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Standing Desks and Ergonomic Chairs: Benefits Don't Always Come Cheap

Autonomous Autonomous | Oct 3, 2017

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Affordable Standing Desks Will Bring You to Your Feet

It's all the buzz, at least among chiropractors, orthopedists and office workers with back and neck strain: standing desks! The benefits of standing versus sitting for long periods of time have been pretty well established; prolonged sitting can lead to such disorders and conditions as obesity, poor leg circulation, spine problems such as herniated disks and hardened ligaments, strained neck and even a higher mortality rate (one study shows that a person who sits for 7+ hours a day increased their chances of dying by 61% over those who sat for only one hour a day).

While the use of standing desks can be traced back hundreds of years, it's only been over the past several years that they have become more popular and widespread as obesity, diabetes and other conditions have increased.

However, standing desks can run into the several of hundreds and even in some cases thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, not everyone's economics allows them to spend that kind of money on ergonomics!

But you can get a standing desk and even ergonomic chair for much cheaper than you think; certainly no more than you would spend on standard office furniture.

Best Bang for Your Buck

It should be noted that when someone says "cheap standing desk", that should not be a desk that compromises quality or endurance. You also shouldn't have the idea that you're going to get a standing desk or any other ergonomic piece of office furniture for less than, say, $300.

If you spend $100 on a standing desk, you are likely going to get what you paid for (this is purely hypothetical; chance are you won't find a standing desk, even a cheap standing desk, for $100 unless it's a converter that sits on top of your existing desk).

A good, quality standing desk, such as the SmartDesk 2 from Autonomous, will run you about $350 - $450, depending on the design you're seeking . An ergonomic chair, such as the ErgoChair 2 from the same manufacturer, will run you about $330.

While that might sound like a lot, the benefits of a good standing desk and ergonomic chair far outweigh the cost.  Again, too cheap, and you sacrifice quality and performance.

Consider that desks and chairs that are NOT designed for comfort and health will run you at least as much as these products and in some cases much more. So isn't the benefits to your back, neck, hips and muscles worth it?

Other Things to Consider When Selecting a Standing Desk

Space, lifting capacity, lumbar support and customizable features are some things you will want to think about when shopping for a standing desk and ergonomic chair.

Smart Desk 2 features generous workspace and a 300-lb. lifting capacity, so you can support as much equipment as you need. And your body parts will sigh with relief with the Ergonomic Chair, with its adjustable lumbar support and its easily adjustable seat and tilt back tension that can accommodate the position that best fits your form.

Bottom line: when it comes to a standing desk and ergonomic chair, you're going to spend more than a few dollars, but still less that you likely would on conventional office furniture.

And your body will be the better for it!

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