Should You Have a Chair with Headrest Extension?
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Should You Have a Chair with Headrest Extension?

|Jun 6, 2021

To have or not to have a chair with a headrest? This question is highly debatable and yet very personal to each user deciding to get a chair as a replacement or new.

Chairs have always been seen as a power of symbol, function, and power; for example, the throne in the days of the monarchy. Even then, the throne had a high backrest to support the head of the user.

Let’s explore this briefly.


What is a Headrest and its Function?

An area of a high backrest chair that supports the head is called a headrest. It reduces the pressure on neck muscles when in use (watching the monitor/screen). 

When should you use it? Some folks say, when you are in an upright position, you do not require it. This is a myth. It would be best to have a chair headrest extension even when you are upright to support the neck muscles, upper back, and spine. It reduces the pressure and any resulting stiffness of the upper back and neck muscles.

What is a Headrest and its Function?

The headrest may be fixed in some chairs, and in others, it is added as a removable extension. In some seats, it is a part of the backrest and not a separate piece by itself. In most chairs, the chair headrest attachment is adjustable, allowing each user to adjust the headrest per their height.

A most desired feature that can keep you fit and healthy!

What is the right posture?

Ergonomics, or the study of maintaining a comfortable body position and good posture, identifies that a correct posture is when primarily your body muscles function without using extra energy.  They are natural in their movement and have less stress which may otherwise require extra energy. This could result in lowering fatigue. Finally, all joints of your body function naturally, without any stress or force.  When they stay in place, they minimize the risk of any injury.

How does an Office Chair with a Headrest Help Right Posture?

An office chair with a headrest, is one of the most desired office chairs. Why?  Well, here are the top five reasons:

1. Comfortable working day

As you use the chair headrest extension, you will find yourself relaxed with the head getting good back support. With less strain on your body, you can work stress-free, aiming to achieve your targets. For example, compare this to some of your past experiences while traveling in a plane, coach//bus, train, or car.  When traveling for long, most folks get stiff from resting in one posture for long unless they have a customized headrest for their comfort.

Comfortable working day

2. Prevents illness

With your musculoskeletal muscles relaxed, your chances of body and upper back stiffness are reduced. Any resulting backache or pain in the neck (not literally) just disappears.  This prevents health concerns due to bad postures at work. Remember, buying a chair add-on headrest is only half the solution. The other half is for you to use as is advised.

3. Increased productivity

With illness prevented, you can work tirelessly and effortlessly and increase your productivity effortlessly.

Increased productivity

4. Bespoke headrest posture

Chairs that have an adjustable headrest give you more comfort.  You can conveniently customize it to match the back of your head and optimally use it. 

5. Improved mood and energy levels

Studies prove that with your musculoskeletal muscles relaxed, your mood and energy levels are much better.  The focus of the body, psychologically and physically, shifts away from the affected parts.

If you already have a cervical health concern, an office chair with a headrest is your best solution to remaining fit.

Should You Buy A New Chair With Headrest Or Buy A Headrest?

Buying a new chair with a headrest is our recommendation. Why?  Well, you don’t have to worry about the compatibility of a chair headrest extension with your existing chair.  Some chairs don’t have a place to secure the extra attachment; adding an attachment to them is ineffective, as they were never built for a chair headrest extension.  The angle of tilt, positioning, and more will never be optimal.

If you are certain, you could always consider a DIY office chair.

Office Chairs with the Best Backrest

To buy ergonomic chair with a headrest, our best picks are :

1. ErgoChair Pro

Incorporated with all the basic features of an ergonomic chair, ErgoChair Pro is your best choice.

The adjustable chair headrest extension can be lower down or raised-up to match your height to ensure it supports your head.  The backrest can be customized to support your lumbar.  No more backaches and stiff neck or back.

ErgoChair Pro

The sleek and elegant ErgoChair Pro is ready to use and compatible with most of the office decors. Surely minimal customizations are needed. Just select and it's ready to use. The mesh on the chair provides strong support to your back and pelvic region. One of the finest mesh chairs is very comfortable for your skin as you sit or stand and work.  Apt at adapting to three hundred pounds, it is quite sturdy. The two-year warranty offered is one of the best.

2. ErgoChair Recline

Designed and built for easy adaptability to match your body height and contours, this reclining ergonomic chair with headrest is your best bet.

The ErgoChair Recline has one of the best adjustable chair headrest extensions.  You can adjust the height of the headrest to match your height. You can also turn the headrest from left to right or vice versa, as you work at a corner desk or an L-shaped desk.  The headrest arms can be removed and stored away, should you desire not to use them (not recommended).

ErgoChair Recline

This chair is fully designed keeping ergonomics in mind. The adjustable height, armrest, seat tilt, and leg rest is one of the finest. The seat is made from soft and firm foam that supports the body comfortably. The reclining lumbar support is made from fine black mesh material, giving your skin enough air to breathe.  It can easily accommodate up to 250 lbs of weight.

To wrap up, an adjustable chair headrest extension is definitely a must for your health as you attain your goals at work and personally! 

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