Remote Office Setup Ideas to Boost Productivity
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Remote Office Setup Ideas to Boost Productivity

|May 14, 2022

Remote office workers suffer from various challenges and shortcomings when talking about a remote office setup. Still, the most important challenge is the lack of motivation to work. Remote employees find it hard to focus on work and actively invest their minds compared to employees who work in a proper professional environment. This is because most home office setups are not equipped with the idea of the impact of surroundings on the mind, and hence employees find it hard to find that upsurge of motivation while working.

While each one of us, when it comes to a remote workstation setup, does our best with the home office essentials and planning the perfect layout for productivity, sometimes little things or tiny factors can make a major difference. In this article, we will cover some easy to create remote office ideas and the essential work from home equipment for remote employees.

Remote Home Office Setup Ideas

Remote Home Office Setup Ideas

Here are some of our top ideas to build a professional remote office setup.

Don't Pass on the Comfort

The worst mistake you can do for your health, and your work performance is not giving comfort the due importance it deserves. Especially people working in a hybrid work arrangement or part-time remote jobs might think their remote office setup is not as important. This is where things go south.

The secret to productivity in any work setting, whether remote, office, shared, or personal, is comfort. Even if you need to use the 'work from home’ scheme for only two days a week, the lack of a workstation with the right essentials will cost you inefficiency and various health issues.

So for starters, an ergonomic chair and a standing desk are two most essential supplies for remote office workers. Using ergonomic furniture gives rise to productivity by eliminating physical pain and keeping the body active and engaged in work.

A Dedicated Office Space

A Dedicated Office Space

When things were all in the office, as soon as you stepped inside your office, you realized that it's about serious work, and having a dedicated space for the home office can give the same effect. Whether you are blessed with a huge home or limited square footage marking your work territory is important to turn on the productive cells in the brain. You'll surely notice an increase in your focus and productivity when you're in work mode rather than just lazing around your house.

Decorate it

There are many ways to decorate a home office, resulting in productivity. But by far, plants are the safest, cheapest, and most impactful solution of all. Bringing a plant into your home office will brighten the space, but it will also benefit your health and enhance the air quality. It will add color and make you feel more productive with the look of nature around you.

Prevent Clutter

Prevent Clutter in remote office setup

Clutter is the enemy of productivity, and for a modern office setup, you should run away from clutter as far as possible. Even if you have a large remote office setup with a huge desk with a hutch and cabinets or a tiny desk with just a plain surface accompanied by a chair, at all costs, your workstation should be free of clutter.

This will prevent your brain from facing mental block, a common occurrence in employees. A clean desk brings a sense of freshness and invites you to work. It also allows a better flow of ideas. So the next time you get up from your desk, clean it up and throw that pile of papers in the garbage so the next morning, an open space greets you.

Plan the Layout

A few years ago, offices were just about an ergonomic desk and a chair regardless of layout, and no importance was given to them. However, recent research indicates that workplace setups are changing to their employees' preferences, with diverse environments set up for various requirements - collaborative, focused, meetings, etc.

This means your home office design is no longer dependent on the space left from other things or the empty, boring wall in the home, but you will need to tend to your business needs when counting the space for your desk, chair, and other office items.

Be Connected

Be Connected

This goes without saying, but a lagging computer or a slow internet connection is enough to ruin your mood and your day. With remote work in your life, you need to invest in some things and make them up to the mark. Imagine not having a stable connection when talking to a client over a call? How embarrassing and frustrating is that?

Speak with your internet provider to see if they can give you a solid, low-cost option. Alternatively, you may always switch providers online - be sure to read your contract first to avoid paying any additional fees.

Invest on Accessories

You cannot go stingy if you plan to grow with your business. The investment you make will count as a way to make you productive and your remote work embedded with quality. But the right investment counts. Such as having a good pair of headphones for your work hours.

Noise-canceling headphones are fantastic since they block out outside noise in your remote office setup, so you don't have to risk losing your hearing to hear your boss over the din of everyday life. They're also a great technique to establish a concentrated, peaceful office environment even if you can't physically get away from the noise.

Let the Daylight in

Let the Daylight in

Is there a reason why most offices work during the day whereas the night is for sleeping? Even though there are many artificial lighting options, the day is considered the time for productivity while the night is for the rest. This is because daylight has a significant effect on the brain's productivity. Especially for office workers, working in daylight can be the best way to achieve efficiency.

This is because computer vision syndrome, which causes eye strain, headaches, and impaired vision, is reduced by 84 percent in persons who work near a window and have regular access to natural light. According to the study, such workers had a 2% increase in productivity and a 10% drop in tiredness.

Sum Up

Your home office setup doesn't have to be loud, huge, or expensive to instill productivity in you. But by following a few principles and modern home office ideas, you can create a home office setup for remote work, which will urge you to work and provide you the closest experience to a professional workplace. Let’s note these ideas down and start upgrading your workspace!

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