Shop Corner Computer Desks with 20 Best Sellers of 2024
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Shop Corner Computer Desks with 20 Best Sellers of 2024

|Oct 23, 2021

If there is a lack of space in your office, or you are fed up with the glare from your computer monitor, then your answer may be a corner computer desk. The office space or home office is the most important place for most people because they spend most of their day there. 

Therefore, maintaining the highest level of productivity and organization is critical, and purchasing a corner standing desk for your space can revitalize your working day and help you to keep your workstation clutter-free. Here are 20 best seller corner desks for you to shop in 2022.

Top 20 Corner Computer Desks of 2022

1. Autonomous SmartDesk Corner

SmartDesk Corner corner computer desk

Many high-end desks contain the functionality that you need but come at a hefty price. With Autonomous’ range of standing desks, you get all the features of a high-end desk for a lower price. 

The SmartDesk Corner is a minimalist L-shaped desk with a whisper-quiet triple motor that helps it move up and down quickly and quietly. It is the best corner gaming desk of 2022, with enough space to house all the gaming equipment you could need. 

Get it as a white L-shaped standing desk to add brightness and airiness to your space, or as a black corner standing desk better suited to those night owls who love gaming or working late hours. 

2. Bush Furniture Cabot Desk

This L-shaped corner computer table from Bush Furniture screams executive. Installation can be challenging, but the result may be worth the trouble. 

The desk has storage trays and cabinets, one of which has a fluted glass door. It also includes a four-port USB hub, and the desk has 60 inches of desk space on either side, giving you plenty of room to work. Keep in mind that it isn’t ideal if you’re looking for something more ergonomic and minimalistic. 

3. Tangkula Small Corner Desk

Tangkula Small corner computer desk

The Tangkula Corner Desk is a stylish and modern computer corner table with a triangular shape, floating shelves, and a storage drawer. Because of its 90-degree construction, it is ideal for corner spaces. Additionally, because of its small size, this model is best suited for use as a computer desk corner unit for a small home office, study, or any other smaller space. 

It is small, yet versatile, allowing you to make the most of your available space. The desk is made of high-quality wood and comes in various finishes, allowing you to choose the style that best suits the room in which you intend to place it. 

4. Ameriwood Home Dakota Corner Desk

The spaciousness and storage capacity of Ameriwood's Home Dakota L-shaped desk provide excellent value. This particle board corner desk for PCt measures 51 inches on either side, giving you plenty of room to set up your desktop computer and other tech devices. It also includes a two-tiered shelf for organizing books, office supplies, and other office essentials. 

5. Sauder Corner Desk

Sauder corner computer desk

Corner desks can accommodate more storage space in the form of shelves and drawers and have more features than standard office desks. The Sauder harbor desk saves space while still allowing for multiple monitors due to the ample desk space. 

It is certainly not a small corner computer stand and has many drawers and a storage compartment. The desk is well-made and is available in a variety of colors and designs. It is a particularly good pick if you prefer something more rustic and industrial. 

6. Monarch Specialties Corner Desk

The storage features in Monarch Specialties' corner computer desk are more than just cabinets to strew your office supplies. Instead, it has a smart design, allowing you to organize your workstation to keep it free from clutter effectively. 

This desk includes two drawers and one file drawer for convenient storage that puts everything within reach. The opposite side of the corner computer stand is empty, with two shelves opposite the chair position and three smaller shelves facing you. 

While it provides great storage options, this desk may not be suitable for those who need enough space for two or more computer monitors. 

7. Ameriwood Home Pursuit L-Shaped Corner Desk

Ameriwood Home Pursuit corner computer desk

Those searching for something with more storage space than just a few drawers or shelves may need something with a hutch. Ameriwood's corner desk is ideal for individuals who deal with a lot of documentation. The desk may appear large at first glance, but it can fit comfortably into a corner and out of the way. 

Its hutch offers plenty of closed or open storage space, which is great for making the most of your space, especially if you have limited space to set up your home office

8. Bon Augure L-shaped Wooden Corner Computer Desk

This rustic wooden computer desk is a sleek work desk that provides a large work area and helps you use your space to the fullest with its storage facilities. Its L-shaped design lets it fit snugly in the corner of your home office or study area. 

With its open design, you can customize how you set it up. Use the shelving of this computer corner table for storing your books, files, computer towers, as well as other office equipment and supplies. It is both stable and durable, with metal tubing in an x-shaped frame structure. 

9. Kings White Corner Desk with a Drawer

Kings White corner computer desk

If you have limited space to set up your study desk or home office, this small corner desk may come in handy. It isn't ideal for a desktop computer but would work just fine with a laptop. 

The desk can fit comfortably into the smallest of corners of your home to make it feel more spacious and can be used to add a small work area to your bedroom or living room. It is relatively inexpensive and includes a drawer for storing documents and office supplies, thanks to its small size. 

10. GreenForest Three-Piece Corner Desk

The GreenForest Corner Desk, with its innovative design and sturdy steel frame, is ideal as a solution for an office space or a gaming desk. It isn't just visually appealing, but eco-friendly, featuring an environmentally friendly P2 particleboard. 

