Save Money with a DIY Adjustable Desk Base
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Save Money with a DIY Adjustable Desk Base

|Aug 24, 2021

Suppose you are contemplating whether to buy a ready-to-go adjustable standing desk or a DIY adjustable desk base. In that case, you probably already know the health benefits of a standing desk. Standing desks provide options to stay healthy in your otherwise complex daily routine. Therefore, they are worth the investment either way.

DIY standing desks are simple to make once you have the adjustable base or DIY adjustable desk legs. So the DIY adjustable desks are simplified now. All you have to do is choose the right desktop and the right adjustable desk base and assemble. 

Should You Go for a DIY Desk?

Should You Go for a DIY Desk

Your considerations to build DIY adjustable table feet by yourself could be many. It could range from having your own lumber, customizations, preference for a special type of wood, or other desk parts like specific motors, customization to fit the space available, and more.  Whatever be the consideration, you need to be clear of what you need from your desk.

How do you determine what you want to do?  There could be various selection factors like:

1. Costs

Depending upon your budget, you could choose the right desktop – the type of wood, color, designs, and more. Likewise, a DIY adjustable standing desk frame will depend upon the type of material used, amount of weight to be lifted, crankshaft or motorized, and other features you would like to have.

2. Manual, Turn Crank, or Motorized

Manual, Turn Crank, or Motorized

You can set up a DIY adjustable desk base with either a manual or a crank turn or motorized setup. What matters is the speed and effort you are ready to put in. While each has its pros and cons, the main question is how fast you need the desk to go from a low to a high.

Crank turns, or manual adjustments do not need any power. However, they do take a bit longer and manual effort. When manually adjusted, the desktop could get tilted if one side doesn't work fine. Manual adjustments and crank turn-based adjustable frames are less expensive.

While the motorized DIY adjustable height desk legs are expensive, they are an easy and smooth way to lower/raise desk height.  The motors make minimum noise, and you are ready within a matter of a few seconds. Elderly folks at home, too, can use this desk easily.

3. Features


You may want to consider features like an electric motor adjustable base desk.  While you invest marginally, you do not have to wait to crank up the desk height now and then. It allows you to return to your work faster and easier. This saves you time for better quality work. It's best to look for a motor that operates at a sound level of 40 dB or less; covers more than 1.2 inches per second climb rate, can lift more than 250 lbs of weight, has sturdy metallic legs/frame, offers you a lengthier warranty period, and more. Folks, who are tall/smaller than average height, may want to consider the ideal height the desk can achieve. This is also called stroke, the distance between the lowest and highest desk that a desktop can achieve.

Other parameters include the type of wood used, smooth or matt finish, designer graphics, and more.

Here is our review of the sit-stand desk legs guide that could assist you better. 

Affordable DIY Adjustable Desk Frames/ Base

Here are some motorized DIY desk frames that you could browse through. Alternatively, you can choose from the most affordable and best DIY adjustable desk base from the list below.

1. Autonomous Desk DIY

Autonomous Desk DIY

The Autonomous Desk DIY by Autonomous is available to you in three different models for your varying needs. Called the Core, Pro, and L frames, they are built for different heights, spaces, and capacities to lift a weight. In addition, their motors range from dual to the triple motor frame.  This gives one of the best climb rates of 2.3 inches per second when raising or lowering the desk height. Amazing, isn't it?

The best part is that the DIY adjustable desk bases are built from high-grade steel and are quite sturdy. In addition, you have four programmable and pre-set height options for immediate use. No need to set height again and again. You can adjust the desk width to suit desktops of any size. Surely not to be missed!

2. Titan Single Motor Electric DIY Adjustable Standing Desk Frame

Titan Single

The Titan Electric DIY adjustable desk frame is made to fit all A2 desk surfaces. It can take a payload of 176 lbs with its sturdy frames. The DIY adjustable desk bases are made from cold-rolled steel plates. While it measures 27" H x 43” W, it can be stretched to fit a maximum size of 46" H x 63" W.  The frames themselves are sturdy and weigh an amazing 77 lbs. On the con side, it has a single motor. This makes the operation of lowering/raising the desk slow and time-consuming.

3. iMovR Freedom DIY Adjustable Standing Desk Frame

iMovR Freedom DIY Adjustable Standing Desk Frame

The iMovR’s new Freedom Standing Desk Line provides competition to some of the best brands in the market. It combines American-made quality at an unbeatable price. In addition, there is a fifteen-year warranty on offer. The electric motor gives you a climb rate of 1.5 inches per second, though.  The two memories of this DIY adjustable desk base set provided help you set the pre-programmable height to adjust the desk height easily for your daily needs. It takes a payload of 265 lbs at a maximum. 

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As you select your DIY adjustable desk project, our recommendation is to pick one that has the best quality and options for your office or home, the Autonomous Desk DIY by Autonomous.  None else can beat its features and price points!

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