5 Signs That You Need to Find a New Job
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5 Signs That You Need to Find a New Job

|Jul 7, 2021

At some point in life’s itinerary, one is bound to find a new job – it’s inevitable. Different reasons may warrant this. For instance, bad pay, a toxic work environment, common types of work stress, barely enough time to do other important things like parenting, and more can get you to make a tough decision about your job.

For some people, getting a new job comes with a lot of hesitation and complication to the extent that they remain indecisive for a long while. For others, it’s as easy as switching from a bad movie to an interesting one. However, when you are overdue for a job, the signs are always there, except if you choose to ignore them. How to find a new job? Pretending as though these signs are non-existent is not the best; rather, you should do the needful because looking for a new job is a step towards your betterment.

Signs That You Need to Find a New Job

1. Monotony


When you have to do similar things every day on a particular job, it might be a sign that you should find a new job and get a better job that gives room for creative brainstorming. Monotonous jobs only sap you dry intellectually and emotionally. They can reduce your drive. It's even worse if it's a job you didn't like but had to take for some reason.

You need something that brings out the best in you. A job that helps you go beyond your horizon, not something dull, boring, and enervating.

2. Toxic Work Environment

toxic environment

This crucial factor is responsible for the gross demoralization of workers in recent times. A toxic work environment is characterized by poor communication, exclusion, bad leadership, stifled growth, rapid turnover, no work flexibility, burnouts, and more.

All these impede your capacity to deliver quality. Thus, it's in your best interest to transition to a better job that offers you an enabling environment to thrive. Once you notice that your work environment (leaders, colleagues, work, and all) adversely affects your productivity, it's time you packed your bags and find a new job.

3. Killer Stress

killer stress

If you barely have two minutes to attend to your personal or other needs because you have reports to write, accounts to reconcile, and several other work engagements, then it’s not good for you.

You are bound to get affected when you work round the clock. Your physical and mental health could get impaired. Even in a bid to ease the stress, you may develop odd habits such as bingeing, eating less, or drinking too much. Your sleep circle could get disrupted too. When all these are happening, just know you have to conduct a new job searching; else, the consequences are bound to be devastating.

4. Loss of Passion and Enthusiasm

loss passion

What keeps you going every day on your job is the passion you have for the job. This is what constantly drives you to give your best. When you begin to struggle with things you've always done smoothly, or if no matter how hard you try, you only keep scratching the surface, these are indications that there's no more zest or drive in you to get the job done. It's time you left it and start new job searching.

5. The Perception That You Need a New Job

If you find yourself fantasizing about a new job, or the only thing you think about from sun-up to sun-down is finding a new job. This is indicative that your current job is not going well. For whatever reason, if you keep basking in the thought of leaving your job, you should quit and find a new job that gives you comfort and peace.

When The Signs Are Overwhelming, What Can You Do?

The mental trauma that comes with your current state of dissatisfaction is sure to tell on your productivity – this is not good. Here are several things you can do when the signs that you need a new job get to the climax point:

Quit and Find a New Gig

quit job

You can quit outrightly if you can’t take it anymore. This is good for your mental health. You can always re-strategize and develop a new work plan that helps you balance other aspects of your life. What's the point of doing a job that does not consider your role as a parent to your children or as a child to your aged parents?

Quitting comes with a lot of challenges, and except you have a financial base that can sustain you for a while, quitting may be a bad option. Instead, you should persevere until you get a good gig.

How to find a new job? You can get a new job or, better still, opt for a remote working job where you can work from home. There are several remote jobs that you can take up. You can work as a virtual assistant, graphic designer, translator, social media manager, and so on. The options are inexhaustible.

Opt for a Flexible Arrangement

flexible arrangement

If you still like the job but only want to leave due to impulses coming from your external environment, there are ways you can handle it. To resolve issues relating to the work environment, you can suggest a hybrid working arrangement to your employer. This arrangement helps you to work remotely sometimes and come to the office to work at some other time. The hybrid arrangement is apt for eliminating work-induced stress. It also can limit interfacing with colleagues who frustrate you on the job. Also, you can make a complaint to the Human Resource Department, and make them see reasons why you need an adjustment in your work schedule. Don’t bottle things up as the downsides are not palatable.

Wrap Up

At that point when the heat gets unbearable, you have to make the switch. Don’t ignore the warning signs. Go for a job that allows you to think creatively and deliver your best. You can always do better, but staying on that one killer-job can sap you dry if you hesitate.

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