How to Stop Foot Pain from Standing All Day
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How to Stop Foot Pain from Standing All Day

|Jun 20, 2022

In Today's era, it is safe to say that no workplace or home office setup is complete without ergonomics' role. While you might find many factors joining in making a workplace ergonomic, a most common find is the standing desk. Due to numerous health benefits and benefits on employees' productivity, standing desks are a popular purchase for an office setting. They allow you to work both while standing and sitting; hence you can get the best of both worlds easily. Moreover, you can also get various incentives like an employee purchase program to purchase modern standing desks for your workplace.

But just like any other product or invention, the standing desk also has its fair share of negative sides. With long-term standing or standing improperly, one can suffer from foot pain from standing. People who excessively use standing desks all day suffer from knee and foot pain from standing, which can, in turn, develop long-term and serious health issues. The good news is you can relieve pain from standing, but the question arises of how to relieve foot pain standing all day.

Thankfully the answer is simple, just by purchasing a few accessories and making a few changes in your work routine, you can get rid of or minimize foot pain from standing, provided that you follow the only right types of posture and alternative between sitting and standing periodically.

Causes of Foot Pain from Standing

Causes of Foot Pain from Standing

Finding that ideal place to settle into when shifting to a standing desk might be tough. People frequently shift their weight back and forth and scurry around in search of a standing position that relieves the annoying foot and heel discomfort associated with standing workstations. Standing desk foot pain can be caused by various factors, including muscular strength, ligament injury, and foot health.

When standing in the same position at a standing desk, the sole of the feet, heel, calf muscles and lower leg are left to bear the entire weight of the body for prolonged time, which can weary muscles and joints.

How To Stop Foot Pain From Standing All Day?

Though the reason, science and hidden causes behind foot pain are very complex, if you have suddenly experienced the pain getting worse over the past few days after using a standing desk, the reason is probably this new change. Fortunately, there are some very simple practices to help you get rid of standing desk pain.

Avoid Standing Too Long

Avoid Standing Too Long

Many employees start utilizing their standing desk immediately once, and they typically do so excessively and without sufficient preparation. Moderation is crucial when switching from a sitting to a standing workspace. To stand for lengthy periods, the body requires time to grow muscle and strength. Establishing balance and effectively training the body and foot for the eventual objective is critical.


As mentioned before, foot pain from standing desks is major because your feet remain in the same position for a prolonged time. This leads to the build-up of continuous pressure for hours, let alone a minute. Thus, the absence of any movement causes numbness, leading to pain developing, and subsequently, the pain stays to serious muscle or ligament issues.

A Simple accessory like a flow board is both fun and useful. A flow board is a tiny board with a curved surface underneath. When you step on it, your legs are under constant yet comfortable motion. This keeps the feet from numbing, so your heels won't be sore.

Wear Supportive Footwear

Wear Supportive Footwear

If you don't have proper footwear, your feet will hurt whether they are standing on the floor or you are laying them flat when sitting in your comfy chair. Hence it is important to realize the need to get proper footwear. Especially when standing at your desk, wear supportive shoes. Which ones will work best for you is determined by your feet and what you require. Some people demand running shoes with supporting arches, while others prefer more cushioned shoes.

Standing Desk Mat

If you don't like your body moving and being under constant fun, then a standing desk mat is another simple alternative to the flowboard. This simple mat has tiny patterns that subconsciously keep the feet moving and prevent strain build-up in any muscle. Standing desk mats are also known as anti-fatigue mats, and they are useful to be paired both with a standing desk and an ergonomic chair. The idea behind them is to keep the feet from directly lying flat on the floor, reducing the pressure felt on them.

Ensure Proper Posture

Proper Posture to avoid foot pain from standing

Sometimes you have the best desk, a healthy sit-stand schedule and all the right accessories, but your feet still suffer from lasting pain. In such cases, you must ensure that you follow a proper standing desk posture. The muscles in the body are all linked together. Some muscles and ligaments connect the rest of the body to foot discomfort that radiates from the arch or the heel. Foot pain can sometimes be alleviated by maintaining adequate posture.

Weight may be appropriately distributed by keeping the body straight, and foot pain can be lessened or eliminated. Remember to check in with your body's alignment from time to time when working at a standing desk and maintain excellent posture.


While you may count moving from sitting to standing and vice versa under the constant movement, the truth is the mind exhausts the body, and when you are too much into work for hours at a time, you tend to feel physically and mentally drained. This will affect the most sensitive and stressed areas of the body instantly. In the case of a standing desk, your feet will be the first ones to give in. Moving around your workplace after every hour or so is recommended.

Take a walk away from your desk, even a few steps. Have a snack or a glass of water. If you cannot leave your workstation for any reason, then a few desk exercises are also a great way to reset your energy. For standing desk users, you can easily practice lower back stretches at work to relax your body at once.


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