Top Space Saving Office Desks & Some Ideas to DIY
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Top Space Saving Office Desks & Some Ideas to DIY

|Jun 18, 2022

A standard-size workstation isn't necessary for everyone. You could get away with a space-saving office desk if you reside in a condo, have a small office property, or don't need vast working space. Several elegant, minimalist designs available these days can accommodate your computer, notes, and other office accessories.

You must evaluate your restrictions and requirements while choosing the correct desk for your workspace. To begin, determine how much area you have in your office space or living area. However, if you want to DIY an office desk, you should make sure that in between your workstation and any walls or adjacent furniture, you should have at least two or three feet of space.

Before we get into the ideas for DIY compact office desks, let us first look at some of the most highly rated desks available in the market.

List of Compact Office Desks

Are you short on space? Then you'll need a workstation that complements your style. We've compiled a list of the finest desks for confined areas that provide enough working area and organization space without taking up too much space.

We've compiled a list of the finest desks for confined areas that provide enough working area and organization space without taking up too much space. These tables will provide a secluded office space that will fit nicely anywhere. You'll find desk space-saving ideas in several styles listed below.

1. Small Computer Desk

Small Computer Desk space saving office desk

The Oasis Space small computer desk is compact and robust, which means it will fit anywhere you need it while providing plenty of working space for typing, reading, or researching. The desk has indeed been constructed to last a long time. The table is the ideal size for a wide screen monitor and a keyboard, with enough room for paperwork, a planner, a coffee cup, and other desk essentials. Its footprint, however, is compact enough to fit practically any place.

2. Folding Desk

This Compact Aesthic Folding Desk has a simple design that creates an appealing aesthetic that complements your unique taste and home decor. For ease of management, the tiny portable computer workstation allows for slicing and layering. Free stitching can create surprising impacts in any tiny space, such as a home office, a conference room, an interview, or a training session.

3. Rolling Computer Workstation by Mount-It!

Rolling Computer Workstation by Mount-It!

This modern Rolling Desk By Mount-It! features a high-quality metal frame and levels with enough room for monitors, peripherals, a mouse pad, a computer tower, and a printer. Use it with or without a computer monitor stand for a more ergonomic setup.

4. Height Adjustable Rolling Stand-up Desk by Mount-It!

This desk's thoughtfully built platforms allow plenty of room for displays, keyboards, mouse mats, PC systems, and other office equipment. The desk's easy-roll wheels glide in all directions, making it simple to transfer from place to place.

5. Large Height Adjustable Rolling Stand-up Desk

Large Height Adjustable Rolling Stand-up Desk

This portable computer/laptop workstation is perfect for usage in the workplace, at home, in hospitals, in showrooms, and classrooms. Platforms are thoughtfully constructed to accommodate monitors, keypads, mouse pads, a PC system, and a printer.

DIY Space Saving Office Desk for Home

If you already work from home, you're well aware of the importance of your home office furniture pieces in terms of efficiency. The workstation, in particular, is an important aspect of any workplace, especially one at home. It really should be both practical and relaxing. While having a bespoke desk created to match your exact area might be costly, the great news is that numerous DIY computer desk solutions are available.

You may turn these into a corner workstation, a compact closet desk, or any other size or form your home office demands. Moreover, the best of all, the workstation will be unique since you constructed it yourself. Here are a few DIY space-saving office ideas to get you started.

1. Small Folding Workstation with Drawers

Small Folding Workstation with Drawers

For those who live in tiny houses or studio flats, a fold-down wall table is a perfect option. In contrast to its small size, the table folds up when not used, making it easy to store. You may utilize this space saving office desk for other things if you're not operating on your laptop. You can, for instance, work on crafts, write, sketch, and sometimes even iron your clothing. You may also use the limited storage capacity provided by this design.

2. Simple Two-Person Workstation

Anyone who works full time at home understands the value of a nice desk. This is where you may set up your PC or display beautiful decorations. If you often work with somebody, such as a partner, family member, or friend, you should consider setting up a basic two-person workstation. You'll be able to sit properly while carrying out work, which is especially crucial if the work takes a lot of focus.

3. Affordably Priced Wood Crate Workstation

Affordably Priced Wood Crate Workstation

Some individuals are adamant about recycling. They desire to discover new applications for old items and think beyond the box regarding their creative undertakings. If you're among them, a wood crate table is a great option, particularly if you're on a spending plan. It's a great concept because upcycled crates are affordable and don't take up a lot of room in your home office. These can be found in various locations, mainly near a superstore's vegetable area.

4. DIY Farmhouse Corner Workstation

Given how common the farmhouse aesthetic is among DIYers, it's no surprise that several of them have made a distinctive corner workstation with a farmhouse flare. This theme is perfect for a modern remote office because it enables you to adjust the framework and use two neighboring walls, which is especially beneficial if you want to operate on the PC throughout the day.

5. L-Shaped Corner Table with Floating Shelves

Anyone wishing to reduce space while adding plenty of space may consider an L-shaped workstation. This space-saving home office desk occupies less than 3 feet of floor space yet provides worktops on both sides and the bottom for machines, scanning devices, boxed files, and even carts. A basic wooden workstation with three L-shaped drawers of the very same substance or color combination is included in such a model. The bookshelves above the workstation are fixed to the wall and may be used for additional storage or décor.



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