Standing Desk vs Desk Converter: Detailed Comparison
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Standing Desk vs Desk Converter: Detailed Comparison

|Oct 1, 2021

Standing desks and converter desks are the latest fads. If you are one of those people who are inspired by the idea of having an office standing desk or a DIY standing desk converter in your office, the chances are that you are concerned about your workplace ergonomics. Both these pieces of furniture come in handy when you have to correct your workplace ergonomics. Nevertheless, comparing standing desk vs converter is still vital if you can only buy one for your office.

Knowing the pros and cons of each of these furniture pieces help you evaluate which option would be a better choice for your office. We know that you want to know the details of both the standing desk and converter desk to get a better idea. Therefore, we have shared our detailed comparison in this article to help you best. Let’s first have a look at standing desks and then converters. 

What is a Standing Desk? Its Pros and Cons

What is a Standing Desk? Its Pros and Cons

The standing desk is designed to avoid excessive sedentary behavior, which can be dangerous for your health. Although you may find them as a manual desk with a lever for height adjustments, these desks are usually electrically powered.

They have programmable settings that allow you to adjust the height of the desk with a push of a button. You can adjust the height of these motorized computer desks to bring them to a height that does not create any muscle strain. Typically, people work on these desks while standing.

These desks are available in a wide range of height adjustments so that people of any height can use them conveniently. If you compare standing desks to sitting, these desks are more likely to keep you active and productive. Consequently, your work routine becomes more dynamic, and you end up being happier. 

Pros of a Standing Desk

Pros of a Standing Desk

  • Standing desks boosts morale – With the use of a standing desk, excessive sedentary behavior is eradicated, and workers move around their office more often. This makes them happier and boosts their morale.
  • You become healthier – Standing desks alleviates common health concerns like heart diseases, diabetes, muscle strain, blood pressure problems, etc.
  • Your productivity increases – As a standing desk makes you more active, your heart rate tends to increase. Thus, you work faster and do the same amount of work in a much lesser time.
  • Standing desk improves your posture – A standing desk helps a lot with postural corrections; thus, it reduces back pain

Cons of a Standing Desk

Cons of a Standing Desk

  • People Find It Difficult to Adjust Themselves to a Standing Desk – People who are new to the concept of working on a standing desk often find it difficult to work this way. Standing for extended hours is not possible for everyone; thus, newbies feel fatigued more often. A simple way to curb this would be to get yourself a standing desk mat.
  • Standing Desks are Not Suitable for People Wearing High Heels – Those of you who wish to work on a standing desk should have more comfortable footwear to avoid fatigue. So, if you are addicted to wearing heels, you would be sad knowing about this. 

What is a Desk Converter? Its Pros and Cons

What is a Desk Converter? Its Pros and Cons

Between standing desk vs converter, a converter desk is more of a converter apparatus that helps you convert your preexisting traditional work desk into a standing desk. Since the converters are also electrically operated and allow you to adjust the height with a push of a button, you can use them pretty conveniently.

It is pretty easy to get your desired height using a desk converter. They are designed to allow you to raise your mouse, keyboard, and monitor all together to help you have a better angle. You can consider them as a predecessor to the modern standing desks. However, the unique thing is that you can even use them if you choose to work while sitting. Therefore, they are known to be the best of both worlds.

People mostly use this apparatus when they are planning to shift towards active sitting rather than excessive sedentary behavior. 

Pros of a Desk Converter

  • Best of Both Worlds – Desk converters allow you while in both ways; sitting or standing, whatever suits you.
  • Comes with Additional Trays and Holders – Placing your mouse, keyboard, and laptop is never a matter of concern when you have a desk converter, as they have additional trays and holders for everything.
  • Affordable – Often, office workers find it difficult to buy a standing desk as it might be out of their budget, so for such people, a desk converter is the most cost-effective alternative as these desks can work with existing desks.
  • Offers Sleek Height Adjustments – Since most of them are electrically operated, adjusting their height is a fairly simple task. 

Cons of a Desk Converter

  • Desk Converters are Less Ergonomic When Sitting – Desk converters never lie flat on your desk. Thus, they are always slightly higher than the normal desk height. Therefore, they may put a strain on your neck.
  • Desk Converters are Bulky – Since desk converters come with several trays and holders for carrying your office accessories like a laptop, keyboard, etc., they take up a lot of space on your desk. 

Standing Desk and Desk Converter – Which One is Suitable and When?

standing desk vs converter

Whether to go for a standing desk or converter mainly depends on the task you wish to do and the nature you have. If you're someone who already has a very active lifestyle, has a lot of sedentary tasks, and wishes to get better health you should go for a standing desk.

On the other hand, between standing desk vs desk converter, one should go for a desk converter if they are new to the idea of active sitting, as this would make their transition smooth. You should also go for them when you have a shorter budget as they are lighter in your pocket.

So, the conclusion that we reach upon comparing standing desk vs converter is that both would help you become more productive and have their own associated benefits and uses. However, you can only get those benefits if you analyze your demands better and choose the most appropriate option.

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