Ready To Go Back To Work After Quarantine? Some Tips To Keep In Mind
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Ready To Go Back To Work After Quarantine? Some Tips To Keep In Mind

|Apr 18, 2021

As the quarantine period is over, we have to get ready to go back to work. Before joining our offices, we should examine our physical as well as mental health. It will help us to comprehend whether we are ready to go back to our offices or not. 

Some people are happy with this decision, and some people are not. A lot of people are still in stress about joining their office and thinking of the health issues. Well, their fear is entirely justified standing in this situation. 

We can understand that taking public transport in this pandemic situation is risky. Also, Covid-19 spreads quite rapidly, which is a big concern. If you are getting ready for returning to work, make sure to consider the below points. 

How to get ready to go back to work after quarantine?

Here, we will try to put forward some scenarios for you to answer questions of how to go back to work. Knowing those scenarios will help you to decide whether you are up for joining your office or not. Also, it will help you to create a ‘return to work plan.’ 

Illness and unconfirmed Covid-19

Illness and unconfirmed Covid-19

There is a possibility that some of your workers are witnessing cough, fever, and tastelessness and some are fully recovered. However, they are not sure about Covid-19. In that case, you can allow them into your office but with some conditions such as:

  • They shouldn’t have fever within 72 hours.
  • 3 days should have passed after their recovery.
  • There should be no abnormal temperature for 72 hours.
  • Since the beginning of the fever, 7 days must have passed.
  • They should have an improved and healthy respiratory system.

Illness, and Covid-19 but no hospitalization

Illness, and Covid-19 but no hospitalization

In this scenario before ready to go back to work, you will get employees who are tested positive for Covid-19 and fall sick. Instead of going to hospitals, they self-isolated themselves and received medication at home. They can come back to work if they meet these requirements:

  • After their recovery, 3 days have passed.
  • There should be no abnormal fever for at least 72 hours.
  • Enhanced respiratory system.
  • There should be 2 confirmed negative Covid-19 tests.
  • No Covid-19 symptoms.
  • No significant temperature rise within 72 hours. 

Confirmed Covid-19 but no illness

There are plenty of cases where people are suffering from Covid-19, but they are not showing any symptoms. They need to stay in isolation to avoid the spreading of the disease. So, you can allow them to join the office if:

  • They are not ill.
  • 7 days should have passed after they got their first positive result.
  • Even after their isolation days are over, they have to maintain the physical distancing and avoid touching.
  • They must wear a mask.

Some tips to become mentally prepared to get ready  to work after quarantine

Mental preparation is vital before you start visiting your office regularly. We can understand the anxiety of going back to work after a long time. Thus, we will share some tips with you, which will prepare you to go back to work after quarantine

Try to observe your anxiety

Try to observe your anxiety

Make sure to examine your anxiety before you head towards your office and ready to go back to work. You can consider it to be the ‘return to work risk assessment.' If you can do that accurately, it will be easier for you to cope-up with the office environment. The best thing for you is to consult a therapist. They will provide you with practical solutions, which will be beneficial for your mental health. Make sure not to hide your anxiety, or it will worsen the situation.

Share happiness

Share happiness

We all came out from a tormenting mental situation. So, to make the situation normal to get ready to work, the employers should try to communicate with their employees or colleagues. If they make the office space better for others, it will be beneficial for them and the company. For instance, the employees will become more comfortable in the office space. Another thing that the employer can do to make their employees happy is by providing them with comfortable office furniture pieces. For example, they can include an office ergonomic chair, adjustable standing desk, and other things. In such a case, they can give an office furniture bulk order to save money and time. 

Make proper arrangements


Until now, you spent your time with your family. Thus, all of you got used to a specific routine. So, maybe your family has to go through some hardships due to the shift of the routine. In that case, you have to make all the necessary arrangements so that your family members can stay relaxed. Try to fix these issues ahead of time. It will make you and your family members mentally prepared for this change, and you can get ready to go back to work.                        

Be kind to yourself

be kind

Most of the time, while taking care of others, we forget to take care of ourselves. However, this is not the time to neglect your mental and physical health. Follow the safety rules and guidelines meticulously. Besides, take care of your mental health, which we ignore most of the time. Take help from various therapies and keep yourself positive. You have to understand that change is the only constant thing in this world. You have to make yourself compatible with the change. 

So, when it is time for you to get ready to go back to your work, you should be prepared. One thing you can do is to go back to work testing. It will give you an idea about the work environment you are about to face in your office. Now, the question of how to go back to work is no longer difficult to answer. Also, we would recommend you to go through the points that we have mentioned above. It will help you to maintain a work-life balance.

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