Signs Show You Need An Adjustable Standing Desk

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 4, 2019

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On average, an American sits for 11 hours per day. It leads to a lack of proper physical activity, which is termed as a sedentary lifestyle. More than 20 percent of all deaths among people that are 35+ occur due to lack of appropriate physical activity. If you are someone who is a professional employed at an office, you might be vulnerable to lousy health due to your long sitting hours. In such instances, an adjustable standing desk could be your holy grail.

adjustable standing desk, standing desk

Your sitting hours aren’t limited to the time you spend at your office. It is inclusive of your hours spent watching television or scrolling through the cell phone while on the couch. Essentially, if your daily schedule is comprised of just being a couch potato, you should consider updating to an adjustable sit-stand desk.

But, before we hop on to the journey where we learn more about the signs that suggest your need for an adjustable sit-stand desk, let’s understand more about standing desks.

What is an adjustable standing desk?

With a sedentary lifestyle ailing your health, you will surely experience issues such as ruined posture, an increase in weight, back pain, and so much more. Standing desks help you maintain a proper balance between your standing and seated routines. However, it can be tough to maintain two different desk variants for a single employee. That is why manufacturers have come up with an amazing option of adjustable standing desks.

In essence, standing desks are a sit-and-stand desk, which comes with an option of height adjustment as per requirements. You can increase the height of the adjustable standing desks to opt for the standing mode, and you can turn it into a sitting desk by adjusting the height. While sitting for long hours can be detrimental to one’s health, standing for long can also be painful for your legs. It is essential to strike the right balance between your sitting and standing hours.

adjustable standing desk, standing desk

Benefits of adjustable standing desks

With an adjustable variant of standing desks, you get access to the given benefits:

  • It allows you a chance to alternate between standing and sitting hours. It helps mitigate any likelihood of faulty posture as you sit or stand.
  • Your standing desks will help you convert to the standing mode if there is a need to switch over to the creative mode. On the other hand, you can switch on your sitting mode and accomplish several mundane tasks such as checking emails.
  • When you opt for the standing mode, you won’t feel lazy as you do in the seated mode.
  • When you stand, you tend to drink more water and burn down more calories.

Now, you know everything about the adjustable standing desks, let us take a look at some of the signs that confirm your need for one.

1. Slouching

Now, let us talk a bit about slouching. When we slouch and let’s admit that we all do, it makes you look completely sloppy and lazy. Apart from this, slouching impacts your body posture significantly. However, this is just the outer aspect of things. When we take a look at things in-depth, slouching is the first sign that suggests that you need to opt for a standing desk ASAP!

adjustable standing desk, standing desk

Your core muscles start getting non-functional, and things start getting tighter with no flexibility in your body. Your glutes start getting softer with time, and your stride lessens. Your abs stop protecting the spine. With time, you experience that standing straight or sitting straight causes you a lot of pain. When you start incorporating the use of an adjustable sit-standing desk, you dramatically reduce the slouching, which in turn adds to your average life-span with better health and a professional look.

2. Painful back

Do you have to adjust yourself the whole day as you sit on your chair at the office? Do you experience pain in your back after sitting for an hour or two? Does your day end with tight muscles and sore back? If yes, then this could be a result of constant sitting sessions paired with a sedentary lifestyle. When you tend to spend a chunk of your day while sitting, the vital body muscles can shorten & even tighten with time. The problems can worsen with age, especially if you do not take care of your body.

adjustable standing desk, standing desk

An adjustable sit-stand desk can quite possibly reduce the pain experienced in your spine or lower back. When you use the standing desk, all your muscles start engaging and help keep the back strong and flexible. For some additional benefits, you can always opt to add some props and accessories such as comfortable support shoes, Anti-Fatigue mat, Step stool, mini-elliptical trainer, IPO treadmill, and so on.

3. Weight gain

When you start using that cushy and comfortable chair, there are chances that your body might start getting cushy as well. In this case, the word cushy refers to gaining a substantial amount of weight. When you happen to sit for a prolonged time period, you waste all your muscles that could have been used to strengthen your body structure and hence make you very lethargic.

adjustable standing desk, standing desk

You might not know this, but the health risks associated with weight gain can also lead to the onset of cancer. When you start using standing desks, you avert the chances to get any disease while burning a substantial number of calories.

4. Decreasing focus and energy

Although most of you might assume that the stand-up desks might take up a substantial amount of energy & drain you faster, this could be far from the actual truth. Sitting for long-duration tends to the prime culprit when it comes to feeling tired after the entire day. When you move your muscles, you start increasing your potential to work more with time. It increases your capacity and hence increases the energy level you experience throughout the day.

adjustable standing desk, standing desk

When you use a standing desk, your brain triggers the body to pump more oxygen and fresh blood throughout the body. It helps you feel active and energetic even as the day turns to night. However, when you opt for long sitting hours, you won’t experience any of the potential benefits of fresh blood coursing through your veins and the feel-good hormones.

5. Decrease in metabolism

Remember back when you could burn a lot of calories. It happens due to a high metabolism in your body. With reduced activity, your body starts experiencing a significant decrease in overall body metabolism. Your body's metabolism isn’t just related to the calories you burn. It helps define how your energy levels are maintained throughout the day. Proper metabolism also enables you to fight several diseases with ease.

adjustable standing desk, standing desk

If you have been experiencing a significant drop in your body's metabolism, it could be due to your sedentary lifestyle. You might not know this, but your inactive lifestyle is actually way more harmful than the issues you invite in your body with smoking cigarettes. That is why it is critical to opt for the use of the standing desks that can be adjusted as per the requirements.

6. You are gaseous most of the time

Another complaint you would hear from most people that tend to sit around all day is the issue of gas. Your food is digested properly only if your stomach is strong enough to tackle the food you eat. More physical activity allows your stomach to pump in the good enzymes that aid digestion. If you do not work out or at least opt for proper physical activities, you will surely experience issues such as gas, indigestion, or other digestive ailments.

adjustable standing desk, standing desk

If you have been experiencing such issues very recently, you might need to change your lifestyle with the use of a sit-stand desk. So, if you do not want to embarrass yourself before your colleagues, you might want to up your activity level with the adjustable standing desks. Further, you need to keep in mind the fact that gas can be a dangerous issue. It is not just an issue of embarrassment; long-lasting gas problems can lead to abdominal pain, belching, diarrhea, and so on.


Now that you understand the apparent benefits of a standing desk, you should surely get one for yourself. If you have been experiencing any of these signs, as explained above, you should immediately start thinking about bringing a change to your lifestyle. Sit-stand desks with adjustable features will help you combat the health issues before they even surface. Plus, they help increase your focus with more oxygen running through your brains. So, it surely is a win-win situation, right? If you are all set to make your very first switch from normal office desks to an adjustable standing desk, you should check out for some high-quality standing desks at our website.

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