glide office chair can be easily incorporated. These chairs are more professional-looking and have a clean-cut finish. The average office base unit has about five flat feet of storage space.

Assembling them is simpler and easier

Glider office chairs are very easy to assemble since they have no movable or adjustable parts. The pieces most often snap together once assembled. In addition, there are no problems with misaligned chair casters or immobile wheels.

It will remain in place but will not be able to move

The lack of wheels means that you are limited in your movement. They are, therefore, better suited for carpeted floors. Even models come with floor guards that work well, even on hard surfaces.

It will remain in place but will not be able to move

Plenty of design choices, even with the limitations

There is only one type of glide, so it is easy to distinguish between them. In addition to being easier to manufacture, they can often be cheaper than castors. Generally, they are less expensive than wheeled models (including high-quality ones).

They can adapt to most ergonomic workstations

These are clearly the better choice for offices with wooden floors or where a desk and chair are situated on a platform or riser.

Cons of Glides Office Chairs

There are a few disadvantages to non-wheeled office chairs, too, just as there are to office chairs with wheels:

Unlike their wheeled counterparts, they cannot move

Unlike rollerblade office chair wheels, the chairs don't move around easily. As a result, they can move around faster and limit their movement by placing rugs on the floor or adjusting the wheels. With glide chairs, you don't have that option.

A smaller selection of models is available.

People tend to buy desk chairs with wheels instead of glide chairs since they often come with additional ergonomic adjustments. As a result, ergonomic furniture companies offer fewer glide chair models in their stores.

Most of them don’t have adjustable armrests and seat heights

Most of them don’t have adjustable armrests and seat heights

These chairs are usually used only for a few minutes at a time. These tend to be placed in areas where mobility is not required as much, such as a waiting lobby, dormitory, or small workstation layout. There isn't usually an option to adjust the armrest height or seat height on most glide changes. There are a number of them that don't include economic adjustment features at all. They tend to be lightweight too, so if you’re looking for an office chair with a 350 lbs weight limit, consider a caster wheelchair.

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