Its particleboard resists moisture, damage from scratches and doesn't peel easily. The large working area accommodates up to three computer monitors and has room for more desk accessories

11. Walker Edison Furniture’s Modern Corner Desk

Walker Edison corner computer desk

This contemporary L-shaped computer desk from Walker Edison Furniture is made of sturdy steel and can support several computer monitors. It has a rigid tempered glass surface that adds to the high quality of its build. 

The corner desk for PC is also space-saving with an added CPU stand and a slide-out keyboard tray that can be mounted on the side of the desk that you prefer. With a length of 51 inches, you have more than enough room for your pc, work supplies, and other office accessories. 

12. Bush Wheaton Reversible Corner Desk

The Bush Wheaton reversible desk has a reversible design because its pedestal attachment can be positioned on either side of the computer desk. Because it is not a large desk, it can fit easily into small corners of your space, making it a very convenient option. It also includes two small shelves and two drawers for convenient storage. 

13. Sauder Barriester Lane L-shaped Desk

Sauder Barriester corner computer desk

This corner desk for PCs is made of solid wood and has an oak finish. It is a corner desk with aesthetically pleasing drawers, and its engineered wooden construction ensures its durability. The desk includes three handy drawers for storage and an array of enclosed and open storage spaces. 

It has a more traditional, industrial look, so it would not be suitable if looking for something a little more modern. 

14. Z-line Belaire Glass Corner Computer Desk

If you’re on the hunt for something more unique and modern, then the Z-line Belaire Glass Desk is the one for you. This desk is one of the most unique and stylish desks on this list, and its desktop is made of glass.  

This computer corner table has a steel frame and reinforced plates at the desk's welding joints to ensure its stability and durability throughout its usage. There is a slide-out tray for your keyboard and a shelf for storing or displaying other items such as a printer. 

15. SHW L-Shaped Wooden Corner Desk

SHW corner computer desk

Should the wooden, homely setup appeal to you, you may just love this computer desk corner unit from SHW. The corner computer desk has a timeless style and is best used at the office to improve storage space or at home as a study desk or home office workstation. It combines functionality and contemporary design at a reasonable price. 

There is ample room to store the things you need most with enough desktop space for several monitors. It also has lots of shelving space. The desk also features a cable management system to keep cables off your workspace, and you can choose between an espresso and walnut design on laminated eco-friendly particle board to suit your preferences. 

16. Ameriwood Corner Office Desk

This desk from Ameriwood is a smaller option than its traditional size, but with great functionality. It has more of a square shape to fit into corners easily and includes a small hutch that is designed to fit conveniently above your computer monitor. 

It also has a keyboard tray. The only disadvantage is that it is not as spacious as the others on this list, but it is still ideal if your home office space is limited.  

17. Little Tree Rotating Corner Computer Desk

Little Tree corner computer desk

The Rotating Desk from Little Tree is a modern corner desk ideal for even the smallest of spaces, with a handy lowered side table that can rotate up to 180 degrees. It is easy to set up and use, and you can then roll it out of the way to save space because it is made of high-quality synthetic boards with sturdy steel legs that have been placed on lockable wheels. 

This computer corner table also features a built-in slide-out keyboard tray and has a spacious bottom shelf for storing your office equipment and supplies. 

18. Teraves Reversible Corner Desk with Shelves

The sophisticated Teraves desk is ideal for the office as a study desk and works well as a gaming desk. Furthermore, the panels let you configure this desk to your liking, and it includes shelving for storage. 

It is an excellent option if you require multiple monitors, and its thoughtful design includes a hole to let you conveniently mount another computer monitor. This corner desk is made of durable particle board with a water-resistant wood finish and can hold up to 450 pounds. 

19. Le Crozz L-Shaped Corner Desk

Le Crozz L-Shaped Corner Desk

If you're looking for a stylish corner desk at a reasonable price, the Le Crozz L-Shape Corner Desk does not disappoint. Its adjustable footrest feature adds extra support for your legs. 

The sturdy steel frame is offset by the appealing walnut eco-friendly particleboard, allowing you to store multiple monitors without having the desk cave in. This corner computer desk assembly is simple, and all the tools you need and an installation guide are included. 

20. Tribesigns Corner Desk with Shelving Hutch

The Tribesigns Corner Computer Desk is ideal for home or office if you want to combine minimalism with space-saving qualities. It has a shelving hutch for additional storage and is made with particle board that is eco-friendly. 

This corner desk for PC has a wooden grain veneer with an antique walnut finish. Its steel frame offers plenty of stability, and its large working area can accommodate two or more monitors. 

Final Thoughts

A corner computer desk can help you make the best use of your space while providing additional room for several monitors, equipment such as printers and gaming units, and storage space for files, books, and office supplies. 

We recommend the Autonomous SmartDesk Corner, the only ergonomic sit-stand corner desk on this list. This adjustable L-shaped desk offers a great deal of workspace without taking up too much room. Add an additional filing cabinet for the ultimate storage solution.

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