Does a Standing Desk Benefit Psychological Health?
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Does a Standing Desk Benefit Psychological Health?

|Jul 15, 2021

The benefits of a standing desk are understudy for a while now, and scientists are discovering the amazing ways in which something as simple as an electric adjustable desk can do wonders to your health. Besides making our routine healthier and taking off extra load from our backs, a standing desk's advantages range from positive impacts on physical, mental, to psychological health.

If you are searching about standing desks and trying to purchase the right one for you, chances are you are aware of the ergonomic benefits of a standing desk and realize the positive answer to; is standing desk good for health? Anyway, this article will help discover some other positive sides of a standing desk and many hidden benefits of a stand-up desk that will make you even firmer on this decision.

What Is A Standing Desk?

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A standing desk is not a very new addition to the ergonomic family, but the standing desk benefits make it popular day by day. People see wonders in health just with a piece of furniture. In addition, the height-adjustable feature in a standing desk makes it easy to use and suitable for long working hours.

The working mechanism of a standing desk is that it usually has a height-adjustable system so you can work both sitting and standing. The standing desk also allows you to adjust the height to different levels of each individual.

How Does Standing Desk Impacts on Psychological Health?

The benefits of a sit-stand desk range from physical to mental health. Sit-stand desks provide the employees with a better working environment. These desks meet people's health demands by keeping their bodies moving all day and minimizing the possibilities of backache and other discomforts. Did you know that a standing desk improves your mental health as well?

Standing desks have been shown in several studies to improve cognitive performance and raise energy levels. If you have an ergonomic standing workstation, you will observe a sudden betterment in your routine and better health.

Other than physical benefits, a standing desk has many impacts on psychological effects. Here are some common and positive impacts and benefits of a standing desk on the brain. Let's take a look at the psychological advantages of standing workstations.

Improved Mood


Does your mood affect your ability to do work? We cannot be positive with a negative mood, and one of the most common ways in which productivity in a workplace is compromised is a bad mood. For example, sitting for long hours results in zero body activity, thus ruining the mood. On the other hand, when you work with an electric adjustable desk, your body gets natural mobility, and the rate of metabolism is higher. This generates greater energy in your body; hence you get a better mood.

Brain Activity

Our brain activity is directly related to our physical activity. For example, have you ever noted the feeling of freshness you get after a good workout? That is because your brain is most active when your physical body is involved in movements. This is because physical activity increases blood circulation, and more oxygen flows to the brain with fresh blood. In turn, your brain starts to focus more and helps increase the concentration level too.

Activates Brain Power


This is one of the benefits of standing desks. Most of our day-to-day tasks are performed subconsciously; from using the keyboard to making the right click with the mouse, our brain has many things happening because of habit. We have no idea how our brain works. While focused on a significant job, we may perform some meaningless things. When we concentrate on the things that require our whole attention, the goal is to keep the other regions of the brain engaged with these minor activities.

This psychological phenomenon occurs naturally as we stand and work. When we stand and work, we make tiny motions like tapping our fingers or shuffling our feet. It enhances our ability to concentrate.

Stress Management


Workplace stress is something none of us can avoid. And a little stress at the workplace isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes it pushes us to do more, but if this stress is not dealt with properly, you could face a hard time. A standing desk helps you with stress management. The pressure of meeting deadlines and turning that report in on time is removed with a standing desk.

This is because standing helps you control the anxiety levels, and you get better at managing tasks. As the brain becomes more active, you are fast at work, and the deadlines seem farther than they are.

Enhanced Creativity

Standing at work increases your productivity since it allows you to boost your brain's function. You unconsciously pay attention to your body balance and muscle use when standing. It keeps your mind occupied. A healthy brain always performs better and allows you to be more creative.

Better Posture


Here is one of the ergonomic benefits of a standing desk. Though this one is not related to the brain directly, an improved posture gives confidence, increasing the brain's ability to work. For example, you'll feel more confident if you work with a standing desk with your shoulders back rather than hunched.

The longer you stand at your desk, the more beneficial benefits you'll see, which means you'll stand more confidently and feel more confident. Set aside time each day to cultivate a more strong posture, and you'll begin to feel more confident over time.

How To Choose the Right Standing Desk for You?

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We cannot deny the benefits of standing desks. The right standing desk helps you micro-manage the movement and play with the modifications in height smartly. In addition, you might find yourself more productive because, with the right standing desk, you can alter the desk height, distance, eye-level alignment, and various other factors.

Ensure you check the maximum and minimum height level before purchasing the standing desk; weight capacity is also a major concern because it will allow you to work with either a single monitor system or even set up multiple ones.

Another important factor while choosing a standing desk is the office table top and construction. Desks made with solid steel frames have higher weight capacity thus are more durable. In addition, the surface finish of desks makes them easy to clean and use. Ensure to opt for a natural finish that isn't too rigid but also comfortable for the hands and arms.

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