Start-up Spotlight: Devise Interactive

Autonomous Autonomous | Sep 14, 2017

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They are strategists and tacticians who have cracked the code of what makes a successful, enduring brand, how to engage audiences and how to look good doing it.

Research. Think. Devise. Execute. Launch. Devise Interactive is in the business of making things happen. The team wields a wide skillset -- they are growth hackers, full stack developers, consumer analysts and animation artists. Housing this workplace culture of creativity, adaptability and flexibility is a vibrant, ergonomic office that we are proud to have helped build.

The team has adopted our ErgoChair Office Chair which, as they say, ‘makes things customizable, makes you comfortable, increases your productivity’ -- couldn’t have said it better ourselves! We had lots of fun visiting them in their new SmartOffice -- check out the video below of Devise Interactive in action!

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