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Standing desk benefits

Autonomous Autonomous | Mar 8, 2017

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The typical person sits for 7.7 hours per day, although found that some people even reach 15 hours. The sedentary lifestyle is hard on the body, and the demands of a modern schedule leave little time to fit in enough exercise and standing time. Standing desks offer one way to address health risks in the office and at home, with many doctors recommending this option to their patients.

The Health Dangers of Sitting Too Much. That's why you should buy a standing desk

Long hours at work and sedentary activities at home contribute to extended stretches of sitting. Through all of this sitting you can develop a range of serious health problems that impact your quality of life and even increase your risk of dying early.

1. Back and Neck Pain

Do you slouch at your desk or suffer from an office chair that has seen better days? Poor posture can lead to back and neck pain due to the misalignment of your spine. Over time, you can develop lifelong back issues that are difficult to treat.

2. Risk of Heart Disease

Your cardiovascular health as a whole is threatened by too much sitting. The most dangerous condition in this area is an increased chance of heart disease. A report published in Circulation medical journal found that your likelihood of developing a serious heart condition is 147 percent higher than people who are active throughout the day.

3. Risk of Cancer

Cancer is another potentially fatal side effect associated with long hours at the desk. Live Science reports an 8 percent higher risk of colon cancer and a 10 percent higher risk of endometrial cancer per every two hours spent sitting.

4. Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity

Your metabolic system has a difficult time with sitting, and you can see that impact through the 112 percent higher chance that you develop Type 2 diabetes. Even if you do not end up with this disease, your metabolism slows down and makes it easier to put on weight.

5. Muscle and Joint Problems

You rarely engage your core muscles or the lower part of your body when you sit; as a result, the lack of use can cause pain in these muscles and joints. Sore legs, tight hamstrings and weak knees are a few symptoms that show up with this health problem.

6. Mental Illness

Psychology Today reports that depression, psychological distress and reduced mental well-being are associated with people who sit more than six hours per day.

7. Death

The exact cause of death associated with too much sitting varies depending on the person's other risk factors. Your overall chance of dying when you sit too much is 94 percent higher if you're a woman and 48 percent higher if you're a man.

Some health benefits of a standing desk

A standing desk is designed so you can work while standing up. Some versions of this desk adjust so you can go from sitting to standing without moving your workstation. Here are the many health benefits these desks can bring to people who spend most of their days in a chair.

1. Ability to Split Your Work Day Between Sitting and Standing

A typical daily schedule is to sit at your computer at the office for 6 or more hours per day, hit the gym on the way home and land on the couch to watch Netflix. The concentrated standing time at the gym cannot undo all the hours of sedentary activity surrounding it.

Washington Post reports that an ideal mix of sitting and standing is a 50/50 approach, although starting with even two hours provides many benefits.

2. Back and Neck Pain Improve

It's hard to concentrate when you are in pain. When you suffer from back pain, you become increasingly aware of all the motions that require those muscles. A CDC report discovered that upper back and neck pain decreased by 54 percent due to the adoption of standing desks.

Boosts Your Mental Well-Being

Concentration, productivity, and mental health all see improvement when standing desks are put in place in offices and homes. While the effects vary from person to person, research studies found an overall lift in the mental well-being of people who stood at desks compared to when they sat at desks.

3. Improves Your Posture

You would have a difficult time trying to slouch at a standing desk. The configuration of this type of desk requires good posture to remain comfortable for long stretches. As a result, your body moves into a natural position with better posture than most of the chairs you sit in.

4. Lowers Your Blood Sugar and Burns Calories

Insulin resistance and blood sugar spikes lead to Type 2 diabetes. Standing helps you reduce these spikes by 11.1 percent, with the biggest benefits experienced when you do this exercise after you eat a snack or lunch. You also naturally burn calories throughout the day when you are standing. You may only burn around 100 calories per day, but you can see the true impact when you look at the numbers over the course of a year.

5. Reduces Your Risk Factors for Heart Disease

Heart disease can put you on the path to a severe heart attack, stroke or another cardiovascular complication. Your risk of developing these conditions drops by 34 percent when you fit standing into your routine with the help of this specialty desk.

Sitting is the silent killer of many people living a modern lifestyle. Standing desks help you fight back against this risk factor and improve your overall health. Countless doctors and research studies support these claims, and they know, as you should too, that it's time to change up your office routine.

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