Shop 10 RGB LED Corner Lamps on Sale 2024
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Shop 10 RGB LED Corner Lamps on Sale 2024

|Jan 17, 2022

Corner lamps are extremely useful when lighting a room. They bring a pleasant ambiance that allows people to immerse themselves in their tasks fully. Also, lamps can be either a statement piece or a practical light. That is why it is essential to buy a corner lamp that best suits you and your space.

Try not to choose a light that does not fit your room's overall aesthetic because you do not want a piece of modern office furniture that does not match. Take time out and pick the correct lamp for you. Additionally, choose one that can provide you with the exact lighting experience you want when purchasing an RGB floor lamp. RGB lighting has become very popular recently for gamers and other people. 

RGB corner lamps can change their color to over a million different color combinations. This is because they use the color wheel and forge different blends. To stay on top of the trend, purchase an RGB standing lamp for your setting. This post comprises the top 10 RGB LED corner lamps you can buy in 2022.

Top 10 RGB LED Corner Lamps in the Market

1. Autonomous RGB Corner Floor Lamp

Autonomous RGB led corner lamp

This Lamp Depot 55'' RGB Color Corner Floor Lamp is perfect for those looking for a minimalist lamp to join their setting. With its space-saving design, metal finishing, and weighted rubber bottom, this lamp can be placed in any corner without feeling overbearing to the people in the room. Also, there are over one million light options, so those who want to go through multiple colors are bound to find a color just right for them. 

Additionally, the controller for this light is easy to use; with its color selector, dimmer function, and mode-effect, the customization options are endless when it comes to this light. The best part about this light right now is that it is on sale! That’s right, it was once $129, but the price has been dropped, and it is now $89. At such a fantastic price, it’s no wonder why people are purchasing this light. 

2. Wayfair Prysm Color Changing Lamp

Wayfair Prysm Color Changing led corner lamp

Another excellent lamp for those that want a minimalist touch to their room is the Prysm. The Prysm has a sleek black metal design and finishes that allow people to place it in every corner of their room. Also, it is a great lamp to look at because it can easily fit in with an RGB gaming desk. That’s right, the color, size, and RGB LED corner light capabilities allow this lamp to fit in with many different gaming desks. 

Recently, one of the biggest trends is all the gaming accessories and furniture having LED lights attached. It is nice to have that consistency throughout a room because then, when gaming, you can focus on what you’re doing. You do not need to worry about whether your lamp is going to make a glare on your computer screen while playing. 

Lastly, this lamp is a bit more on the pricey side. Before the $25 discount, this lamp was $309.99, so think carefully before purchasing it because it is expensive. You only want to spend that kind of money if you truly love the lamp and have the budget for it. 

3. Govee Lyra RGBICWW Corner Floor Lamp

Govee Lyra RGBICWW Corner Floor Lamp

This lamp may not be for everyone, but it is a contender. Govee is known for its lighting. With so many options to choose from, it’s crucial to weigh up the different lighting options available. However, the Lyra is a popular choice among RGB LED corner light enthusiasts. It is available in white, so it can match many RGB gaming chairs

Another exciting feature about this lamp is that it can connect to an app on your phone. Yes, if you want to change the color, all you need to do is access the app, making this lamp pretty technology savvy. Additionally, it can be controlled by voice. However, the voice control only works with Google Home or Amazon Alexa, so this might be a good choice if you already have one of those products. 

Lastly, it has six vibrant music modes. These music modes adjust all your lights to join in on the fun, so you can enjoy a reactive light show while enjoying your music simultaneously. Before the sale, this lamp was priced at $199.99, so it is slightly more expensive than the Autonomous lamp, but it is cheaper than the Wayfair lamp.

4. Wayfair RGB Pole Floor Lamp

Here is another RGB corner lamp from Wayfair, but this one is slightly different from the previously mentioned lamp. The pole LED corner lamp is also a minimalist design, but it is shaped like a pole, so it is not as skinny as the metal lamps. However, it is still an excellent lamp for those that want to create the right ambiance in their room. 

With the capabilities to change its light color, this lamp can fit in well with the compact PC RGB light by Artesian. Its simple design allows it to fit with the compact PC because it does not take away from the room's focal point. Also, if you want to dim the lighting while relaxing in your room, all you need to do is use the remote and dim the light. Additionally, there is no white light, only the colorful RGB lighting, so it does not bother your eyes while it is on. 

It is currently on sale for $187.99. It was originally $225.99. That is a 17% decrease in price, so when purchasing an RGB floor lamp, it is one to think about. 

