How to Set Up 3 Person Workstation Desk
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How to Set Up 3 Person Workstation Desk

|Feb 28, 2022

To be productive and efficient when working, it is important to have a proper work setup. A 3 person workstation desk is a rare find in the market, but with a few DIY steps and the right choice of work desks, you can easily create an efficient work desk setup. Whether it's a professional office or a small startup that is gradually growing, a 3 person office desk is a must-have for people who need to work in teams and need their separate workstations.

A 3 person office workstation provides the right connectivity and privacy that each need. From double desk to a combination of various 3 person desk ideas, we will covet the best 3 person computer desk tips and solutions for small teams in this article.

How to Create a 3 Person Desk Setup

A 3 person office team is not so large to work with a conference table nor too small to adjust to a single desk. With a three-person workstation, it's an excellent choice for use in an open atmosphere where employees may collaborate on projects. You can also use privacy panels to divide the individual workstation, by doing this the desk will be private enough to work quietly for each individual and also be close enough to work in teams.  

They can be made to order in various styles, sizes, and finishes. Here are some tips to achieve the ideal 3 person workstation type for you.

Type of 3 person desk setup

Type of 3 person desk setup

When it comes to a 3 person desk, various types of desk construction and settings can work.

3 person computer desk

These are normally made up of three rectangular desks stacked in front of each other to make a larger workplace. One of the most common configurations is taking two desks and placing them back-to-back so they face each other. The third desk's back end is then slid up to the side of the other two, where they meet. They are available in various forms, configurations, sizes, and finishes.

The benefit of this type of desk set is that each individual has an independent desk; hence, they can adjust the height or set accordingly. This type of 3 person desk setup can work with any large office desk or any rectangle desk.

U-shaped 3 Person Workstation

This type of workstation setting for 3 people is considered ideal for people who need extra space while working and wish to work together. This type of desk setup is made with two curved-shaped corner desks placed side by side to form a U. this makes an enclosed workstation and a shared platform as well.

This setting can also easily work with an L-shaped standing desk and a big corner desk.

3 Person Long Workstation

3 Person Long Workstation

The 3 person long desk is simply a desk placement of three separate desks into a long work desk. This type of desk setup might require a lot of space and is not user-friendly for tight spaces.

Choosing the Right Furniture

For a shared work from home office setup such as the 3 person workstation desk setup to work, it is important that you only rely on the right kind of furniture. Choosing a work desk with insufficient space or a larger carbon print and minimum surface area will only make your workplace less ergonomic. Hence consider and weigh your options well before opting for the right desk for a shared space. A big white desk is a space-friendly option when it comes to shared workstations.

Planning your Shared Space

Planning your Shared Space with 3 person workstation desk

The practice of organizing furniture and functions in an office space to maximize space and increase the efficiency and productivity of the employees working there are known as office space planning.

Essentially, it entails employing various techniques to maximize your work environment's space utilization. Before you spend a single cent or move a single chair, plan where each shared desk will go, rather than distributing them at random. This will assist your team and team members in establishing the ideal workspace for your staff. Also, make sure your shared workspace has dedicated boundaries for each individual to keep and arrange work accessories.

Shared Desk with Floating Shelves

When working with a shared workstation, you will likely suffer from limited storage space. Also, you should have proper storage solutions to ensure your team members are not greeted to mess and thus feel a compromise on their efficiency. Hence investing in proper storage options is mandatory. Opt for floating shelves or similar solutions to organize all the desk accessories.

Keep the Cable Clutter Minimum

Keep the Cable Clutter Minimum

Cutting the wires is a terrific approach to make your shared desk arrangement more adaptable to your team's needs, especially now that wireless technology has made mobility easier than ever before.

When Ethernet and phone connections don't connect your employees' desks, they may move them around freely to enable collaboration and group work of all types. In most circumstances, your employees will want the power to use the devices they bring to work, so you'll need to provide many outlets in your office.

Consider putting power boxes in the walls, flooring, and hanging from the ceiling for optimum versatility.

Benefits of a 3 Person Workstation Desk

Benefits of a 3 Person Workstation Desk

There are various benefits of a desk sharing system in your office, whether for 3 people, 2 people or a larger team. Here are some positive sides of opting for a 3 person workstation desk.

Variety of Options

Manufacturers of high-quality 3-person workstation desks understand that various businesses require varying levels of customization. As a result, 3-person desks come in several configurations. This enables you to install 3-person office workstations tailored to your company's unique personnel, department, and real estate requirements.


Modern workplaces are all about effective solutions for less cost and space utilization. A 3 person workstation is simply one of the most ergonomic solutions for teams to work together and have their due privacy.

Space Friendly

A 3-person office workstation has a small footprint but is large enough for a trio of employees to conduct their daily activities comfortably and productively. Never allow a tiny space to keep you from investing in high-end office furnishings or expanding your crew.

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