Should You Buy a Standing Desk? Here Are All the Answers You Need
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Should You Buy a Standing Desk? Here Are All the Answers You Need

|Aug 30, 2021

The main feature of any desk setup is, in fact, the desk. Having a high-quality desk makes the process of working much more manageable. Do you have a question: “Should I get a standing desk?”. Standing desks are some of the most popular choices in terms of desks. This is because they are height-adjustable, meaning that they can be set at the perfect height for your needs. The smart desks can also be adjusted to a standing height so that you can alternate between seated and standing positions. A feature such as this is convenient as standing at intervals is excellent for improving your concentration as well as your overall health. Let’s read on to answer the question of “Are standing desks good for you?” and know more about the pros and cons of standing desk as well as some sit-stand desk reviews.

What is a Standing Desk?

Standing desks have become more prevalent in recent years, although some individuals may still be unaware of exactly what it is. These desks have been designed with ergonomic principles in mind in order to reduce the amount of pain and discomfort experienced by sitting at a regular desk. So, is a standing desk worth it?

What is a Standing Desk

Knowing how to use a standing desk is a great way to improve your working experience while also looking after your health. Standing desks are available in a wide variety of options, such as corner standing desks, electric standing desks, and the standard option. Of course, these options are suitable for different situations, with a corner stand-up desk being perfect for someone who does not have a lot of space available but still wants a standing desk. An adjustable standing desk is the best option as these can be flexible and can be adjusted to the height most suitable for the individual using it. 

Standing desks are becoming more popular due to them being extremely beneficial for the user. They often have a ton of adjustable settings meaning that they can be customized to suit the needs of any individual who may need to use them. These desks have gained traction in office environments due to their versatility and the fact that they allow users to maximize their productivity. Some sit-stand desk reviews indicate that Autonomous standing desks are some of the best available due to their high-quality materials, as well as their high level of customizability. 

Who Should Use a Standing Desk?

To answer the question of “Should I get a standing desk?”, let’s get to know who should use it. A standing desk is a good idea for anyone interested in utilizing one. Standing desks are highly suggested for people who spend the bulk majority of their time sitting at their desk, as well as those who are primarily inactive, particularly outside of or in addition to a five-day working week.

Using a standing desk, or a sit-stand workstation makes it much simpler to get some extra activity in during the day. Of course, if you choose a hybrid desk that allows you to switch between standing and sitting, you need also invest in a high-quality desk chair like an ergonomic chair to ensure your spine, back, and neck are properly supported while you sit.

Who Should Use a Standing Desk

There is a variety of people, who may want to utilize desks like this, and these types of people include:

  • Anyone who spends a majority of their time sitting at their desks: It is no secret that sitting for extended time periods is not good for one’s back. It is often suggested that one should take a walk around for about 10 minutes after every 30 minutes of work. A standing desk can resolve this issue without the need for the individual to actually leave their workspace.
  • Gamers: Individuals who game tend to spend a large amount of time seated at their desks. Although an ergonomic gaming chair can do wonders for spinal support, sitting for extended periods of time is still not ideal. A standing desk has been shown to improve concentration and reaction time. These benefits can give gamers an edge over the opposition!
  • People who suffer from lower back problems: Many individuals who remain seated for extended periods of time tend to suffer from both lower and upper back pain. This is due to the lack of support in their chairs, as well as the position of the spine when they sit. Incorporating a standing desk into their workspace can do wonders for relieving this pain and allowing the spine to have a rest.
  • People who do not get enough exercise during the day: Everyone is aware of just how important exercise is for the human body, although many are unable to make time for it. By adding a standing desk to your workspace, one can reap the many physical benefits associated with them. Some individuals may even opt to use a treadmill while working at their standing desk. This allows them to kill two birds with one stone.
  • People who work from home: With the Coronavirus becoming an ever-present problem in the modern working world, many people are starting to work from home. Adding a home standing desk to one's home setup is a great way to keep them focused and motivated. Sitting for too long can make one lazy and can often result in the loss of motivation to work. A standing desk can do wonders for combating these issues. 

Adjustable Standing Desk vs. Desk Converter

Do standing desks work? Standing desk vs desk converters have features that make them even more appealing. The features include a seamless transition made possible by a powerful dual-motor system. The motor allows for easy transitions between sitting and standing positions that are also quiet. It is also able to remember your height settings so that you do not have to adjust them constantly. A reminder feature is also added to the desk so that you are reminded to stand at set intervals. This is extremely handy for when work becomes a bit overwhelming.

Adjustable Standing Desk vs. Desk Converter

There are many other standing desks that you can consider, all with their own unique styles and features. No matter the style of desk that you are looking for, there is definitely one that can catch your eye. Choosing a desk that is made of quality materials as well as one that has the features you are after is easier than ever before. A new desk is a much-needed addition to any setup, with the best options making the process of you working seamless. Ensuring that you choose the right desk for you and your needs is essential as everyone has their own idea of what they are looking for. 