5. Hudson’s Bay PowerQ

Hudson’s Bay PowerQ led corner lamp

The PowerQ may look like some of the other previously mentioned lamps, but what makes this one different is the option to have it in white. The minimalist design is similar to the Autonomous light, so it is perfect to fit in every room. However, the white option allows it to seamlessly blend into a white wall, further allowing the floor lamp to disappear amongst the gaming furniture

Some may prefer this option because they do not want a black metal line against their wall. If this is you, the PowerQ is an excellent option. Also, it is controlled via remote and Wi-Fi, so individuals can change the light and dimness with ease. Like the Govee, this lamp also comes with an app, so if you prefer controlling your systems with apps, this is a strong contender. 

6. Home Depot Dainolite

Home Depot Dainolite led corner lamp

Home Depot has come out with its own RGB LED floor lamp. The Dainolite is made of brass material on the base and the top. It also comes in three colors: black, blue, and white. Lamps that are black and white are perfect for those already colorful spaces or are made up of neutral tones because they can be easily fitted into the corners of rooms, so ergonomic lighting is achieved. 

However, some may want an RGB floor lamp that is not white or black but rather blue. The blue used for the Dainolite is dark, so it can still be a part of many different aesthetics, but what is nice is the option to pick a color that is not one of the standard colors. This allows for more creativity for the user. 

Do not worry that the RGB colors may look different if you purchase the blue lamp. The lights of this LED corner lamp are going to look the same whether the lamp is black, white, or blue, so pick the suitable colored lamp that best suits you. 

7. Best Buy RGB LED Color Changing Corner Floor Lamp

Best Buy RGB LED Color Changing Corner Floor Lamp

This RGB LED floor lamp from Best Buy is available for those that want a floor lamp that gives them all the colors they want without breaking the bank. The light stands at 51.18 inches and is available only in black. It is made of a metal finish, so it can easily fit into most places. 

Additionally, what is useful to know is that it has a remote and an app available. The app is quite extensive, so there are many features to explore with this LED corner lamp. You can change the color, put it in music mode, voice mode, scene mode, and set a timer. All these options allow the user to customize their experience with the lamp. 

Also, the lamp is currently on sale! Purchase this lamp at its current $72.89 price and save up to $57. With a price tag like that, it is no wonder why this lamp made it onto the list. 

8. Quantum Touch LED Aurora Color Changing LED Corner Lamp

Quantum Touch LED Aurora Color Changing LED Corner Lamp

Purchasing a LED corner lamp that is available and customizable for everyone all over the world is useful and practical. The Aurora is shaped like many of the other lamps on this list, but a few details set this lamp apart. One of the most significant differences is that the RGB floor lamps are not just in the pole, but are also in the base. 

Yes, the RGB light is in the base, so when activated, the whole lamp is turned on, providing you with the perfect lighting. This is a very cool feature because you can have more light that is responsive to whichever mode you decide to pick. 

Additionally, a practical feature is that you can change the adapter on the Quantum Touch website, so if you are purchasing this lamp for yourself in Europe, then pick the EU adapter. This option makes this lamp more accessible and useful to people all over the globe. Moreover, it is currently on sale for $99.95. 

9. AliExpress LED U-Shape Floor Lamp

AliExpress LED U-Shape Floor Lamp

If an RGB standing lamp is not what you are looking for, then this U-shaped lamp might be the perfect option. A U-shaped lamp can be a statement piece in a room because it is more visible than a pole lamp against the wall even though it goes in the corner. It is nice to have a lamp that breaks up a room a little bit more than a pole lamp. 

Also, this LED corner lamp does come with an app, so it is easy to control the light settings. Another cool feature is the music mode. The U-shaped lamp can play your music and dance along with the changing of the lights, making for a fun atmosphere. Lastly, it is currently on sale for 31% off its original price of $117.16. 

10. AshelArt LED RGB Light Tower

AshelArt LED RGB Light Tower

All the previously mentioned lights are affordable for a lot of people, but AshelArt’s lamps are not. The light towers of this LED corner lamp are purchased in pairs and are almost $2,000, but they are very interesting and beautiful floor lamps to look at. AshelArt has created lamps that are reactive to sound and have a stagnant light option. 

When it is in the reactive mode, the lights change when there is any sound present. That means, if you were to clap your hands, then the lights would turn on from the bottom to the midway point. It is an exciting technology that is sure to become more widely available as the years go by. Also, the towers are available in six different colors, white, black, pink, red, blue, and green. 

Unfortunately, these LED desk lamps are extremely expensive and out of many people's price range, but this is the technology of the future. Do not be surprised if more lamps begin to do what this one already does. 


An RGB LED floor lamp is excellent for creating the right ambiance in a room. This can allow for focused working, gaming, or relaxation moments. Also, these lamps are perfect for those that want a minimalistic look but still have multiple color options for their ever changing aesthetic.

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