Things to Start an Office Morning Routine

Things to Start an Office Morning Routine

|May 20, 2022

Do you often find yourself lazy and not ready to face the day? As proven by many studies, office workers undergo a lot of stress, be it related to work, the toxic work environment, the long commute, or unsuitable work hours. Many triggers might make an employee hate their job and think about ways to call in sick yet another day.

While all these issues and anxiety about going to work are common, there are various ways to improve the overall work motivation. An office morning routine or a few daily habits for productivity can be a great way to start your day. Not only is it wise to follow the best daily routine for office workers to improve efficiency, but by following a healthy and proper routine, employees can find their mental and physical health both increasing by a substantial degree.

But what counts as a productive morning routine? Is it a tall cup of coffee, watching the news, or day drinking to let go off the upcoming stress? Choosing the right things to do and following the proper wake-up motivation is essential. This article will cover some essentials to build a healthy office morning routine.

Schedule your Morning

Schedule your Morning office morning routine

Most of us who go to the office or even attend a virtual office are always in a rush to log in and start working. This morning's anxiety and anticipation of not getting late can trigger stress hormones, which is not ideal for starting the day. You can get frustrated with your work, the boss, or the client who called an early morning meeting.

The solution, in this case, is to schedule your morning, so the work is a later part of your morning rather than the thing that wakes you up from the bed. Set up a 7 am morning routine, an 8 am morning routine, a 9 am morning routine, and so on until your office hours begin. By breaking your morning into different parts, you will observe better control hence reduced anxiety.

Build the Right Setup

Build the Right Setup

If you are rushing through the home to find a quiet corner every time your zoom conference starts to ring, this will lead to a lot of stress, and you might not be able to attend a distraction-free work call. The lack of focus when working can lead to anxiety and lowered productivity. It hurts the brain since you think about the life around you more than the virtual office you are connected to.

Building a proper office space, especially for remote workers, is essential in such cases. Get the right desk, the right chair, and a few essential office accessories. Dedicate a corner and invest in your tiny home office setup. If expensive, head to the various employee purchase programs or discounts in the form of EPP for developers or programmers. Through these programs, you can build a home office and get all the accessories right in your budget.

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Be Accountable

Before anyone else reports or judges you for your work, you should hold yourself accountable. By doing so, you will observe substantial improvement and learn not to take things personally. Start by dividing your tasks for the day and prioritizing the accomplishments in a fixed time frame. This way, you can keep track of your progress and identify the loopholes.


Meditate office morning routine

Early morning meditation can help you begin your day with the right dose of positive energy. Studies prove that early morning meditation is one of the most effective morning routines for anxiety and people who have to manage a tough day ahead. This is also a very simple approach to prioritizing tasks of the day in your head, so you don't miss anything important.

Practice morning brain exercises by thinking about the day ahead positively. Allow yourself to relax and think about the day ahead of you before heading to the office. Consider every interaction you will have and your words and actions.

You will become more intellectually robust by visualizing these things in your head. When you go through the actual events, your mind will move over the minor nuances and allow your attention to focus and notice.

Plan your Day

Plan your Day office morning routine

Here is one of the necessary office morning routines. The key is to set a clear goal for the day and complete it first. This way, no matter what happens or how other things come your way, you'll know that the day was not squandered and that you accomplished your most important objectives.

Whether as simple as making the bed to as tough as sending the report on time, prioritizing allows you to control anxiety levels, remain organized, and prevent wasting time. It will also help you finish work on time and gain a better work-life balance.

Don’t Ignore the Physical Health

Don’t Ignore the Physical Health

While you have polished and trained your brain for the day, it is equally important to keep your body active, so it doesn't end up all fatigued. The impact of physical burnout or work efficiency is huge even though your work involves sitting in front of the screen all day and not moving (that's even worse for your physical health).

Make sure your daily office morning routine involves some healthy and must-have exercises at the work desk. Desk exercises improve blood circulation, strength, and muscle flexibility. They raise endorphins and alleviate stress, but they also improve fitness. They renew the mind, allowing you to tackle issues with a fresh perspective.

This doesn't mean you have to bring the whole gym equipment to work with you, but a few sitting legs stretches and lower back strength routine when you feel your back soaring up can help you recharge the energy and prevent mental burnout.

Don’t Forget to Eat


Breakfast is the most crucial meal of the day for assisting us in being more physically fit and having the mental vigor to confront our job. It is an important part of a healthy office morning routine. Office workers especially make the huge mistake of skipping breakfast whenever there is something important at work. Without this fuel for your mind and body, you will end up tired sooner and hence won't be able to give your best at work.

Spend time in Nature

Spend time in Nature

We understand that not everyone can fit in a long trail run or forest trip on a typical Wednesday morning. Even a few minutes in the great outdoors before your workday can help you feel more relaxed. Spending a few minutes in Nature before starting your day can boost productivity by 12%.

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