A riser desk is different as it stands on top of your normal old desk and is used to store items such as a laptop and also computers, keyboards, and your mouse. The physical surface of your desk will remain the same height, while just the riser desk and its components will vary. Affordable versions are generally just large enough to carry a laptop and possibly an ergonomic keyboard. Many bigger risers have the capacity to accumulate more workspace, raise extra things, and hold greater weight. It all boils down to how much money you are willing to spend. 

How Much does a Standing Desk Cost?

The price may hinder you from the question of “Should I get a standing desk?”. Standing desks may be an extremely costly investment, as some of them can cost more than $5,000. Fortunately, there still are lots of excellent quality desks which are just as nice for a fraction of the price. Manually adjustable desks start at approximately $250, while mechanized models start at about $500.

How Much does a Standing Desk Cost

It is recommended to spend between $250 and $300 on manually standing desks and $500 to $600 on purely electric standing workstations. At these prices, you should still receive cool features with the desk as well as a decent guarantee; therefore this may be a good option for you. So, are standing desks good for you?

The price of standing desks is often considered their major drawback. One of the best things about choosing a desk from Autonomous is that they are much more affordable than other retailers. Although they tend to be cheaper, there is no sacrifice in the quality of the product. Many of them still have the features that make the desk a great investment, such as being on a timer or memory settings. 

Accessories You Can Add to Your Standing Desk

Do standing desks work better with other accessories? You may choose to keep things traditional by just standing across from your standing desk. Alternatively, you may complete your standing desk setup with a few useful extras that will make working at your desk more enjoyable.

To protect your feet from aching when standing, it’s recommended to use an anti-fatigue pad. These pads are intended to relieve stress in your legs and feet, as well as to relieve cramping and stimulate your feet. You may also get a balancing board. Balance boards allow you to move your weight while standing by tilting, swaying, turning, bouncing, rocking, and or fussing.

Accessories You Can Add to Your Standing Desk

You may also choose to add other standing desk accessories such as LED lights to your desk. These can really be a large help if you are someone who prefers to work at night. A keyboard tray is another excellent accessory that you can attach to your standing desk. This allows you to keep your wrists in a much more comfortable position when typing, which assists with fatigue and also prevents any typing-related injuries to the wrist. 

In sit-stand desk review, some other accessories that you may want to consider include filing cabinets, an ergonomic chair, mouse pads, and stationery organizers. 

Pros and Cons of Standing Desks

Just like everything, there are some pros and cons associated with using a standing desk. By discussing these, you can determine whether or not working at your standing desk is the best option for you.

Some of the benefits associated with using a standing desk are that:

  • You can boost your productivity substantially.
  • You can improve a number of health aspects of your life.
  • You should find that you feel much more fit and healthy.
  • It is a great alternative to sitting, which has been proven to have some negative effects on the human body. 

Then, is a standing desk worth it? The advantages of a standing desk don’t end there. Standing desks can also assist you in burning calories during the day. This is because even tiny motions like transferring your bodyweight among your feet, moving, and sometimes even shifting about can burn greater calories than if you sat still. By having a standing desk you could be strengthening and perhaps toning your back and leg muscles, this can contribute to a good posture.

Pros and Cons of Standing Desks

These benefits certainly do sound great; however, the standing desk is not without its flaws. Some of the downsides of using a standing desk are that:

  • It may take you some time to adjust to using one.
  • They can be expensive.
  • Using the wrong settings can end up doing more harm than good to you. 

Why Choose a Standing Desk?

Why Choose a Standing Desk

Should I get a standing desk? Should you still not be convinced of the idea of a standing desk, here are some considerations that you should keep in mind:

  • Standing Desks offer great physical benefits.
  • They allow you to work for longer periods of time.
  • They improve mental and cognitive abilities.
  • Standing desks have been shown to improve focus and concentration.
  • These desks are often directly linked with improved productivity.
  • They add a decorative flair to any workspace in which they are incorporated. 

The Bottom Line

Standing desks can help minimize the various possible health hazards posed by a lack of exercise, with several scientific studies demonstrating the disadvantages of sitting all day even if you own a luxurious ergonomic chair.  You can improve your mood and concentration by staying up on your feet. So now, I believe you can answer the question of “Are standing desks good for you?” and “Should I get a standing desk?” yourself.

There is no doubt that these standing desks are rather expensive, particularly completely electrified versions. This is because of all the moving components, they are more likely to break down than, say, a decent normal desk. Spending the whole day on your feet might be just as taxing on your health. 

However, the advantages of standing desks vastly exceed the downsides, particularly for individuals who struggle to stay up and active during the course of the day. As a result, we propose getting a sit-stand desk, either manual or automated. This can allow users to move around and keep healthy when working by allowing you to shift between sitting upright and standing as needed.

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